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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mixed-Up Intel

So, according to the season finale of LOST, the fate of the world is controlled by an 1982 Apple IIe computer that resets an electro-magnetic bomb thingy that will disintegrate all metal (and make metal objects go on suicide flights) on a strange island with a giant statue of a four-toed foot. Hmm. And to think I needed to know why crapenters exist to make my life miserable.

There are some pretty weird plots going on in TVland finales this season. Alias, my wonderful Alias, a show created by the same guy who created Lost, by the way, ended with a big HUH? The world over there, it seems, is controlled by some dead man who drew a picture of a giant red ball way back when, that became a mini red ball that somehow produces the Koolaid of Immortality. Or not. Who knows? They killed Spydaddy and Spymummy, the bastards.

24 has gone retrograde. The world at THAT place is controlled by a bald man with a Bluetooth thingy in his ear telling the POTUS to kill himself after ordering the death of a former POTUS while missiles and submarines and nerve gas get stolen in minutes as the whole darn city, while seemingly under martial law, still has Motel 8 and bars open for plot convenience. In that world, the US planes are slower than the Chinese commerce ship. Hmm...there must be a controlling giant electro-magnet somewhere. Or a big foot.

Can I also point out that all three shows have my favorite character named JACK? There is an answer to this somewhere...but not this morning. My head hurts from all the myths of the world. My only question is--why would anyone commission a giant statue of a four-toed foot on an island? Did this person misunderstood about the myth of Bigfoot? And why must John Locke be locked up with Desmond DAVID HUME? Just because those two philosophers of empiricism happened to be good friends in another head hurts.

It's going to be one of those days, isn't it? So let's look at happy pics ;-). Here is RT's Mr. Romance 2006, Rodney (a very good friend and an extremely sweet man), in front center, flanked by Mr. Romance from 2004 and 2005. Congrats, Rodney! Here's your freaking empirical evidence, J.J. Abrams!

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SQ said...

EXACTLY! I was so very confused & disappointed by the Lost finale. Ditto w/Alias. Didn't even bother watching 24 since everything post-season 2 was just stupid. No. I'm going with JUST STUPID!!! I know, season 3 you get nekkid Jack, but it wasn't worth it.

Season finales for Desperate House Wives & Grey's Anatomy also disappointing. Only finales that didn't disappoint this season were West Wing and Top Chef.

Oh, and watching the Yankees BEAT the Red Soxs. Now those were some happy endings.

Anonymous said...

So I want to know your opinion on American Idol last night, Jenn. Did the whitest set of teeth won or do you have a new theory? ***grin

Leiha said...

I stopped watching Alias once they killed my bf vaughn but I did tune in for the finale. I was happy that she got her HEA but the rambaldi stuff was as confusing as ever. Loved the was Sloan got his comeuppance, i was wondering if he would have to go to the bathroom now that he's immortal, that would just be insult to injury, LOL.

I was ok with Irina dying but Jack, I was sooo bummed about that. I loved him!

I love Lost, sure, the answers to the questions just lead to more questions but I love tuning in every week and I can't wait to see what happens next season!

Gennita Low said...

heh, Leiha,
Yeah about the bathroom thing--do immortals go to the bathroom? Poor Sloan.

Spydaddy's last line--Best. Exit. Line. Ever.

Spymummy: Character assassination, dammit. I mean, she has said "Truth takes time," for five years and THIS is the truth? She could have just said, "Hey, I'm really into power and I'll eventually sacrifice you, my daughter." Gah.

LOST--You have my utmost sympathies. You know J.J. Abrams is going to eff it up. All TV programs with mytho-arcs get effed up eventually because...because...well look at the X-Files! That was a total eff-up!

Gennita Low said...

SQ, Well, 24 is a guilty pleasure because it's all about jumping as many sharks as possible ;-).

Yankees suck...heh.


Do you really want my take on American Idol? LOL. Well, I think the whitest hair won. LOL.


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