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Friday, April 07, 2006

Uber Spy In A Kilt

Did you know that YESTERDAY was International Kilt Day? Funny how timely the universal consciousness is ;-). I get all kilted out and suddenly it's Kilt Day AND a few days ago, it was the 2006 Dressed To Kilt Party. Of course, I'm a few days late. I'm ALWAYS a few days late.

But I've noticed these occurrences most of my life. I'd off-handedly mention something and it becomes the topic du jour in the news not long after. I'd never have thought there was such a thing as International Kilt Day and right around the time we happen to be ***cough*** discussing this interesting subject too!

Sir Sean Connery, the original uber-spy James Bond, freshly out from surgery, attended in full regalia: And the man knows how to sit
while wearing a skirt.
Nice sporran ;-).

Too bad his Jedness is Irish and not Scottish. I'd love to dress him up in a kilt in some future mission. Of course, where would he hide his weapons?! A dilemma.

There is this model at this year's Dress To Kilt event who captured my eye. His name is Chris Capaldi and I believe he's a rugby player. Who cares? He looks good in a kilt! ;-)

I'm still reading J.D. Ward's Lover Eternal. There's this scene with the vampires and Butch playing catch-football, you know, that male bonding thing, in LEATHER. Seriously, dudes. Sticky leather. On male parts. I don't want to think about it. And I really think J.D. Ward should consider giving Vishous and Butch their story and make it Brokeback Lover. Because it's a shame how those two have a secret love for each other and not know it. ;-)

So far, except for the silly names of all the brother-vamps and the bad guys (X, E, O, ABCDEF), I'm enjoying all the action. Loved the beast in Rhage and his problem dealing with it. I must admit, though, I had this horrible image of his distended stomach filled with "lessers" once he shapeshifts back to human form. Ugh.

You know what's interesting about the Ward books? She really, really made these vampires otherworldly. There is nothing "prettified" about the world they live in. I even think most of them are ugly to look at, except for Rhage. The size alone is a turn-off for me, along with the tattoos all over, the piercings, the smelly leather, and the rap music.

I'm not even sure I like the fact that they play rap music ALL the time. I kept having this image of the Brothers gangsta-rapping to that piece of music on the radio right now: "I'm the biggest pimp and you're the biggest ho," or something like that. But the rap works, I know, because it suggests violence, death and destruction. I suppose, if these stories were written in the early eighties, J.D. Ward might have used Heavy Metal as the music of choice for our fangs in leather.

Here is a man whom some find attractive, and he's wearing a leather kilt ;-). He's tall and raspy-sounding and can look pretty mean with tattoos and an Uzi. We can even give him a J.D. Ward cartoon name. Let's call him Vanom. Heehee. Recognize him?

Here's a question: Why do MALE vampires have the ability to smell so keenly? I can understand the sharp hearing (bats thing), but the smell thing--can the female smell male arousal? I just don't think it's fair that some alpha male vampire can walk around smelling female arousal up and down the streets. Ugh. Why do I analyze these things so? Just read the story, Jenn, dammit!

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Joannaimp said...

Am I the only one who doesn't like these vampires? I read both books and they are turning me off with the brother-gangsta-thang. Yes, it reminds me of the "hood" culture, where they brand each other and initiates each other with punishments and the leaders are given their "females." Ugh.

Laur said...

I don't read vampires books. I know it's a big thing now but I'm still not attracted. I don't know, maybe it's not "real" enough for me to take the first step. I can go for slightly paranormal cause I can believe in some of these things, but vampires...hmm..not yet :)

Still love kilt.. month (I intend to stick around for kilt year too!)


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