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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Furbaby Story: Deviousness Runs In My Family

In this corner, Jiggle Low, Strategist Extraordinaire:

In this corner, Pepe Le Pom, The Enfant Terrible:

My mutant pom, Jiggle Low, is a very possessive dog. You've read about his evil jealous antics, chasing after male Bug Guys, lifting his leg on anything used by my male friends, and growling at any encroachment of his territory, which includes me and his "harem."

Because of this, I've trained the new mutant baby, Pepe Le Pom, to not jump on the bed at night, but instead sleep on a pillow on the floor at my side of the bed. It has been working well. Late at night, I would turn over, dangle my hand down and give Pepe a pet and ear rub, which is a rare feat, since that dog is a walking piranha at the moment; he walks and runs with his mouth open all. The. Time. And his idea of playing is to chew on anything you extend in his direction. So it's nice to be able to have a quiet moment with him. In the morning, if I peer over the side, he'd turn on his back so I could give him a belly rub before he dashes off to his rampant destruction of any new toy of the day.

Jiggy, on the bed by my side, seemed satisfied with the arrangement. Or at least I thought so. He used to jump on and off the bed because he liked sharing time with his Other Woman, Lilah, who resides under my bed. I know. How typical male, right? But that's another topic for discussion ;-). Anyway, when he's not a possessive hump on my chest, I assume he's under the bed guarding his Other Woman.

This morning, he wasn't on the bed. I sleepily turned over, dropped my hand over the side, made contact with fur, and sleepily, as always, pet Pepe. I felt him stretch his neck out so I could reach under his jaw (do dogs have chins?). As I--sleepily--rubbed him, I could feel him just moving his body under my fingers, getting the maximum mommy attention.

I was thinking, how cute, he's learning how to move around so I could scratch all his favorite spots. Wait. A. Minute. My eyes slitted open. I slowed my hand, exploring a little. Pepe, in spite the amount of food he consumes, has a bony back, and this one is rather...rumpy and thick with hair instead of puppy fur.

I moved closer to the edge of my bed and peered down. There, on the pillow, wasn't Pepe Le Pom. It was Mr. Jiggle Low, using all his Bad Boy Skillz to hunch down like a small puppy and staying quiet as he stole his rival's morning privilege.

Pepe's tail was peeping out from under the bed, so I'm assuming Jiggs had pushed him there sometime before I woke up. He had PLANNED this. TIMED the precise moment I would reach out for the pup. HUNCHED DOWN in the exact place. And WAITED.

Is that not deviousness? That is awesome deviousness. I could only stare down into his soft melty (and triumphant) gaze in proud momma admiration.

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Mo said...

LMAO that is too fabulous and funny.

Mary Stella said...

Dogs -- clever little manipulators, every last one of them, bless their furry selves.

Great story, Genn.

You know, a dog behaviorist would tell you that you're reinforcing Jiggly's dominance by letting him sleep on the bed. Top dog always gets the highest ground.

My girl Spaniel, Pyxi, has recently opted to steal more attention first thing in the morning by not eagerly leaving her crate to go outside when I get up in the morning. Instead, she wants to be coaxed and cajoled, preferably with treats.

I tried counter-conditioning for a few mornings, but her stubbornness outlasted my patience. Today when she ventured out far enough to greet me, I took her by the collar and more firmly urged her toward the door. Half way there, she knew the jig was up and went into fully prancy, happy pooch mode as if going out was her idea all along.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

OMG - I love Jiggle Low. What a smart, and yes, devious dog. I bet Pepe didn't know what hit him. However, Jiggle better watch out. I'm sure if he doesn't that one more time, Pepe will put the moves on Lilah. He is younger after all and while she is a pom, she just might turn into a cougar before Jiggle knows what hits him.

Love this.

alund said...

I suggest sending Jiggly's resume to COMCEN. I think Jed would hire him as COS Commando...or maybe not. When Jed's not looking, Jiggly will slip into bed with Hell, and the rest is history...Hell Low. LOL

Gennita said...

Heh, Mary, I know, I know. I spoil and enable Jiggy all the time but I don't mind, really, as long as he doesn't overdo it. E.g., for the first week, he wouldn't come out from under the bed because of Pepe's presence, and I had to sit and coaxed him for ten minutes at a time to get his love back. But a week of that was enough, LOL. The vacuum cleaner came next and he's afraid of it, and that cured him out from under the bed reeeeaaaal quick!

Also, I'm dealing with Pepe's little chewing problem right now, so one thing at a time :). But it is a new thing for me to have two alpha male dogs in the house. I'm used to my Alpha FEMALES ruling the house!

Gennita said...


Lilah is a bit meh about all these possessive males ;-). She's getting up there too so no pregnancy for her even though I would have loved some Lilah babes. It seems, my girls are all lesbians!!!!

Gennita said...

Alund, Hell Low! Oh, that's too funny!


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