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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Puppies and Books

It's been a long, long week. Next week, I'll be at RWA, Orlando, and it'll be another kind of long, long week (this time, with me having fun with my writing buddies!). I hope to have more news by then, or at least, pretend to have a more interesting life, heh.

For those who don't follow me on Facebook and have been writing emails, Demon Dog, aka Pepe Le Pom, is doing well. Why am I not surprised he's getting more fan mail than me? I guess that video I made of him "being bored" made him lovable, huh?

He's going through an ugly stage of puppyhood--hair falling, all teeth, unimaginable destruction. Fortunately for him, he's loved. Not all day long, but he's loved. One day, the sweet dog inside him will emerge and he'll be the most obedientest, most quietest, mostest everything goodest dog evah. I live in hope.

But for now, I live to come home hoping the book collection is still intact; only one magazine has been snagged and munched; no electrical cords have been dragged; and nothing more than hairballs have been puked out. Yes, it's always neat and tidy in the Low Home ;-). My dogsitter thinks he's the cutest fluffball ever too, and spoil, spoil, SPOIL him.


It's strange to watch a small 20-inch TV again. My big screen TV went kaput and it'll cost more than it's worth to fix it, and since I need the $$$ to pay for my hotel room at RWA, it's back to Old Faithful, the 30 year old little Sony, who's still chugging along. But whoever said, once you've tried bigger, you can't go smaller, is right ;-). It is indeed a shock to the system to watch a show and can't see the pores in the actors' faces. Also, the TV is in the bedroom, so I've to actually sit down on the bed and watch the whole segment, instead of running around the room doing chores. Just not the same, you know?


Many authors are now uploading e-files of their older books (whose rights have been reverted back to them) onto Smashwords and other online places. I think this is pretty cool. It means writers have more avenues to make money AND they can get a bigger percentage than the old 5-10 percent from their New York publishers.

This also means that authors are getting used to ebooks being part of their sales options. Five years ago, many would tell you that their electronic sales numbers weren't substantial enough for them to worry about. That was before Kindle, Ipad, and the Nook, though. Suddenly, everyone is yakking about putting up ebooks for sale. It's pretty amazing how a few good sales can attract writers' interest, yes?


Finally, and as a good segue on the craziness of puppies of the human form, Youtube is/was running a Cutest Boy Contest. No, I wasn't paying attention, but I happened to come across this entry because it had had over 15 million viewers and Youtube kept asking me to check it out. The two kids = Adorable Puppies. They were just lip-synching and fooling around, but their little brotherly antics and one-upmanship of each other cracked me up. Also, Mommy/Sis walking by in the background between 2:00 and 3:00, totally ignoring their antics in front of the camera, took the cake. It reminded me, years ago, of my own brothers and sisters screaming and generally "killing" each other ten feet away from me while I sat there reading my book.

Yes, when I'm ignoring them, below is what Jiggle Low and Pepe Demon Dog do ;-):

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Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Okay, first - loved the video. They were fun, funny and enjoying being young. That's awesome. I think the teenage girls are going to lose their minds over these two.

I always thought that Ebooks would be very successful. It would take time, but once it caught on it would fly and it seems that's true. I think it was mostly fear of revenue lost to the overall industry. What's even better is that writers receive a larger piece of the profits which - to my mind - makes a lot of sense.

Sarah said...

No more big tv? So sad!

I think ebooks are pretty exciting. Between my partner and I we have loads of books. But in the past 2 years, while his collection still grows my paper back buying has disappeared. While I used to buy maybe 10 books a month, I'm lucky if I get 1. I tend to wait now for books to come up for sale on the Book Depository in the UK, where they're cheap as chips.

I read everything on my iphone now and usually buy 1-3 books a week. Love it and it's totally changed how I read and what I read. I think the Smash Words option is pretty cool for authors too.

Gennita said...


Aren't those two kids going to grow up into heartbreakers? :)

Yeah, about ebooks taking time. There are many who aren't comfortable with technology still, believe it or not. I meet them everyday.

Gennita said...


Yeah, no big TV for a while. The Sony one I checked was a bit out of my range, $$$-wise.

Some of my friends don't miss the physical bks at all. For myself, I just like looking at my shelves. So I buy the darn thing twice sometimes!


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