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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

An Uber Author's Appropriateness


1) march
2) blow the trumpet
3) choke himself

There's got to be something better to do when I'm sipping coffee in the morning...LOL...

I was checking out the Ellora Cave's calendar from the Romantic Times magazine. I'm wondering whether readers would enter a contest with that as the prize? Yes, it's time to call the sister in DC to update my site, in spite of my inability to find the time to do anything after insanely signing on the dotted line to pen three big books in one year. Yes, yes, I was nuts to do so. I freely admit it.

Someone sent me an email telling me I shouldn't post pictures of me hugging up with romance models because my image as a serious author is going to the trash. I am such a slut. Do you think it's the woman who flamed me about my obsession with nekkid vegetables and how that ruined my image as a serious suspense author? Anyway, the email was short and sweet: "Your penchant to hug every model at the convention just shows how desparate (sic) you are. I don't see other authors doing this so what does that tell me? That you are desparate (sic) for attention and what you think is fun is inapropriate (sic) for a serious author. Do yourself a favor. Quit being so desparate (sic)."


And to think I was going to post this to make Reese foam at the mouth today:

But I won't. Totally inappropriate of me to have even thought about posting it. Ignore, ignore.


I bet I'm the only author who gets hate mail about hugging up with male models or any male. No, I bet I'm the ONLY author who gets flames about posting obscene veges on my blog. Which just shows...yeah, I must be doing something wrong. Right?

The thing is, if I were posting as a romance reader at a conference, would my photos instill such hatred from my blog visitors? And why do they visit anyway, since they hate me? I'm so confuzzled. Thank God for The Subservient Chicken. He soooooothes my hurt soul so.

Don't worry, Gennita-haters, one day, I'll run out of RT pics to post and then you'll have to just deal with obscene veges again.

Serious Author Update: I think I need to insert another scene into Virtually His because I want Hell to be confused about her reaction to the INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR of Shahrukh/ Sullivan/Jed/Flyboy/Armando/Diamond/Heath. I mean, she shouldn't be hugging up with all those commandos, sheesh. Slut.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe some moron told you to stop hugging male models. Shoot if i got the chance i'd do it too. Hater that who she was. One Desperate(sic) hater! who probably had her husband leave her for a model! LOL. Either that or she's secretely obsessed with you. shh. careful genn don't want to piss off a stalker. makes them more idiotic.LOL


Anonymous said...

I don't understand people that complain about websites that they don't have to read. They need to leave it alone or get over it!!!
I would hug all those models too and your naked vegetables lighten my day considerably. Don't stop being exactly who you are!

Elaine said...

I wondered when your self-appointed mentor and critic was going to make another appearance! I do hope it isn't her, though. That would be uber-creepy. LOL!

Serious comment on Serious Author Update: it would be great for Hell to hug up/cuddle up to ALL those commandos and let us readers see her varying responses. I don't believe in wasting opportunities - I'm sure Hell can learn a lot about herself, have each commando peel away layers of her until she is there, totally vulnerable yet totally safe, totally His.

Rhonda said...

Keep on posting those pictures!
Since I was not able to attend the RT conf. I love seeing the authors and YES, even YOU hugging them!

Leiha said...

Sounds like someone is jealous to me! I know I wouldd be hugging on whoever I could if given the chance. What I see is a serious author who doesn't take herself seriousely who goes out and has a good time. You work a full time job and you are also a full time writer, good for you for taking time to enjoy life and thank you for sharing the pics with us, you know how much I love pictures. And don't worry, if you run out of pictures of yourself I'll lend you some of me, LOL.

SQ said...

Um...have they been to other author Web sites? has shots of Eloisa James hugging EVERYONE at RT. And I think Elizabeth Bevarly (or was it Elizabeth Lowell) on also mentions hitting on the RT models. If you're gonna make stupid comments, at least get your facts straight.

And FYI: the chicken won't macarena, ketchup dance, play leapfrog, or hokey pokey. Hmph! What kind of chicken is it?

laur said...

Not that you worry, but you do everything right, or I wouldn't be addicted to your blog as you pointed out not long ago!
And all that hugging shows me you're such a serious author, trying things out before writing about them *g*.
Ah, but, Jenn, I have to say one thing though : we haven't seen any nice cucumber or zuchini lately...tsk tsk

Mary Stella said...

Genn, I'm not taking down the pictures of me hugging friends who happen to be male models. Wouldn't consider that anymore than I'd think about taking down pictures of me hugging my women friends.

My pictures from RT show the fun that we all had as a community of people who love romance novels -- whether we read them, write them or both.

So we won't be taken seriously? Pfffft. Tell that to the 40 people who bought my books at the bookfair and the countless people I spoke with at the parties, in the halls, etc. Or the aspiring authors and booksellers who attended the workshop and panel in which I participated.

Call a tree surgeon for the person who wrote to you. Clearly he/she needs a branch removed from her butt.

Gennita Low said...

Most of those models are my friends, anyway, so it's not as if I just pounce of them and demand hugs ;-). There was a stalker at the convention that was frightening the poor guys, but that's another story!

That's the thing I keep scratching my head about--why the need to drop by my blog and then complain about it?

Ha, you are ALWAYS trying to get me to betray who the commander is ;-).

Come on, you need to come to a conference and experience the fun! Next year it's in Houston. I might be there.

Chickie, I'm no rival to your big smile and your wonderful traveling adventures! Man, I wish I own half the pics you have on nekkid men ;-).

I guess we're only allowed to pose pics of us sitting sedately behind a stack of books and signing???? I dunno. There's some rule book I must be missing from my Author Etiquette department.

And as for the chicken, well, even chickens have some pride. Macarena?!!!

Heehee, erotic veges are so hard to collect! That's why the pics are few and far in between.

Mary Stella,
LOL on the branch in the butt. Now that's a visual!


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