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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Uber Spy Prepping

The other day, someone asked me why I didn't continue writing about SEALs because she'd enjoyed my Crossfire series and she wanted more. I suppose it was natural for her to expect that I'd continue to tell the stories of the other SEALs, like many other authors who write the entire team's love stories before moving on.

I didn't have an answer. It isn't that I'm not interested in writing more SEAL stories but for some reason, it never occurred to me to offer Avon Books those stories as my next proposal. Kudos to those authors who could write 3, and then another set of three, and then maybe a continuing set of three of the entire team of SEALs/bodyguards/elite spec. ops. unit without a break. I don't know whether I can do that. I need a "break" each time.

For example, Into Danger and Facing Fear are about information analysis. There's not much action going on in most of the books because the Intel is static. But after two years writing those stories, I was interested in information dispersion and retrieval in the active state, and I wanted KABOOMs and gunfire, so I went into commando mode.

The last three books were written in two years, so I guess two years is the "break" point for me. That doesn't mean I won't go back to information analysis or SEAL commando action again; I just wanted to try something new. New challenges and all that.

At the back of my mind is always COMCEN and the COS commandos, of course. That universe is my baby and I've lived in it for almost ten years, each year adding layers and discovering new things. I'm slow at this because I don't write things down; I don't have pages and pages of notes like many other authors. I live in fear that once I write any down, I won't be interested in it any more.

It's happened before. I wrote an entire chapter-by-chapter synopsis of Jed's story once in a seven-hour span and I have never been able to write it into a novel. Why? I already know the story! So Jed's story is no longer his and I gave his heroine away to Rick Harden, by the way. He has never forgiven me that. Ever. And that's why he shows up in my books, to remind me of my sin. He is an unforgiving manipulator, if you don't know that by now.

So, now I'm committed to a three book story arc of Hell as Super Soldier Spy. I get to play in my COS world for real now. It's exciting AND scary because I've realized, after finishing Book One, that I've combined Concept One (info analysis) with Concept Two (info retrieval, team work) and added in Concept Three (covert government science/tech programs and its use in hi-tech spying). Science has never been my strongest subject in school either, so it's a challenge for me to sit and read hi-tech articles and make them comprehensible to myself. I have an idea what I want my heroine to be able to do, but how do I present it in a way that's not woo-woo?

For example, the use of virtual reality. Like every layperson, what I mostly knew cover its usage in new interactive computer games, 3-D house designing, or the vague references through movies about head-sex and alternate realities. Then I stumbled into an article from the University of Illinois at Chicago about their research in VR and a special room called the CAVE. It was as if a switch lit up in my head. I can make it happen without the woo-woo! Or, at least, I can explain enough with Scully-like scientific factoids to get by *grin*.

If all this is confusing you, bear with me. I'm preparing you for my excerpt, which I'm mulling over. I have a long one but I want to cut it down to a manageable size. Anyway, back to the VR concept. It will be clearer to you when I reveal to you Hell's ability but I can't till my editor gives a thumbs up to my manuscript and send me a revision letter. Then I can ask about its publication date, and with a date, I can tell you more details....

Yes, I'm rambling this morning. I'm getting back into writing mode. Got to start on the second proposal of Hell Book Two, you know, that one that has a lot to do with Armando, no, Grant, no,, Shahrukh, no,, no, no, Alex, no, Heath.... ;-) Ah, so many commandos, only one leader....

Here's a quiz to find out what kind of leader you are. I was really, really surprised that I'm Jack-Kenndy-like in my leadership qualities, LOL. But I guess it's appropriate--JFK had a lot of gray in him, what with his dealings with the Mafia. What are you? I'm interested in how many different leaders this quiz has for answers.

They could have at least chosen a better photo of him!!!

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nightshield2003 said...

Morning Jenn,

Quick Q: Are we going to know who's the the monitor/hero in book 1? I can't remember if you've leaked this data to us common folks. :-)


Mary Stella said...

I'm Mother Theresa.

Stop laughing, Gennita! *g*

kathleen dante said...

"You are a detached intellectual whose ideas saved/will destroy the world. You are Einstein. You lead with your mind exploring the unknown and helping to invent the future of mankind."

LOL Like through my books?!?

Reese said...

Yo G!! I'm Bill Clinton, ha ha ha.

By the way, I snagged this on my blog and slapped up a link to yours. I referred to you as a "USA Today bestselling author" but, honestly, I have no idea if that's true or not. I make stuff up all the time. I'm awful, I know.

Later pal!

SQ said...

Kewl. I got Clinton! In a 6th grade school project, I converted my entire class into Democrats and had them voting for Clinton instead of Bush Sr. I'm so ticked I never got to vote for him though. Stupid age limit.

I like looking at SEALs. Jenn, I say create a picture book of SEALs. Ooh! I think there's a calendar floating around out there. pretty. That's why I enjoyed San Diego. There they are. Just running along the beach. It's like Baywatch, but without the gay undertones.

Rich said...

cool blog, I got JFK too, and coincidently expressed a similar opinion on mine.

laur said...

I am Ghandi. I did it twice just in case, and I still got Ghandi.

Can't wait to know more about Hell's book I, and II (Editor is too slow!). I like seal books, but no way we'll let you give up on the COS commandos or the GEM operatives! Innovative and addictive, can't have enough of them. And Ghandi was such a wise man, you cannot not listen *g*

Gennita Low said...

You're trying to get me in trouble, aren't you? ;-) Let's just say that my editor will know the identity when she reads the last chapter of the manuscript as it is.

Mary Stella,
(behind covered mouth)
I'm not laughing. Really, I'm covering a yawn. WHAT question and which answer triggered that comparison?!!! :D :D :D You know I'll be calling you that at RT, don't you?

What intergalactic sexual position have you been exploring now? *EG

Reese baby,
As long as your lies make me look good, you have my endorsement, heh heh. And Bill Clinton was pretty good at lying...down. LOL. Hey, what is that about wanting to try BOTOX at your young age? Botox is for forty somethings like me, you know. And only if you have very, very deep worry lines caused by crapenters ;-). And who cares about dead facial nerves and frozen facial muscles, anyway? Don't need them, do we? Huh?

Yes, I like looking at SEALs too. In fact I like looking at almost nekkid men running together on the beach. There's just something about that that turns me on ;-). I have some SEAL pics somewhere that I'll have to share someday, AND then maybe you can share that story you promised from my Giant Rabbit Bunny story.

Welcome to GlowWorld ;-). Please stop by again.

Don't starve, okay? Was Gandhi a wise dude or just stubborn? ;-)

So far, we have:
Mother Theresa
Bill Clinton

Those are pretty diverse leaders. Wonder whether the Pope is in there?

Thanks for playing!


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