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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Year End List of Recommended Books Pt. 1

I can't believe it's December already. Are you guys ready for the rush towards 2010?

I always like to look back at the past year around this time--what I've read, what I've done, significant events. When I used to keep a journal, I'd have these long-ass entries about the year, with side- and footnotes as I reread them in the following years. Sometimes I wish I kept up with the hobby, but what with writing for a living, doing blogs, tweeting and facebooking, I think the private journal has sort of gone out of style.

I mean, are we private about anything any more? :-P I know why writers do it--we like to share our thoughts in writing because you know, that's our thing, and we love the acknowledgement of our output. In fact, I'd say most writers need it because writing in public help us gather our ideas and give our Muse something to work with; we observe, opine, and when a light bulb comes on, we tell stories.

Which segues us to new stories I've read this year that are in my Top List ;-). I'm going to start with just five, and during the rest of the month, have a few more posts of fives titles. Here they are, in no particular order.

1) Magic Strikes--Ilona Andrews

Urban fantasy. Book 3 of the Kate Daniels series. This series is getting better and better and thank God Ilona hasn't sacrificed the romance/relationship. Sometimes I get frustrated with reading urban fantasy because I want more relationship and not gory supernatural murders, you know?

2) Pleasure and Purpose--Megan Hart

Fantasy erotic romance that reads like a historical. The worldbuilding is really cool and the three novellas in this anthology were riveting. Each sexual situation was different and because of the worldbuilding, the erotic elements worked very well with the romance (it's tough in erotic romance, imho, especially short stories).

3) Scandal--Carolyn Jewel

Historical. Her stories are always character-driven, very internal, and thus, very engaging for me. Sexy too, because the author takes her time.

4) Bone Crossed--Patricia Briggs

Another urban fantasy series that I follow. Mercedes the mechanic makes Gennita the roofer smile. And she is snarky without being overbearingly so. I like the werewolf politics in Briggs' world and every character is interesting. And Mercedes is kickass too, taking care of certain gory business and not needing much help, in spite of being surrounded by the alphaest of werewolves, and her being a small little coyote shifter who's just trying to stay out of trouble just adds to the fun.

5) Seducing Mr. Darcy--Gwyn Cready

Delightful historical/modern time travel! You guessed it--the heroine goes back to Mr. Darcy's time and yeah, there are some hottie-tottie moments with him that changed the text of the modern-day version. It's damn original and so much fun to read.

What about you? What have you read in 2009 that you'd like to recommend to other GLow readers?

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Eva / TXBookjunkie said...

I just recently discovered Ilona Andrews when I read "On the Edge". Promptly ran out afterwards to get her Kate Daniels series. Also recently discovered Marjorie M. Liu ("The Fire King") and Eloisa James ("A Duke of Her Own"). Really enjoyed "Deep Kiss of Winter" by Kresley Cole & Gena Showalter, and anything by Nalini Singh or Shelly Laurenston is a must-buy. And of course, I enjoyed "Virtually Hers" & can't wait to see the follow up.

Kim said...

Liked showalter, most of the genre I read last year was just ok (aside from vhers course) but happened to be asked for a recomendation for a friend and remembered the twentieth wife. It's historical fiction but it is very much a love story in mughal India. Not hot at all but very good.

Kim said...

Oo btw we get 2 dollhouses this week and the nex two wks
 Dec. 4: two episodes
Dec. 11: two episodes
Dec 18: two episodes
Jan 8: one episode
Jan 15: one episode
Jan 22: one episode (series finale)
sad but excited

Gennita said...

Kim, so these are two hour episodes on Friday? I'm sad they canceled the show :(. It was getting better and the plots were so layered. Too bad TV just don't let shows take time to develop its stories any more.

Kim said...

Not sure if it's two eps or one two hr episode.
Yeah been reading bunches of articles on that lately how DVD and other options plus economy are making it harder to give a show time. They gotta do well out of the blocks or they're hosed. Still I'm glad for the second season it was unexpected. And they prolly got word in time to tie off some storylines hopefully.

Gennita said...

HOLY DOLLHOUSE SMOKES! Those two episodes were beyond awesome. I can't even think--my mind is going round and round like a fish in a bowl. Joss Whedon is TV god.

Kim said...

Was not expecting the senator to be a doll and his wife a handler. Loved echo kicking the blinds ass, her voice was so annoying. Reading previews of Bennett I thought id hate her but the character was so quirky and complex,And totally insane. you're right on, joss is super brilliant. Actress did a great job with her too. and topher was cute with his fanboyness. And how disturbing, a puppet senator (yea I know not truly fiction) and for him to hear all that makes you successful isn't really you. Adel has really grown on me lol loved her ball twist hehheh. Oooo and LOVED victor and topher vic did an Outstanding job. oh and when he betrayed November wow this whole series is just scifi beauty. Conspiracy and betrayal -- good drama :). On a side note they did a great job with novembers hair for court. SighVery very bittersweet :-/ it's snowing here btw


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