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Monday, January 10, 2011

Where Does Your Seximagination Draw The Line?

I was reading a paranormal romance, and was taken out of the story when the demon really turned into a demon to have sex with his human mate.  I mean, full out demon, with leathery flesh, black teeth and tongue.

Logically, in my head, this should happen in a paranormal.  After all, that's a werewolf/vampire hero, or, in this case, demon hero.  The scene was written well, with hot erotic sex involved, but I just couldn't get the picture of black teeth, leathery face, and hairless (meaning bald) all-over tangled up with my heroine.  It was shocking to my senses, which, just minutes before, were happily indulging in some sexual tension involving a beautiful, human-sexy male and his heroine.

The scene lost its sexiness for me and although I still liked the book, I never got back that "hmm, I love this hero" feeling again.

So, I found that I do have limits.

1) Vampire hero making a slit in heroine's neck and sucking blood? Okay (Okay here doesn't mean "right" or "wrong," but in the sense that I got back into the story with nary  pause).

2) Vampire hero growing fangs? Okay.

3) Werewolf hero making feral growls? Okay.

4) Shapeshifter hero making partial shift while making love, but not all the way? Okay, although I remember stopping for a few secs to imagine it.

5) Angel-human sex? Okay, but even that took a moment or two to adjust and suspend my Judeo-Christian background.  But angels are inherently beautiful in that human way, so a naked angel that happens to look like Duncan MacCloud can certainly give my imagination some happy times.

5) Demon-human sex?  Okay, but it seems only if I don't see the demon actually being a demon during the act.  Not that I think that's bad, but it completely changed my whole enjoyment. Probably because the demon is described as...well, what a demon would look like in my head--kind of lizardy, with red eyes, and scary maw of black teeth.

I know lots of readers can't read vampire romances because of the corpse thing.  It doesn't bother me, even when the dude is shown kinda dead during daylight hours (LKH's Anita Blake series).  I know many who can't take any otherworldly creature sex at all.

So, is there a line that your seximagination can't cross? That would really interrupt your enjoyment of the romance?  I have to emphasize romance because I think, if I read a scary horror and it had demon sex, it wouldn't even faze me--why is that? I don't know.

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Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Hmm, that's a really good question. I'm pretty open to most scenarios that are out there. I don't think the scene you described would have put me off (too much), but I did read a blurp about a shape-shifter story where the hero was a wolf and had sex with his human woman in full wolf form. I couldn't purchase the book. Even though I rationally know that he is half human/half wolf, the whole full fledged animal form was just too much for me. I can't remember the title of the book but that would be my, "oh I just can't do that." Other than that, I can't think of anything that would turn me off.

Diane V said...

Would you mind telling us which book had the full-on demon?

Mrs Giggles said...

At least it's not a Japanese thing, because if it's a Japanese thing and the guy turns into a demon, giant tentacles are bound to follow. *Shudder*

Gennita said...

Diane, the bk is Jewel's My Immortal Assassin. I didn't read the first books of the series, so don't know whether the others have the same kind of demonsex scene. The story, without knowing the big arc, is good and didn't confuse me at all. Just that I no longer view the hero, who is named after a Malaysian fruit btw (heh), as hot. I mean, I keep seeing Land of the Lost Sleazetaks, LOL.

Gennita said...

Mrs. Giggles, LKH came close with the Merry series in which one character, Sholto, has tentacles. But it's okay, he wears glamor, so you can only see little movements here and there when he gets emotional. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Diane V said...

Thanks for the info on which book it was - I actually had looked at the book at Borders, but didn't buy it when I realized it was book 3.

The one book that I remember drawing the seximagination line was Mallory Rush's "Kiss of the Beast" with the hero's penis only appearing as he's getting ready to have sex and then retracting inside him when he was done -- at the time all I could think of was the retractable cord on a vacuum.

Mrs Giggles said...

But LKH cheated! When Merry had to get down with Sholto, his tentacles turned into tattoos.


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