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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mid-year Monologue

Oy. I spent the last few days on holiday--friends in town; 4th of July cookout; decompressing and catching up. All fun but now it's back to work. I hope all of you had a great weekend too, celebrating or just hanging out.

Ir's mid-2010, folks. I haven't accomplished much except lost some weight. I like being able to put on my favorite pair of jeans again, for sure, but I need to lose more to make it feel comfy like before ;-).

The last six months brought a few changes too. My Old Ladies's passing together was one of the sadder memories. But now, I have Pepe Le Pom, who has a personality the size of a whale, so the household is now lively again, what with his antics and determination to fit in with two obstinate furbabies who thought he was going to be a shy thang ;-). Puppies. They are fun but lots of work.

Best book of the year so far: Ilona Andrews' Magic Bleeds (Book 4). My Lord, great, great story--romance and big story arc coming together seamlessly, with lots of action and funny lines. That's what always wins me over--funny, witty dialogue.

Worst fear: My air conditioner, being 14 years old, might be on its last legs. Air conditioners are expensive here and the expense of replacing mine is going to break my wallet. Wah. So I have to start saving $$$ and hope the old thing can lasts another year. Living in the hot south, an air conditioner is a must.

What good book have you read lately and why? I'm going to the RWA conference at the end of the month and am compiling a list of books to buy/get from my favorite authors. It's always fun to go crazy and pick up a bunch of books with a group of friends who are as crazy about reading romances as I am!

I'm also excited about Virtually Hers coming out in print form. Some of my friends who don't read e-books have been waiting for this for a long, long time, and I'm very humbled that they're just as excited as I am. They're all planning to take a day trip to Orlando during the RWA Literacy Signing to get the book. It's a mid-week event (Weds evening) and some of them are literally taking off work early so they could go together. For me, rooferauthor. It makes me feel so blessed to have such great friends and readers.

Share your mid-year news!

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Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I made a huge decision to change my life. You know, live more and work less. I changed my job and now work 30 hours instead of the 60+ I was pulling. The dark circles have left my eyes and insomnia is a thing of the past. I am working on reconnecting with my adventurous side and have floated in a sensory deprivation (super cool), participated in a sweat lodge (incredible), went horseback riding and will be hang gliding in the new few weeks. Most importantly, I am dusting off my old “when I have time” writing projects that have been whining at my neglect. I am always looking for my next adventure, instead of the next frickin’ financial report. In all of that, I’ve had to replace the driveway, the water pump, and now paint the house. The latter part is not fun, but I guess it balances thing out.

As for books, I have read Christina Dodd’s Darkness Chose and The Chosen Ones series this year. Hot, hot, hot! And I am impatiently waiting on Karen Marie Moning’s Dreamfever. I haven't read anything by Andrew's but I'll definitely check her out.

I'll send out positive vibes to your air conditioner. Hopefully it works.

Gennita said...


Good for you, girl! I'm glad you're having a ball and taking things in perspective. You must report on your hang gliding adventure when you do it!

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Thanks Jen - it was/is challenging, but very worth it.

I'll be snuggled up tandem so I hope the instructor is cute with minty breath. ;)


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