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Friday, July 07, 2006

Old Spy Vs New Spy

Mood today:

Yesterday I received a spam email from MUTANT DICK, with the subject heading SHE IS SCARED. Now, the question is...did the stupid spammer have a sense of humor or did he really think more people will open the email to check this mutant dick out? I have to admit that I did pause in the middle of deleting it unopen, long enough to reread the name. After all, it's not every day a Mr. Mutant Dick writes me an email.

LOL. What would Cucumber, my SEAL, say to spam like that in his email box? His comments would no doubt be colorful.

Your replies yesterday sure brought up a flood of memories of obsolete stuff that would make the younger crowd today blink their eyes in wonderment. I mean, even I had forgotten the pleasant chore of changing typewriter ribbons (remember the two tone red/white ribbon and the white one for typos?!) I made a short list:

1) phones with cords to the walls
2) 36 volumes of encyclopaedia (remember the encyclopaedia salesman? Isn't there one in every country? Poor guy got Wikipedified)
3) one movie cinemas (you have to go to different locations to see different movies. Crazy!)
4) no Mapquest, arrghhh! (Sign of the times: even RB uses Mapquest now)
5) Rubik's Cube
6) Big Heavy BOOM boxes (I love that TV ad with the guy that's behind the times, who was carrying a boombox while everyone had their ipods, etc.)
7) Talking of boom boxes, how about those monster speakers that we doubled as night stands or dinner tables? ;-) I still have two Technics ones at my house, connected to my old Technics turntable! TURNTABLE!!! ALBUMS!!! EIGHT TRACKS!!!
8) PONG, the first computer/video game ;-). Boy, I saw a version of that a few years back and am ashamed to admit that chasing that bouncing green dot on the screen is more entertaining than killing mutant aliens.
9) SoleilMoonFry. Bet you're going huh? Hint: At least her name isn't Apple.

Ah, that was fun. At least one thing remained constant--IT IS STILL HOT ON THE ROOF!!!

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Anonymous said...

wait your saying his name was mutant dick or that he has a mutant dick? And if so, what would a mutant dick look like? I'm curious about this, would it be green? Look like your porny peppers? hmmm... this is deep thinking right here. And Oh, would it still be attractive? I'm guessing if the subject was She is Scared then he probably should keep his boxers on at all time. LOL

Kathleen Dante said...

Our turntable still works! In fact, I played an LP on it just last year! The soundtrack for Star Wars. It was a bit scratchy because of molds, but the Imperial March still gave me goose bumps. =)

Re white tape for typos, that was after Liquid Paper and WhiteOut. I remember reports getting all gunky from multiple applications of those and blowing on the paper to make the correction fluid dry faster.

9) Uh ... Punky Brewster?!?

Sweet Lysa said...

We still have our stereo with 8 track player and turntable. Every year we play the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album on it. ^_^ We also have Puff the Magic Dragon on vinyl. *Laughs.*

And I miss Fraggle Rock!

Anonymous said...

How many people remember computer teletypes, the ones with rolls of yellow paper?

Or the ditto masters that I learned to use when doing my student teaching?

For that matter, I was 6 or so when my town in NH switched to dial telephones...


Gennita Low said...

Whatever the MD looked like, I didn't open the spam mail ;-). You'll just have to use your imagination, haha.

At least kids today understand what a bottle of liquid paper does. Right? The stuff STILL doesn't dry right....

Fraggle Rock! Man, I've forgotten about Fraggle Rock. I shudder still at the Chipmunk Christmas Album. College memories....

Okay /J,
What was BEFORE dial telephones? Eeek.


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