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Monday, August 17, 2009

New World Order: No More Alpha Males!

This article from Women's Health Magazine says it all:

Dwindling Alpha Males

It's a long article but basically, it laments that alpha males are a dying species and the males of today aren't into "I am male, hear me roar and pound chest after hunting down a big buffalo for my woman and kids" thing much. In fact, they prefer to live with mom and dad, swill beer, play computer games, and generally, let the womenfolk worry about the money sitch.

And you know, I've sort of seen this trend the last decade or so, from my working with the kids looking for summer jobs. The girls consistently outworked the boys and the latter consistently end up dropping out of school. 'Tis sad, 'tis sad. There used to be some fun watching them grow into men, but not any more as the years went by.

Anyway, the article brings up the fact that women with marriage/relationship on their minds are having difficulty finding partners of comparable status. In days of yore, the dudes were the main wage-earners, but supposedly, in this new age, it's moving the opposite direction. Women are now the sugar-mamas.

What say you? What's that going to do with to our--gasp--romance stories! The take-charge billionaire will now be the bought love slave! The tough kickass female commando will rescue the himbo in distress! The two alpha females will fight to the death over the metrosexual hero!

'Tis sad, 'tis sad.

What would Number Nine say!?

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vince said...

I think there's a lot of validity in that article when you're talking about younger males.

Most of my life I've earned more money that the woman in my life, but not always. As for being a take-charge person, I can be, but it depends on the woman. Some have been very touchy about me making decisions involving them if they weren't very involved in the process (I'm not talking life decisions here, but things like should we see a certain play or movie, do things with friends, vacation plans - that type of stuff).

Other have been content to let me do much of the planning and decision-making, only requesting changes if they really objected to something or there was a scheduling conflict.

Most of my female friends are very clear about not needing or wanting a knight in shining armor. They all have good jobs, nice homes and skills with home repair and maintenance. They do want someone that will be supportive, isn't afraid of hard work and that has skills that complements those they have (and most have this kind of partner/husband).

And all of them would kick a whiny, lazy, beer-swilling, do-nothing male to the curb in no time flat.

LadyZannah said...

It's the fault of the feminist movement, men not too manly no more. Actually schools and other organizations have focused so much on helping girls "get ahead" that boys have been neglected and the result is alphas are pretty much gone. I read a book titled The Wonder of Boys and in it the author - Michael Gurian- talks about the male brain, testosterone, biology and culture. We as a culture have messed up our boys and the result is this generation of non-alphas. It sucks but we as a society are to blame.

Anonymous said...

Number Nine says, with a sardonic grin on his face, "hello Sugar Mama Gennita. After all, it is you who keeps me in the style I've become accustomed to throughout your books.

Gennita said...

Sometimes I think I'm beginning to sound "old" because I complain about the younger gen males quite a bit ;-), but heck, some of them are more girlie than me!

Hmm...Jed would whip these kids into shape!

Lisa W. said...

No, I like my men totally alpha! That's one of the wonderful things I love about my husband. I have NO problems with a man opening a door for me or paying for my food. ;-)
For me there is a difference with a man being in control of a situation on the behalf of a woman and being contolling. Having a man at the helm but at the same time still respects your opinion is not a bad thing.


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