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Monday, June 12, 2006

Profound Spy Thoughts

Everyone knows how much I worship at the altar of Joss Whedon's storytelling genius. I love the Buffyverse, aka the TV shows Buffy and Angel. I can go for hours--days--dissecting character growth and plot arcs of both shows. I still watch reruns when I catch them and sigh over the brilliance of it all.

Don't get me wrong; there were a few things wrong that had me gnashing my teeth, one of which was what they did to Cordelia Chase, a wonderful character that reminded me of Linda Howard's Blair from To Die For. Anyway, Jennifer Crusie, also a great fan of both shows, have written an incredible essay on The Character Assassination of Cordelia Chase. Just had to share.

Talking about character assassination and evolvement, help. Ranger Buddy has gone beyond googling. He is now FILING and SAVING, which come with the usual sound effects of "bap, bap, filed," and "bap, beep, bab, saved." He has a file for his Spanish words and it's called...Ranger Buddy's File. Of course. What else would he name it?

At this rate, he would be...umm...going from 512 to 1 giga in no time at all. Don't laugh. The man is a constant surprise. Next, he would actually be learning to BACK UP.

Moving from giga, I thought I was so kewl to own a USB flashdrive of 2 gigs. Hah. I'm so behind I can see my own fat ass. The uber-kewl is already using Terabytes. One Terabyte is like...oh, a terazillion Gigs. Remember those "good old days" of floppies at 1.44MB or something pathetic like that? Sigh. I still OWN them, with info that I need to transfer into my flashdrive. How did we ever survive with so little space in our disk drives? ;-)

Do tell me...what do you keep in your diskdrives that you think you'd need one Terabyte of space? But then, I question the sanity of being able to save 2000 songs in your Ipod. When would anyone have time to listen to 2000 songs? But apparently, other uber-kewler humans than me do.

We once built monuments to express our humanity and its grandeur. We now keep our histories in these little chips and most of them have bad jokes we've forwarded back and forth like a Christmas fruit cake. I'm not sure which one would stand the test of time.

Boy, am I waxing deeper and deeper this morning. You now see what reminiscing over Buffy and Angel can do to me?! The odd and the weak against total evil! At stake: humanity's future! Yeah! Discuss among yourselves while I go make money on the roof to buy a 1-Terabyte diskdrive and daydream about the happy ending that should have been Season Seven Buffy.

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Anonymous said...

Now, I still remember the 5" disks. How about those HUGE monstrosities that you needed both hands to push into a special slot on the computer. (I'm going to stop right there cuz that just sounds bad...)

Anyhow, it amazes me how automated and digitized we've become.


SQ said...

Whoa. The floppies. I remember those. And having to carry around 3.5 disks to save all my papers. And the debut of the iMac. I feel old now. Thanks Jenn.

Also, NO! Buffy & Spike. No no no. She was meant to be with Angel. He's her lobster!

So...did you know you can make the chicken do tae bo, yoga, and twirl like a ballerina?

Leiha said...

What I can't save on my puter doesn't get saved. I'm great at deleting! I have a big ipod that holds all of 200 songs, LOL. One of these days I'll put more into it.

I totally agree about the the character assasination of Cordelia Chase! That ruined the last season of Angel for me.

I am also all about Cordy and Angel and Buffy and Spike! I love me the Spike!

Kathleen Dante said...

I have a friend with 1 T of hard disk space. He uses it to download those episodes of Buffy etc. And I'm with you on that Happy Ending! Yup, that's how it should have ended.

LM, were those huge monstrosities 8" or 12"? Hee hee! ;>

Gennita Low said...

LM, I remember looking at this huge thing in the computer room in college. Do you remember those computer cards with the holes in them? ;-)

SQ, I owned the first Apple model. Argrk. I still have an Apple IIE sitting in my study because I have these Elephant Floppies with I don't know what state secrets in them that I hope to read some day. I'm not a pack rat, I'm a pack elephant.

I don't mind Buffy ending up with Angel but he can't have sex! Boo.

Subservient Chicken and Yoga sound so wrong! I'll have to check him out.

Spike truly really understands Buffy ;-). That's how I see it.

Ah, so instead of buying Buffy season disks like I do, he downloads it into the T-drive. I still haven't found time to rip songs into CDs, wahhhhhhhh.


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