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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Spies and Insertion

Hah, not that kind of insertion!

I'm running really late today. I played too long with Power Point, trying to figure out how to make a watermark. You see, I have THIS PHOTO I took of a male model in handcuffs and I want to make sure this photo stays mine ;-). But I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to insert the "washed out" watermark onto the photo with Power Point. Call me clueless. When it comes to programs, it's always hit and miss with me because I'm hopeless at understanding instructions.

Revisions for Virtually His is going okay but I hit a snag yesterday. My editor made an excellent suggestion about adding another scene at the virtual reality room to give more background on the hero's subtle sexual control over Hell. ;-) Perked your interest there, didn't I? Told you it was a great suggestion. Now I have to go back and figure out where to insert it because the story, as it is now, is quite tightly organized. To insert a new scene means manipulating earlier scenes and that means work. This I can do...easier than Power Point.

I have a few more RT pictures resized. Here are a few Romantic Times attendees who went ALL OUT at the balls. I think they look totally fab in their costumes, don't you?

This, I believe, but I could be wrong, is author Stephanie Burke. She's sort of a Ninja Dark Faery. That sword was HUGE! I was watching her trying to put it back into the sheathe and she couldn't stretch her arms far enough. I was thinking of my Shahrukh with it ;-). He has a big arm span and he'd look so kewl doing his kata on the beach too!

This is Lise, my friend from Suite magazine, in her pirate costume. She always, always has the best costumes! She picks up the fox tails for me at the fairs.

That's all I got today but I just have to INSERT this one last photo. ;-) You should see them posing in the calendar they were giving out at the Book Fair. Oh. My. God. Hawt.

No costume is sometimes the best costume, hmm? ;-)

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Kim said...

Without knowing what "watermark" you were hoping to use, your best bet is to make the "watermark" using words or drawing with powerpoint itself and then changing the transparancy of the image (right click on the "watermark" select format picture, on the colors and lines tab pick a color if there isnt already one and change the transparancy %) that option is not available for an image as far as I can find (perhaps i need to requal on my ppt ranger tab ;) I would then do a print screen or export the slide to jpeg in order to force the "watermark" and photo into one rather than leaving it in ppt so that people can unlock the "watermark" and steal your photo. good luck! :)

SQ said...

Don't think you can watermark non-print stuff. I used to have to figure out how to do that stuff for work. Just slap "(c) 2006 Gennita Low" on the pic somewhere and you're covered. No. Seriously. That's all it takes to copyright your stuff.

Kim's suggestion also good if you want to prevent people from stealing the pic without your permission. But make sure to send the text box to the back and lock it so people can't just figure out your layout and take it off themselves.

The tricks an editor must learn to make her permissions/photo budget.

Gennita Low said...

Hey Kim and SQ,

Thanks for the instructions! I HAVE been doing it both ways but of course, because it's me doing it, I'm having problems.

I inserted a WordArt of Gennita on top of the picture, then I did a "washout" and then clicked to "move to back." But it didn't do the background watermark effect; the picture just moved to the back of the picture and was hidden! Gah.

I've tried different ways of doing this, including slapping on a "Gennita" on top but hadn't been able to "Save As." I know I'm just missing a KEY PIECE of instruction. I hope to solve it soon. The pic of the model in handcuffs is soooo worth it ;-). Well, so worth it for people who, like me, enjoy stuff like that.

Sigh. Maybe I should put a disclaimer/Warning at the end of each blog post that "photo of hugging inappropriate objects are meant to entertain"?????


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