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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half Year Mark Already!

Holy cowabunga, what happened to the time?! Did you accomplish your half-year mark goal(s)?

So far, I haven't done too badly:

1) I released a book, albeit through myself
2) I found a publisher who loves Virtually Hers and Virtually One
3) Virtually Hers is coming out THIS YEAR, e-book format in early Oct.

I didn't read as many books as I wanted to, but I reread a bunch of goodies.

The best book, for me, at this mid-point is Illona Andrews' MAGIC STRIKES, hands down. I just love Curran and the growing relationship between Kate and him. And the fabulous worldbuilding!

I also highly recommend Patricia Briggs' BONE CROSSED, fourth in the Mercedes series. These stories are getting soooo good, but this book is in hard cover and I can't afford any this year. Fortunately, I received this for Valentine's Day ;-).

On my first day after VHERS edits, I went to the bookstore to reward myself. I was sooo happy to find Marjorie Liu's Darkness Calls, the second book in her Maxine Kiss urban fantasy series. I've been waiting for this book because I wanted to read more about Maxine and Grant. For those who want to read an urban fantasy without werewolves and shapeshifting animals, I recommend this series. It features a demon huntress with very unusual tattoos/protectors. Book One wasn't heavy on the relationship stuff, but I trust Marjorie to give me more ;-).

What about your recommended Midyear Best Book? What are you reading right now?

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Saly said...

I guess I have accomplished a lot in terms of reading, also I cleared my exams very successfully too.
I'd like to highly recommend new Romantic Suspense author Christy Reece. I finished her Last Chance Rescue trilogy & really liked it.
Shattered by JoAnn Ross was pretty good too. Also really liked Larrisa Ione's Demonica books.

In the latter half of the year I am waiting for Fang's book by SK & VHERS.:)

Anonymous said...

I just finished Megan Harts "Deeper" I really liked this one and I also want to recommend "Time Travelers Wife" that really got my heart going. Oh ya also read "Kissing Midnight" very HOT! Carrie

Weekly said...

It's not a romance (though I hope the next book will have one) but I liked Patricia Wrede's Thirteenth Child. Not a wham-bang plot book, but a quiet, nice coming-of-age story set in an alternate America with magic and scary beasts

LadyZannah said...

So far this year I just been picking up books here and there to fill the void. I did get to read Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day and it was ok. The story was very different from what I expected so in a way it dissapointed but on the other hand more questions were answered about that Atlantean realm she created and it was ok.
Next month there will be books by Kenyon, another by Day, Patricia Briggs has a book and a Mercy Thompson graphic novel AND Kate Angell will have a new baseball romance book. Fun, fun, fun.
Now I have to strap down and begin Christmas shopping, it always costs me an arm and a leg thus I must start early.

kim said...

congrats :) did you know you can write romance novels in sims 3? lol of the six types of books you can write they generate the most money too.

Aside from work books, started reading your friend marjorie liu's tiger eye series, and the "game" books by christine feehan. i like them, kind of scifi, but i miss yours the most!


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