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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Uber Author Gets Scary-Albert Camus On You


Ketchup before my Sunday entertainment and ruminations:

Here's some nominations for our Top 25 Romances List from Mary Stella:

"Mackenzie's Mountain definitely tops the list of 25 greatest for me. So does Jackson Rule by Sharon Sala. It Had to be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I'm with you on Prince Joe by Suz Brockmann."

Any more of you want to chime in with your thoughts and nominations? It's free ;-). Can I irritate my buddy, Maria, and nominate Anne Stuart's Moonrise? That book pricked and bloomed my awareness in the possibilities of spy-romances, that one could depict a really, really dark hero who really, really killed. No pretend-dark (angsty dark hero who's really NICE, gah). No pretend kill (well, he only kills accidentally and regrets it afterwards by fasting a month--DOUBLEGAH). Moonrise was unapologetically soberingly fascinatingly dark. And poor Anne Stuart turned off many of her fans (and gained new ones) with this daring book.

***Hey Kate, if you want to know more about the Roberts-Dailey Scandal, please email me and I'll provide you with links to read about this lawsuit. It is one of the most well-known cases.***


Mood today:

There's no getting over the fact that sometimes caffeine doesn't solve all morning depression ;-). I woke up today feeling down--not exactly sad, not exactly in pain, not exactly grieving. I call it my existential moment.

It's when I, in my aloneness, look around me and wonder what this is all about, including the coffee. It's when people I love or care about don't make sense in their desire to do things a certain way. It's when I use my past to measure my present, and wonder whether this is what I want for the future (Yes, yes, in my next life I'm going to ask to be excused from being a philosophy major in college and reading Camus' The Stranger. No young adult should ever get that depressed, heh).

Needless to say, there's no real answer--there never is--and no, I'm not going to go all depressed and wax philosophical about this feeling at my age. It just is. For a moment. Then it's back to normality again.

I've visited many countries, and traveled to many interesting places, in my years before I got stuck in my present chosen life. I think there's a restless soul inside me that always get tempted by adventure. So when I get these odd little pensive and restless moments, I watch the following video. This man dancing makes me smile because I never thought of doing THAT when I was visiting some of those places. And he proves that all one really need to do is enjoy oneself by acting a bit silly and entertaining others along the way.

Isn't this a simply cool video? And doesn't he express so much by just doing what he did? And that's what I want to do with my writing.

CLICK ON ARROW so your page remains HERE. If there's no sound, look at the volume control at the bottom and put your cursor over it to move it to the RIGHT:

Actually, I wish I know this dude ;-). That's Matt Harding, a man who quit his job so he could travel around the world and dance on all the continents. I think it's funny he had all these strangers willingly hold the camera on him in so many different countries as he jiggled without the music. There is nothing stranger than a human being ;-).

By the way, if you've read The Protector, do you "recognize" the scene with the girls on the bar stools outside the whorehouses?

These pics in front of and at the Taj Mahal look so boring now that I've seen that guy dancing in front of them ;-).

You see those minarets/pillars at the back? This is me in front of just one of them! Nice roomy palace ;-). I remember wondering whether it leaked....

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laur said...

That's a great video Jenn, really puts a smile on your
face *s*

Anonymous said...

LOL this is funny but i have a question why is he dancing to a lullabye? yeah. i mean he dancing to roughly translated rock a-by-baby. ok uhm yeah. But certainly funny.

SQ said...

Man, I totally should've done that after I quit my job!

But you gotta luv white man dancing. I know, it's un-PC and diverse and all. But come on! White man can't dance. Have you been to a baseball game lately? White men can't dance!

laur said...

Oh, I so loved my trip to India. My pics look pretty much like yours...oh wait,now I remember! You're this tiny woman who was inspecting every angle and who kept checking the ceiling!

Gennita Low said...

Heehee, everyone was tiny there, so you can't pick on me! In fact, I was bigger and taller than some of them, which I remember getting ragged about by my companions.

Yeah, everyone should see the world somehow someway someday. It makes the world bigger and smaller at the same time. And well, let's just say that white baseball fans can't dance, nyah.

All I know is that the song is sung by a band called Deep Forest. I suspect Mr. Harding just liked its beat (he doesn't speak anything but English) and used it for his video. It fits the wild dancing movements, don't you agree? ;-)


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