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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post #2: I Cannot Live Without Books

And RWA slakes my thirst, hunger, need...everything! ;-)

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Lisa W. said...

If this is your loot from going to RWA, you're giving me directions and when to be there next year b/c I'm going with you. :-) Lucky girl...

J. said...

This may sound incredibly stupid but I don't really know much about RWA or what happens there. Did you get the books for free or is it like a flea market for book lovers?

Gennita said...

J, RWA is the Romance Writers of America and members go to the annual convention held in different cities. It's similar to the Writer's Guild, but for romance writers. There's a national dues as well as a local chapter dues, if you're a member of a local chapter, and those attending the convention have to pay to attend plus accommodations and airfare. Non-members can also attend but the price is higher.

RWA has nine-ten thousand members and its writers are writing in the romance genre. You can read more about it at The books are free and are part of the perks for the attendees, who are there for workshops, publisher spotlights as well as author signings. It's an awesome experience, both for aspiring and published authors, because we get to hear all the latest news as well as rub shoulders with industry experts AND great authors we admire.

On Weds. nights, the start of the convention itself, is a BIG signing event, usually of 400-500 authors, that is opened to the public. The sales of the books are donated by publishers and authors towards literacy programs.

Next year's convention will be held in Nashville. Are you anywhere near? If so, do attend the Public Signing! It's a wonderful experience, esp. for the avid romance reader.

Hope the explanation answered your question! Not exactly a flea market, no ;-).

J. said...

Omgosh thank you for explaining it so well! That really helped clear up some ideas that were floating around in my head. RWA definitely sounds like something every romance reader must go to at least once in their life. Too bad Nashville is too far from me. I'll have to wait till something comes up closer.

So how did you manage to carry around all those books? I'm guessing a mini-suitcase/carry-on is a must?

Gennita said...

Most of us used to go with an extra suitcase in tow ;-) but since the airlines now charged for extra suitcases, I recommend using UPS or USPS, which is usually available at the hote. This can be expensive but the free books make up for it.

This year, I opted to drive all the way to DC, which explains my bigger than normal book goodies. I usually don't attend all the free signings or take every free book because there is simply no way to pack so many, but with a car this time, I didn't have to worry ;-). I picked up books that I know either I'd love or my friends back home would. Usually, I donate what I read to the library or give them as contest winnings on this very blog ;-).

I'm glad my explanation helped. There is another convention I attend that you might be interested in. It's a reader's convention called RT Convention, run by the Romantic Times Book Club magazine. It's going to be in Columbus, OH, next year. Have you heard of that one? It's very readers-focused, with lots of authors sponsoring parties to meet with readers and costume balls. Really fun, if you're an extrovert and like to dance. A great place to go with a bunch of friends!

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

My eyes welled up at all that loot. Goodness, I will try to make my way to Nashville next year. I'm itching for some info, interaction and books, books, books.

Glad you had a great time.


Gennita said...

You'll love RWA! Do try to go to Nashville!

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I've been a member for years - and it is a fabulous org to be apart of - but it's been years since I went to a conference.

This year I was doing a solo retreat in Maine. I would have traded the mosquitos for the books in a heartbeat.

Gennita said...

Try to go next year! The creative vibes generated give one so much energy. Also, Free Books. ;-)


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