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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Contest: Free Books & Calendar

Do you remember, a week before RT, I had a contest to give away a copy of Virtually Hers because I was going to make it available at RT Con?

Well, that contest couldn't continue because Angela James, executive editor from Samhaim, wanted to read the manuscript. So anyway, now that I'm back in town and almost caught up with daily life, I'm reopening that contest but with a different prize.

I had these wonderful books and a calendar from RT to give away all ready for photographing. Notice the word HAD. The Bad Puppy aka Alpha Male In The Doghouse chewed three of them up. As in gnawed. And viciously mangled. The pretty covers, especially. The calendar had gotten his special marking technique--a dollop of puppy hate.


Anyway, I do have another copy (or two), thank goodness, of the calendar and as you can see below, Bad Puppy just hates nice pics ;-). Because that's the page he left his marking on in the destroyed calendar.

I haven't decided which new books (unfortunately, they wouldn't be the first bunch of books) will be included with the calendar but they will be just-as-fantastic books I've gotten from the conference--paranormal, suspense, contemporary--every genre to suit your mood!

So, here's my replacement contest for the original Virtually Hers one. VHers, as you know, has been accepted by Samhaim, but the contract stuff isn't done, so I have no news about publication dates, etc. All I know is what Ms. James told me: probably Fall 09 for e-book format and print format next year.

Interested in calendar and books? Here's what you need to do:

1) Write a post here to Angela James, my new editor.
2) Tell her why you love Jed and are looking forward to Virtually Hers and Virtually One.

Why? Because I want my editor to know how much readers want the books, that's why ;-). And because it's simpler than showing her all your hundreds of emails that I've kept, asking for the Virtual series. I can just ask her to look at this post! ;-)

You have till this coming Friday. I promise to hang the calendar on the wall far, far away from the reach of a certain Alpha Male in the Doghouse.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Mo said...

Jenn, we leave our comment here? That I can do. If not, let me know where and it's done.

Dear Ms. James,

My introduction to Jenn was Virtually His. I picked it up and was instantly hooked. Among all the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of "heros" I've read about, he is the first in a long, long time to really feel real. He's not a carbon copy, cookie cutter hero and that is one of the great things about him. Jed, well, Jed has a very special place in my heart because I connect with him emotionally in a way that is very rare. I've often told Jenn that he likes to talk to me too. :) I remember picking up VHis in July or August 2007. Virtually His was due out in December of that year and I was sure I would never make it to that December, dying to know the next part of the story. It's 2009 now, and I've waited a long time to read the next part.

Please, let Jed have his story told. He deserves it more than most.

Oh, and on a lighter note - please do it for my husband, because he just might gag me or rip off his ears if I don't shut up about Jed. ;)

LadyZannah said...

This WILL be hard, or maybe not so much....
Dear Ms James;
I DO NOT like Jed, HOWEVER, I love Helen and the other characters in COS command. Jed gets on my nerves like my big brother does. He is very manipulative and arrogant and loves to meddle in everyone's life, no other author has managed to create a character that makes me fume like Jed does. He is just like an annoying big brother and although I wouldn't mind punching his lights out, I would love to see his story played until the end.
I love this series because it is different from others out there, there is intrigue and lots of action and the romance is a bit unconventional. I have read Virtually His several times and each time is just like the first time. I have been patiently waiting for Virtually Hers because Helen in an awesome lady, she is tough and smart and has conquered a world of men. Jed might be Mr Head Honcho but Helen has him wrapped around her little finger. It would be a shame not to have the whole story told.
Jed must fall!

Saly said...

I have never done this before, so I hope I do it right.:)

Dear Ms. James.
Jenn is a wonderful author & I love all her books. Her heroes are real bad & we just love them.
Me & her legions of fans have been waiting for Virtually Her's like real mad especially coz we want Hell to bring Jed to his kness (*ahem* & I don't mean that in a naughty way)*winks*.
Jed has had me hooked since Nikki's book. His mind is a real intriguing place & well he has this ice cold persona which I'd love to see Hell see crack.(as well as his face too);)
I love the whole COS world especially Alex & T, Flyboy & just about everything even Eight Ball.
Virtually series is real different. I read all of Jenn's books before but put off reading this one for later coz I thought I won't understand it, it'll be all technical etc but I was soo wrong now it's my fav. book after Facing Fear that is.
I love the fact that the romance is not all side-lined which is the case in many romantic suspense books.
So, please let Jed have his story & his come-uppence for tricking Hell.:)

Britbonsai said...

Hello - have dropped by via Twitter.
I'm not posting to win any prizes - other than getting VHers out in print - as the cost of posting books/calendar would probably be prohibitive ;o)

Dear Ms James,
I have all of Jenn's books available in e-book format, but have refrained from reading Virtually His as I understood there was to be a sequel.
I've always believed Virtually Hers would eventually be published. One way or another.
Thank you for proving my faith has not been in vain.
Jenn is too good an author and has too loyal a fan base to be kept in the sidelines. The proof thereof is that I'm writing you from the UK in the wee hours of the morning (or night) to add my voice.
E-books are my main format of reading material, so I'm really, really , really looking forward to doing my happy dance in Fall 09 when I can finally read both books in sequence.
And Virtually One? Dare I even hope?
Oh yes, please...

Leslie said...

Oh, I want the calendar! And am very happy that VHers is coming out! Here's my letter to Angela James:

Dear Miss James,
Thank you finally giving the readers VHers and VOne! I've been waiting for the second book - patiently, for two years now - and have reread VHis at least six times. I really, really, really want Jed's and Hell's story. I liked the idea that the Virtual series was going to be like Robb's Eve and Roarke futuristic couple because I saw so many possible techy things and growth in Jed's and Hell's relationship. Oh, to have Jed in a series. Yum. Oh yum.

So thank you, Miss James, for returning Jed into my life. He's Gennita's unforgettable male lead.

Caralovable said...

Forgive me if I get carried away

Dear, Ms. James

Jenn is NOT an amazing author as Saly mentioned. She is the BEST , the MOST AMAZING author is the whole entire planet. No, scratch that. She the best author in the whole entire Universe (along with Dan Brown). The first time I read Virtually Hers I fell in love with the characters (but I really fell in love with Killian in BBW, not that you need to know that). You see, at first I thought that Flyboy was "you know who" and even when I finished the book "you know who" still remained a mystery to me, thus I strongly urge you to publish Virtually Hers as soon as possible , so we don't have to suffer for the rest of our lives thinking about what would have happened between "you know who" and Helen.

I am also about to tell you a very tragic story about myself that I haven't told anyone. You see, I am a poor country teenage girl who is victim of cancer. I live in Canada, and I am about to die very soon. So I request from you to publish Virtually Hers this year as my last wish. Please do this for me before I die. Jed and Helen are very important to me and I would feel very fulfilled if I read Virtually Hers as my last wish. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

to ms james
thanks for publishing the book it has been a long time. i read the first book and the second will be great . the calender looks hot

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Dear Ms. James:

I have read thousands of books in my 25 years of romance, but when I wanted something . . . different, something to intrigue me, something to dance my mind and imagination with new people, situations, words, ideas and a depth of sensuality that makes me shiver, I stumbled upon Gennita Low. It was one of the best reading moments to happen to me in a long, long time.

Gennita not only captured my imagination, she captured a life long fan. I have patiently waited for her new releases and while I have waited, I have been gifted with the joy of her blog where she shares her insights, humor and herself. This has solidified her magnificence in being a quintessential storyteller and fan of the written word. For me, she is equal to my favorites – Karen Marie Moning, Jude Deveraux, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Lisa Jackson -in that she makes me read slowly so that I can savor each and every word.

I thank you for saying yes to publishing the V’s so that Gennita can continue her amazing career and I can continue to cherish her books.

Thank you, Deb

Caroline said...

Dear Ms Angela James,

I'm so excited Virtually Hers and One are coming out through SAMHAIM. I buy e-books all the time and it'll be great to be able to read my Jed soon.

Yes, my Jed. He's mine! I love Jed the moment he appeared in Facing Fear and I've followed Gennita Low's series all these years just to see him show up. Well, for the stories too, but it's also mainly Jed. I want more Jed all the time!

So thank you, Samhaim, and Miss James, because my birthday is in fall!

Lisa W. said...

You know, as much as I would love to win a prize, I would love to have this series continued by one Ms. Gennita Low much more.
I stared reading Jenn's books with VHis first in 2007. The cover of VHis intrigued me and the synopsis on the back of the book did it for me even more. Once I read this book I was hooked. I was actally compelled to backtracked and pick up the first five books she has out previous to this one just so I could get more of her stories and get the full story. I can tell you multiple reasons as to why I want Jed and Hell's story to continue and for selfish reasons I would love to have these last two books of this love story in my hands as soon as possible. But more than that, there is one absolute that I will tell is that Gennita Low is one of the most tallented writers I've ever had the privledge to read a story by. Her stories and characters are not A-typical. They aren't always conventional. It's what makes them so lovely to read. You can always count on Jenn to have a story within a story. The well runs deep. I appreciate her tallent and her mind is astounding to me as to how it works. She keeps me running 90 to nothing when reading one of her stories. This is why Jed is a character that I love to read. She's molded him perfectly and made all of us females adore him. (Except for Cleo which we all know she has a closet crush on him.) Ha! Ha! ;-D

Thank you for considering Jenn and this series (and hopefully many more). It would have been a shame not to have released it. You have given us all a new heartbeat. Especially Jenn. She deserves it.

tinlizzy said...

Dear Ms. James,

My intro to Jenn was in the middle of her series. I did not read them in order the first time, but the second time I did. Now I understand her world! I agree with a few others that he needs to meet his match, and Helen is it! Nothing like turning the tables and we would all love to see if happen. Gennita Low is one of my top five favorites, and I have everything she's written. I may loan them out to get others hooked, but they always come back to me so I can revisit her GLOW world. It's someplace I like to visit again and again.
Oh yeah, and he's hot, hot, hot.

WK said...

Hi Jenn! Great image.LOL

Dear Ms. James,
First let me say I am a reviewer and a blog owner, and I have followed and loved Jenn since her first book. I had the great honor of reading/reviewing Virtually His and loved the book. The cover was outstanding, but more than there were the characters, the emotions, the steam and the action. Hell and Jed are special characters that VH allowed us to watch more closely and to become even more attached to. I found the techincal information Jenn wrote about intriguing and believable and that with connected with the "Super Spy" just made the story so much more than a simple "love story". It was deeply engaging, and even this long after having read the story, scenes will come back to me and make me smile, laugh out loud, or want to hit Jed at times. When an author can pull emotions from me, especially long after the story has been read, I want more from them. I have waited eagerly for the continuation of this series and can't wait to see how things will go for these characters. Not only Jed but Hell as well are more like friends you are eager to see again and learn what life has given then while we've been apart. I do hope you will get this series to press quickly and allow me to once again visit with these characters and be "a part" of their story.


kim said...

Ms. James

I didn't read the first three books Jenn wrote until much later. I stumbled across The Protector on accident but she had me hooked. I remember reading some of my mother's romance novels from the 80s and thinking how horrible they were with boring rich men and boring husband-hunting women prone to fainting. Here, to my shock, was an adventure where the female saw as much of the action as the guy, hell yea I said (is that ok to write? ;). Virtually His was even better, in spite of Jed's overbearing nature (sorry Jenn I have never liked him, wish she was with Flyboy) I loved the book, especially that the chick was the lead super soldier spy person. Unfortunately this small glitch in publishing has left us all hangin' without the ending... until now. So let it be known that we all very much appreciate your rescue and our ability to read the rest of the series and hopefully many more books from our favorite author.


Anonymous said...


Cher Easterling said...

Dear Ms. James
I joined a book service almost two years ago. They sent me Virtually His along with others as an introduction to the club. I later cancel but kept the books. I just recently pulled out Virtually His and read it. I couldn't put it down till I was finished. I was kicking myself for not reading it sooner. So imagine my shock when I couldn't find Virtually Hers; which was due out last year. I have to know Jed story. Every man has a weakness and I need to know his. I let two of my girlfriends read and they are so mad at me because I don't have the next part.
So help three fortyish young ladies out. Thanks


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