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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Most Uber Oscar Spy

And the star of the show is:

Isn't he the man? Isn't he the one and only? So we don't totally agree on politics. We don't have to talk. We're talking about erotica here.

What an apt ending to last night's boring extravaganza. I was crashing from my fifth glass of wine and the winner of best picture was CRASH. Totally knocked the bowties off everyone. Wish I could spy on their thoughts at that moment. Bet it was a collective OMG.

But my collective OMG is only reserved for one man:

Sigh. I wish he was my ending for the night. All I want is to see his Oscar. ;-)

He definitely ages well...better than old John Travolta. Eww. This year, the usual eyecandy is inconspicuously out of the camera eye--Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Matthew McHoweveryouspellthatname, wherefore art thous? I mean, besides George. All other pale in comparison.

So, anyway...

What is there to talk about after a night dreaming of George? He can be an uber-spy, my George. He can be my James Bond with a bad Brit accent. He can even be Jack Bauer. Do you remember the movie he made with Nicole Kiddman years back, the one where they were after a terrorist with a bomb in NYC? Sorry, title of movie escapes me but TV played it a thousand times. George in uniform looking at Nicole swimming in the pool at the end.

I died. That look. I swooned after I died. That little half-smile. I combusted after I swooned after I died.

If that was a romance book, that story wouldn't have ended there. No, no, no. George the hero will pull Nicole the heroine out of the pool and she would imprint her(MY) wet body on his nice white uniform. And then the rating would go X and the movie would make even more money because women like me would actually pay to go see the movie ;-). Again and again. I would go all Titanic and spend all my pocket change to go sigh over George's eyes and lips and total nekkidness and make that movie the Blockbuster of the whatever year it was made in.

Anyway, the reality is...I need to finish this book. It is now becoming what authors in my position call POS manuscript. I spent three hours yesterday morning trying to write two pages. Two fucking pages. Then I erased it. You don't know how much that hurt. But I had to. They were so not working in that scene from hell.

Lesson learned-->Do not write a book and not know who your hero is.

Sigh. Sure, it is fun lining up your beautiful commandos in a row. Sure, they are all the yummiest deadliest uber-spies in the whole universe. Now what. You're near the end of Book One. Now what???? Ideas abound, believe me. None of which brought a smile of approval from me. Muse is asleep. Or watching the Oscars' dresses.

Now, all of you reading this, collectively say this for me today since I entertained you last night: Gennita Low's going to finish Hell Book One THIS WEEK. Maybe if you send out that universal hum for me, my Muse will wake up.

So, the only alternative is to look at George Clooney. When writing is not, George happens. That's gonna be my new maxim.

P/S Did you know over 100 people logged on and STAYED the four hours I was rambling like a maniac last night? ;-) Thanks for dropping by! Hope it was fun for you too, LOL.

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free lessons said...

you forgot to talk about the big surprise,
the movie award :-)

Mary Stella said...

*I combusted after I swooned after I died.*

When it comes to George Clooney, that would be my reaction, too -- but, damn, I'd die with a big grin on my face.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the laughs jenn!
And of course, I totally agree about dear George. At the time of ER, when he fell in love here and took her back with him in LA (can't even remember her name), every woman in Paris was desesperately complaining it hadn't been her..and then they would check all the bars in case they could be the next LOL

The movie by the way is The Peacemaker.
Oh, and..."Gennita Low's going to finish Hell Book One THIS WEEK"


Sadista said...

I think I would let George give me an anal probe and NO ONE gets to do that. I would for him though.

I loved Jon Stewart's comment about Good Night, Good Luck and that's what George says at the end of every date. LMAO! He is yummy!

kathleen dante said...

LOL I think you used up your word count on the Oscar commentary. You're going to finish Hell Book One THIS WEEK?! Darn, right, you are!

But if you keep staring at George, you're not going to get anything else done, much less written. ;>

And I'm still wondering how the heck you sold the trilogy without knowing who your hero is?!

SQ said...

Yay for George! Haven't seen Syriana yet (the torture scene's suppose to be seriously realistic and grusome!) but friends who saw it were truly moved by it.

The movie he should've won for, Good Night and Good Luck, was brilliant! A MUST see. Right up there with All the President's Men. Made me want to be a serious reporter all over again. Then I remembered how much I made as a reporter...

Good Night and Good Luck was robbed twice. It SO was the best written and best picture! Crash? Pshaw! I saw it. It sucked. I wanted my $10 back.

Also robbed, Felicity Huffman for leading actress. Come on! She was a woman playing a man playing a woman!

And Michelle Williams should have won for supporting actress. She tapped into her Dawson's Creek roots and brought out the angst and the drama.

Besides, never forgave Weisz for her role in Constantine. Can't forgive anyone involved in that movie.

Reese said...

Does anyone else remember him as the carpenter and Joe Polnacheck's love interest on "The Facts of Life?" Or, as the assembly line supervisor on "RoseAnne?"

You're right, Gennita, he's getting sexier as he gets older.

Elaine said...

GEORGE!!! Before, I get on to that subject, Jenn, you ARE going to finish your book this week.

GEORGE...ohhh yess...! He does age SO well or should it be premature aging well? After all, he is younger than Brad Pitt but put them side by side and you'll see what I mean.

GEORGE...I've never seen a single episode of ER but heard about the guy, seen lots of photos, watched maybe a couple of his movies, read about how gorgeous he was, is and ever will be but it wasn't until last month (yes, February 2006!) when, out of boredom, I started to write a piece of erotica to amuse myself and I got stuck because my heroine fell in love with one of the men whom I'd created based on George's face and what I'd imagined he would be like. I've not been able to continue because he wasn't meant to be the one my heroine ends up and I don't want to rewrite it because unlike you, I knew who my hero was from the start and it was NOT meant to be this George clone. Now that this George clone's usurped the hero's position, I might just have to make him the hero instead. Thanks, Jenn. Now that I know what to do, I'm sure the Muse Council will decide it's your turn.

I missed the Oscars show. Totally forgot coz it was 8am here when it was telecast and I forgot again when they repeated it at night.

Gennita Low said...

Ahhhhhh, good to meet my George Clooney fangrrrrls (showing secret sign).

Thank you for helping me with the "get my manuscript done" vibe campaign. Every little bit helps!!!!! And I need every little bit right now.


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