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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SEAL Books Giveaway

I thought I'd join in the frenzy of SEALs, SEALs, SEALs and give away my Crossfire series. Of the three only THE HUNTER is available for sale for your Kindle (or Nook from BN and other formats from Harper Collins). I'm working to get the rights back to The Hunter so I could own the whole series.

Anyway, I know the great romance-unwashed world has suddenly discovered these alpha heroes whom we in Romancelandia have known and loved for years. The SEALs, because of what has recently happened in the news, is now the hero-du-jour, being dissected and rah-rahed by the media, both glossy and newsy.

War is never pretty, nor the bloody parts any reason for celebration. However, as a military/spec. ops romance writer, I'd like to share my love for the Spec Ops Hero--his physical prowess, his mental toughness, his honor and love for justice and especially how that translates to his romantic side--with new readers.

The SEALs in my Crossfire series were fun to write and interviewing them and some Rangers were a few of the highlights for my research. One of the best moments was having lunch with Pamela Clare with her SEAL friend and talking to him about explosives and he, in return, casting some suspicious questions in my direction :-).

Here are the three books:

Three winners will be selected by my Spec. Ops Canine-Spies Code Names Demon Dog, Jiggle Low and "The Squirrel."

All you have to do is answer this question in the Comments:

Why do you like to read about Spec. Ops. heroes (SEALs, Rangers, etc.)?

This contest is only open to those living the US and Canada (sorry, the cost of mailing overseas is beyond my piggy bank allowance). You have till next Tuesday to enter.

Spread the word to win a SEAL book!

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Cleo said...

No I'm not entering, just wanted to wave *hi* to my baby.....Cumber you rock dahling

MaryC said...

Because they're hot!

Felicia said...

Gennita, you are the coolest - and so are your books!

seaellare said...

I love reading about SEALs because of so many reasons lol - they are strong, brave, sexy, masculine... I could go on and on ;)

Kristin said...

What's NOT to love? Muscles, brains, loyalty, muscles, patriotism, and (as these *are* romance novels) hot sex! :) Thanks for the chance to win some books!

Jenn said...

Well, there is the alpha component of course, their loyalty, sense of honor. And like someone else already mentioned, the hot sex is always a plus, LOL. You are a new-to-me author, so I would love a chance to win some books. Thanks for doing this!

Jenn S.

Jane said...

They're attractive because they put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us and they're selfless and cool under pressure.

Sara said...

I like reading about them because they're tough, brave, hot and macho, yet still have a romantic side.

Sara said...

Oh and how could I forget...they are in great shape and have lots of muscles! :D

bella_eve_20 said...

I find reading about SEALs irresistible because not only are they to die for, but would die for you. They might get shot and run the next 20 miles to still save the day. Not to mention sexy strong physique and spicy high-flavored sex! What do you think Canine-Spies?

tinlizzy said...

Well, it's because they're hot! Nothing better than a stong alpha type showing that he's open to the emotions love brings on.

Heather said...

I love readin bout em, cuz they're the real heros out there and its always an amazing read! *hugz* thanks for writin and the contest babe!

Anonymous said...

I love them because they're manly men and in romance, they know how to please a woman :).


Miss Mary said...

I love the series because the action and the attractiveness that drives the characters to complete the job until it almost kills them body and soul. Plus I get goosebumps when I read this series.

Hope said...

I love the Alpha male, kind of wounded in any way and put back together by a strong woman who he can't imagine his life without but she can take care of herself if needed.

ShellyE said...

I think the reason I like stories about SEALs is because they are true american heroes.

krisgils33 said...

Seals are super hot and the ultimate alpha male!

Alison said...

I love them because they are strong, sexy men who are capable of amazing things. They also have good hearts and are protective.

j3nny said...

Hmmm I have to say because it has a lil bit of everything, the heroism of it, the action, sometimes there's a lil suspense and mystery, and when you put that with the romance, it's just works :)

Crystal said...

I have always loved reading about military heroes! There is just something about a man in uniform!

Jolene and Family said...

I love reading about Seals because to me they are the epitomy of Alpha Males. Strong and in charge willing to lay their life on the line. Every girl wants a Seal :)


Alison said...

What's not to like about strong, sexy honorable men who defend our country?

Gennita said...

We (the furSpies and I) chose four winners:


Congratulations and please email me at Jenn at Gennita hyphen Low dot com!


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