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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Uber Author Measures Time With Books

Three years ago, my girlfriend ordered this cake for me, and organized a sort of booksigning party at her house. Doesn't it look great?

I had a great time with old neighbors and good friends and when it was over, a lot of the cake was eaten except for the Into Danger portion.

My girlfriend carefully put it in a tupperware and I took it home and put it in my freezer. I was supposed to bring it out during the first anniversary of being pubbed and eat it, like a wedding cake or something. Didn't happen. Totally forgot about it.

This morning, I was looking for something in my freezer and guess what caught my eye sitting patiently at the back of my freezer? This tupperware. Ooops. I think the contents is probably going to put anyone who eats it "into danger," yes? ;-/

It still looks like a cake. But does it taste like one? Ahahahaha. I haven't decided what to do with it. Yes, yes, moms, I should throw it away, but you're talking to someone who still has underwear (unworn, unworn, I swear) her PAWPAW (grandmaw) bought her in 1979 before she left Malaysia for the U.S. In other words, a sentimental fool lives in my house.

Can you check your freezer and tell me what's one thing in there you have forgotten about? And don't tell me you're one of those people whose fridge is perfectly uncluttered. Ha. I hate you.

So, anyway, three years ago, my first book came out. I was the happiest and giddiest (is that a word?) roofing chick around. I also had less wrinkles but we won't go there. Two years ago, around the same time, Facing Fear won the Romantic Times Best Romantic Intrigue award. One year ago, around this time, I was in New York speaking with different publishing houses, trying to make them understand what Super Soldier Spy was all about and what the books mean to me. And today, this month, I rediscovered the fun and excitement in the freezer that started it all.

Can you measure your hopes and dreams from three years till today? What was different then and what is similar now? Again, we will NOT talk about wrinkles, okay? We want to see how we got here from there and are hoping to go. And you can leave out the man/men too; they don't even stop to ask for directions so going anywhere with them as a goal in life is meaningless.

Cake, anyone? ;-)

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R2K said...

: )

Mary Stella said...

Three years ago, I was polishing All Keyed Up and submitting it to contests for unpublished authors for feedback. I wanted it to be as perfect as possible so I could pitch it to editors at RWA in July. I pitched and received an invitation to submit to Silhouette. It was subsequently rejected in October, the day before I flew to the RT Convention in Kansas City. I received an invite to submit to Medallion while at RT. They bought the book two months later!

Anonymous said...

I have a rule : if it's only been frozen once and never been thawed, it's still good! Go for it!

laur said...

That was from Laurence

kathleen dante said...

Three years ago... Nothing comes to mind from three years ago. It's all bland. I hadn't even started writing yet.
Two years ago, I was in Shanghai and still enjoying my job. I remember looking forward to more travel and hoping to see Beijing and going back to Taipei.
A year ago, I'd just finished Entangled and started on what eventually got renamed Enticed, and hoping to sign up with an agent.
This year looks to be *much* better.

Re the cake, if it looks much like the picture, I'd say go for it. But if it suffered from the three hurricanes that hit you the other year, then maybe not such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I have a fruitcake in my freezer that has been there for 3 years. I move it around regularly, so I do know it is there, but am no more tempted to eat it today than when I received it.

SQ said...

3 years ago I had gotten my first promotion. 30 months later, had a mental breakdown and quit that job. Since then, I wake up each morning not wanting to kill myself and others.

That's a cake moment, no? Too bad no goodies in my freezer. I've got box of veggie burger patties, frozen fish balls, and...something buried in ice fuzz. Hmmm...wonder what that could be?

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella,
Hard to believe it's been three years, isn't it?

It's a good rule's still THREE years old in my mind ;-).

Get ready to be busy, busy, busier! And yeah, the cake looks like a cake but is still a cake?

Why do you keep this fruitcake? Curious....

Not good to have a job that makes you want to kill yourself. Others, that's normal. Yourself, Hugs to you, sweetie. You did the right thing.

WendyK said...

LOL what I have in my freezer from 3yrs ago? Umm you probably honestly don't want to know but it's a pinkie(a newborn mouse that was killed/died and frozen and put in the freezer for the reptiles to eat as some point and it's still there.) Yes I know it's there since I just moved it again. Don't ask why it's still there or why it's in the main freezer when hubby has a small dorm fridge for keeping the mealworms and such.

As for what I was doing 3yrs ago, I was getting pregnant with my baby girl:) and heading to NYC to the RWA booksigning(didn't know baby girl was already there and making the trip with me until I got home).


As for the cake, I wouldn't eat it. We tasted our wedding cake a little over a year after the wedding and it was nasty.

However it would be cute to have someone make a copy of the cake out of playdough or something and wait for it to harden to keep forever. Yes I'm a packrat and keep everything, hence why I have a bag from where I bought something in NYC.

Gennita Low said...

You WIN. A dead rat/mouse in your freezer. Whoa. I am speechless.

Sadista said...

That cake was damn good too.


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