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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Brainstorm With Me

So I'm set to reread the beginning and parts of Sleeping With The Agent. The Jed bits. Because, if you've read Virtually Hers, SWTA is part of the timeframe and you'll notice that Jed was delegating in those beginning chapters.

I'd like to read your thoughts on several things bouncing around in my head.

1) Jed's state of mind at the beginning when he came in for the meeting.

2) Jed's dependence on Nikki. Can you imagine a scene/convo between those two? ;-)

3) Let's hear your theories on sleeper tie-ins and end of Virtually Hers.

Come on, put your smart caps on and help me create a tight GLow world ;-).

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alund said...

This is a very interesting challenge. I searched the word "Jed" within SWTA in my Kindle and very few references in the book. When I reviewed each individual entry, Jed only speaks 2 - 3 times in the whole book! He basically left the planning of targeting Lilli to T and Nikki. Very subdued Jed, not the usually take charge guy. Apparently not compartmentalizing any longer.

alund said...

I know you didn't request it, but how about letting us know VOne what Alex had in mind when he told T. that they "have unfinished business".

Lisa W. said...

Oooh Jenn you're so good... I've never really thought about after reading VHers and the timeline going parallel with SWTA. I think Alund's theory is very intresting.

1.)I would think that Jed's head wasn't in his game at that time even though he is a master carpmentalizer. His worry for Hell would be overriding everything else and a alltime high at that moment.
2.)I think however that Jed does have a strong trust of Nikki and T having the ability to handle a situaiton without him and depends on Nikki especially then because he trusts her the most.
3.)I'll be honest. I'm stumped with number three. The "self induced" coma is what I'm curious about in the ending. I don't know if Hell is doing it to conserve energy to fight the other virtual agent or if she can not find her way back. Another thought I have is that the attacker is holding her hostage in her own mind? In any event I think that Jed will find a way to get her back plus Hell is strong. She will fight for all she's worth. I have confidence in her! ;-)

alund said...

Wow, I like Lisa W.'s theory. Can Jed remote view with Hell in a coma? I mean, her brain waves are still going strong and she is sleeping. If so, Jed can either kick the virtual sh**t out of the attacker or plant a trigger for the attacker to self destroy. Hmm....

Gennita said...

I'm enjoying this. Not going to add much for now since my mind is digesting your comments.


1) not SELF-induce coma. It's induced by Dr. Kirkland and team.

2) Jed's first scene in the bk is the fight with Alex. The emotions are coming out, yes?

3) Unfinished business with Alex--there might be room for a hint.

4) Alund--remember that all remote viewers, including Helen, felt some kind of discomfort/horror whenever a certain someone is near their remote-viewing focus. Ahem. I wonder why?

alund said...

When you say "all remote viewers", are you also including Hell's attacker? If he's included, oh boy, back to re-reading VHis & Hers.

Gennita said...


Re: VHers had several scenes when said RV bad guy was near our man. Don't you think there might be more than ONE reason why his first attempt to regain his "cache" from Hell failed? :)

VHIS had hints too. The Russian scientists, for example. And oh, Hell is at least a little bit Russian, isn't she? (evil grin)

SWTA had triggers, mind imprinting, and sleeper cells. Reed's reading material given to him by ???.

Thanks for making me gather the threads together!

alund said...

Okay Jenn. Been re-reading VHis & Hers. Jed, being the superman that he is, has some sort of force field that prevents remote viewers from getting near him. I wonder how he does it? Is it his forcefulness or some sort of COMCEN nifty protective device?

Also, since Jed can't remote view, he might need another remote viewer's help to aid him in getting Hell back. Armando, maybe???

Gennita said...

You hit on two very important points. The force field is rather interesting, isn't it? A bit like that energy alarm ring, maybe? And getting Armando to help in VR...hmm, I LIKE the idea! Maybe I can rewrite this scene, heh heh heh.

Gennita said...

And also, in case I hadn't mentioned or hinted it outside the book, Armando seems to absorb pain over pleasure. Hmm. Hmmmmmm.


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