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Sunday, April 08, 2012

RT Convention Giant Book Fair Newbies

This year, the Romantic Times Book Reviews Convention, or RT Con for short, runs from Apr 11-15, 2012 at Chicago. Here is the hotel address:

The Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel
9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, Illinois, 60018
(847) 696-1234

There are three events open to the public. All are book signings.
1) The Ebook and Graphic Novel Expo
2) YA Alley (young fans are welcome!)
3) The Giant Book Fair (which is the most popular, held on Saturday, between 11-2pm, with hundreds of authors)

Here are common questions for those who have never attended the Book Fairs before and have emailed me about stuff to bring/do/etc.:

1) Who are the authors attending?
The list is long! Here is a link with all authors signing at the book fair:

2) Is it free?
Yes, all book signings are free to the public. They get to go in AFTER the convention attendees (maybe an hour later?).

3) What can I bring into the book signing(s)?
Besides $$$ to buy books, you can bring in a few of your favorite authors' books for them to sign. They need to be shown to those in charge at the door so they can stamp some kind of invisible ink of them to let the cashiers know those books are yours. These stamps will NOT damage your precious keepers :).

4) How do I buy the books?
There are cashiers set up at the exit doors. Many of them! You can't miss them.

You go into this giant ballroom and stand there looking at rows and rows and ROWS of authors with piles of their books in front of them. These authors are smiling, eager to meet you! They have bookmarks and candy. Some have posters and leaflets.

We're seated alphabetically, so you can find Gennita Low by following the rows with the letter L. I'm usually beside or near that rascal with the magical imagination, Marjorie M. Liu. Ignore the tall Asian beauty and look at the short dumpy one beside her. That's ME. Ignore her and talk to me because everyone ignores me once the gawgeous Marjorie smiles at them. :)

5) Can we talk to the authors?

No! You can only approach us, take the books from the table and back away. You AREN'T allowed to say one word to us.


That's why we are at the Book Fair. To meet YOU. Come, my dears, approach and chit-chat. We're a friendly and shy lot, always eager to talk about our books. Most of us will take pics with you. Some of us will bribe you with chocolate. SOME CAN BE BRIBED WITH A GLASS OF WINE. Preferably Zinfandel. Or a glass of Toasted Almond might get a certain author to reveal to you the Secrets of Jed. Maybe.

6) What will you be signing, Gennita?
At the Ebook Expo, I'll be signing Virtually His and Virtually Hers. I'll have PRINT copies of those books as well as HUNTER (the new re-issued edition) and maybe MikiSquirrel's books to sell.

At the Giant Book Fair, I'm signing SEAL of my DREAMS and will bring in some other books for those who are interested too.

7) Other advice?
 Well, some readers buy MANY books and I've seen them roll in carry-on luggage. I think this is an excellent idea because you just pull the thing around while you gawk at the crowd. And you will gawk, trust me. The noise is almost unbearable at times, with squeeing and chattery echoing through the huge ballroom. You'll find yourself speaking louder than usual. Some strange woman will be shouting raffle ticket numbers on the microphone; the winners get huge baskets of books. There's a giant screen advertising some paying authors' trailers and new books.

Any other questions?

See you there!

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1 comment:

j3nny said...

Thanks Genn for posting this, especially since it'll be my first time!

I can't wait to meet you and say hi!!!


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