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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Risque To Be Fifty Feet High?

This ad is the latest from Calvin Klein. It's causing quite a hullaballoo in NYC because, well, the ad is the size of a FIVE-STORY building, and people are saying that, unlike a TV channel or a magazine, they can't turn themselves, or their kids, away.

What do y'all think?

Sexy or tasteless?

The models look too androgynous and young for me but dang if it isn't a nice female fantasy to have three men all sated by you and only you, eh? ;-)

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Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Once again, thanks!!!! I have been so curious about this picture since Kelly Ripa complained about it. I think it's sexy, but I am an adult without kids who will ceaselessly ask me questions about it.

It certainly puts some tantalizing thoughts into a gal's head though.

jennyb said...

It seems to beg the question as to what they are trying to sell -
jeans or sex.

Jordan Summers said...

I think the girl is a little too skinny (okay bordering on sickly), but that's nothing new. It is racy, especially for the target demographic (ie teenagers). The picture screams 'why yes, it is okay for a girl to take on three boys'. *ggg* I personally don't have a problem with it, but like Deborah, I don't have kids. I can see why parents would find it disturbing, but then again, I'd probably use it as an excuse to create dialogue with my kids. (ie why do I find it disturbing? do you think it's real? should someone give the poor girl a sandwich? etc.)

kim said...

i think she was in my mall the other day suckin face with some dude in the food court :p

haven't heard any ranger buddy stories in a long time, hows he doin? still going to nursing school and tormenting erm i mean loving his wife?

Gennita said...

Well, Calvin K is famous for provocative ads, such as the one in the 80s of a young Brooke Shield's asking, "Do you know what comes between me and my Calvin Klein? Nothing."

This was probably to be provocative too but since we as a society are so innured by sexual come-ons, it has to be really, really, really over-the-top. A 50 foot picture of a woman with three young men ought to do it ;-).

Gennita said...


RB is doing great, getting As in his courses and making new friends who adore his sense of humor. I've omitted some stories because I didn't think the blog readers would enjoy knowing about dissection adventures. But he's really doing great (President's List!). Everyone's so proud of him.

Gennita said...

I might not have any kids, but heck, if I'm standing beside my nieces staring at that building, I'd still feel a little uncomfortable ;-). But I usually play the cool aunt roll really well, so I'd probably just say something funny, like those skinny boys need to work out.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I agree with Jordan - it can be a great segue into a "let's talk about sex" discussion with your kids. The people in the pictures look like teenagers, so even though it a jeans ad (or so we think) we can certainly take the time for an open dialogue.

Ferah said...

Tacky. Tawdry. Tasteless. Today's alliteration was brought to you by the letter "T".

Concur that this is an excellent opportunity to discuss various issues with the young 'uns.

Andrea said...

Wow. I have to say, it's hot.

But it's also way too risque for a billboard. I mean, sure it's a good thing to start people talking about sex with their kids. But that doesn't mean people will.

Also, it seems like something parents should volunteer to expose their children to, not something the kids should see and then later have to bring up. It just seems like it's too much a possibility of opening doors some parents don't want their kids to cross, yet. And a billboard is a really hard thing to keep away from. You can block tv channels and not let them see movies, but walk down a street? Harder to do.

LadyZannah said...

Hmmmm, well if the guys were triplets then it would be interesting. But seriously, I avoid that add as much as possible when my kids are with me. And the girl does need to gain some weight.

Gennita said...

Lady Z,
First, how do you know these guys aren't triplets? :-) And second, why would that make any difference?

Let's you and I forcefeed this girl!

LadyZannah said...

with her triplets wouldn't make any difference whatsoever, but if it was me.......

vanessa jaye said...

I caught a news blip on this a couple of days ago. It's provocative, but I don't kmow if I'd call it sexy.

Maybe I've been watching too much Tyra and 20/20, but it sort of smacks of the impersonal/casual ways many teens approach sex these days, and in particular the way girls let themselves be used as interchangable sexual objects. Sorry to be such a downer. lol.

Yeah, I'm a mom of a 21yr male, but honestly the pic would have been far sexier without the slightly skeezy undertone if it was just the girl and the guy she's lying on, with *maybe* the other guy she's kissing at the other end of the sofa playing (sucking?) on her toes. That would be enough.

As it is now, having the guy on the floor (about to do god knows what, and not looking at anyone else in the pic, nor them looking at it) it all just smphasizes the feeling of disconnection that permates the whole tableau.

I'll shup-up now....

Gennita said...

Yes, the Informational Generation has become the Disconnected Generation, imo. Many of them don't know how to communicate, which is ironic.


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