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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So Many Chores!

I'm running around trying to get all my chores done before I drive the adventurous trail to D.C. for RWA on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to this trip, but I also worry about my furbabies, especially the two older ones who need their meds and special diets, etc. And of course, Bad Puppy is going to destroy something while I'm gone, no doubt about that! The only one I know will be okay is Sweet Lilah, who is easygoing and is a sweetheart. If I could take Bad Puppy with me, I would! He's such a spoilt possessive momma's boy, I'm already looking around at my piles of books with trepidation.

I started outlining certain scenes for Virtually One, the third book. I'm excited and want to talk about Jed and Helen. What questions do you have from Book One, Virtually His (I know, it's been a while and you might not remember) that you're looking forward to in Virtually Hers? Maybe I can give you hints? ;-) Maybe I can expand on certain scenes that had been on your mind. Maybe you think you know a secret I was hinting....ahem.

I've been thinking up ways to get y'all back into the story--points of discussion, fun facts, even background stories. Any suggestions? I do know that I'll have more excerpts available when the publishing date is closer. Some of you have read the first few chapters already, and hopefully will come out to attest that the first 100 pages are plenty, PLENTY hot because a certain virtual relationship is going to explode as it becomes more physical ;-).

So, let's hear what you're curious about in Virtually Hers. I'll have some fun giving you hints.

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LadyZannah said...

Well if you could please tell me what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the book, that would be great.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. I have so many questions! How much of the commandos are we going to see? Is Hell going to just fall for Silver Eyes right away? Will there be more virtual lurv? Those scenes are especially sexy to me!

Tressa said...

This is a good enough excuse for me to re-read the book this week. Then I can ask questions. I can't wait to see how they actually handle a "relationship" since apparently neither of them has ever had a real one.

Anonymous said...

Will we finally get Alex and T's full love story?

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
In the beginning, he..., in the middle, she..., and in the end, they.... ;-)

Gennita said...


You'll see all the commandos and there will be conversations between them and Hell, esp. Armando, Flyboy and Heath.

Hell and Silver Eyes start on the wrong foot but then got on the elevator. Yes, some virtual love will be there (they have to do their jobs!) but Hell and Jed will definitely get physical.

ELABORATION/HINTS: Part of the fun was trying to show Jed getting emotionally tangled yet still not able to quite there yet. How does a man who is famous for his ability to compartmentalize show he is...umm...falling in love?

Gennita said...


It's going to be a slow road because the man is so manipulative, you know. The relationship is odd, anyway, and it gets odder as the protagonists try to understand what's happening to them and each other. The interesting to me, though, is that they didn't fight it, nor did they panic. One of them is a bit analytical till...umm...later in the book ;-) and the other is a bit shell-shocked, intrigued, and of course, trying to hard to solve a puzzle ;-).

Gennita said...


Not in book 2. Alex and T have their own book written and my agent is trying to sell their story for me. But you'll see them in Virtually Hers and perhaps Virtually One. One crucial scene is in the elevator when COMCEN was spying on them (it's recorded in the COMCEN blog). I really love these two and hope to one day share their story with you. Have you read the first chapter I've posted of Diamond's and T's meeting?

Anonymous said...

How will that first real meeting be like? Love at first sight? I can't wait!

- Joy

Saly said...

Hee...I can't wait for Alex & T but for now it's Hell & Jed.
I was curious about Jed's past & do we get too see Nikki, Grace & Rick??

Gennita said...

The first meeting, physically? Well, needless to say, it'll be all about Hell giving Jed a little hell ;-).

Gennita said...

As VHis was Hell's book, VHers is Jed's, so you'll read quite a bit about Jed's past. You'll find an understanding about Jed through the "Conor" chapters ;-). Ahem. Is that too big of a hint?

No Rick in VHers, a mention about Nikki which surprised Jed, and he also finds out his daughter Grace might not be behaving herself again (also has her story sitting on an editor's desk, waiting...waiting...waiting...).

Leilani said...

Will we ever find out what happened to Patty and Cam???

Gennita said...

In VHers? Well...hmm...there's talk about them, but you might be more intrigued than satisfied.

kim said...

T's book is already done? wow, cool. When does Flyboy get a book?? :-D Very excited for the fall :)

Gennita said...

T's and Alex's story has been done years and years and years ago. ;-/ I thought it would sell as the second book after Into Danger but the editor rejected it and bought Facing Fear. As of today, T's and Alex's story needs to be revised to include elements from the other books but yes, the main story is there.

Lisa W. said...

Will VHers be where Jed and Hell finally "get together" so to speak or are you saving that for VOne?

I'm so excited! Can not wait for VHers! ;-)

Gennita said...


Oh yes, you will see Hell and Jed "get together." You'll even see them out on a date! Gasp!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you consider self publishing T and Alex's story if your agent is unsuccessful? How about self-publishing to Amazon's Kindle? I bought your books again for my Kindle and am re-reading all. Come on, I've been waiting for T and Alex, particularly after the Virtually Hers previews and "How they met" excerpt.


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