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Thursday, April 23, 2009

RT Day Two

First, wahhhh, I have no photos to show off. The Alpha Male broke my camera before my trip, so I didn't have one with me for most of the day. I did buy one much later but you know me and technology--it takes a while before anything techy becomes my friend--so I'm still figuring out a few things about it. Hopefully, everything will work out today and I'll be able to download files.

The weather was glorious! Mid-80s and very little humidity. The hotel is designed to look like townhouses with pools/bars/nature trails around it. It's very pretty and takes away the hotel feeling but it's not conducive to a convention atmosphere. Everything is spread out and I don't enjoy walking on heels all the way to the main area for the workshops, etc. Oh, for the convenience of elevators taking you and books back to the room for a nap! No such thing here. Luckily for me, I have my little sporty car ;-).

Yes, yes, I'm the envy of the crowd because of one thing. The car. Everyone wants a ride back to their bungalow after a night of dancing.

I enjoyed my turn at moderating a workshop. It takes more than just standing there and introducing one's panel, especially if there are some big names involved. Many readers are drawn to the more popular panelists and this sometimes change the whole dynamic of the discussion into a one-woman/man-show, and it's the moderator's job not to allow that to happen. I've witnessed this before, when the moderator hadn't done her job and never liked it, so during my workshops, I made sure all my panelists had equal time. Let me tell you, it's NOT easy ;-) because one has to learn the art of interruption, but not too obviously. And of course, the roofer in me has never done the "not too obviously" part very well, LOL.

Little tidbits of fun and gossip:

1) Three different pool areas with bars and working hot tubs! Guess what I'll be doing come one of these midnights?

2) Overheard someone yelling in the bar: "Nothing stays in my mouth that long." Ahem. Turned a few heads there.

3) Had the best time dancing with Lauren Dane and Megan Hart. Drank with Samantha Kane. Hugged the wonderful Anya Bast and her husband. Chit-chatted with Olivia Gates. Stared at costumes, some of which looked more cave men era than jungle. Oh, 80s leopard prints, there you are.

However, there was a stubbly man dressed up in a French maid's costume at the Jungle-themed party last night, complete with fishnet stockings. That was so strange among the "George in the Jungle" and straw skirts look. Umm. Dude. When they say "jungle," it's not a description of your apartment.

4) Oh! I found out I was given a spotlight in June's issue of Romantic Times magazine! If you received it by mail, it's on pg. 25. The article asks authors who have unfinished series to give a summary of the missing ending. I talked about Virtually Hers and Virtually One, giving details of His Jedness and Hell. Cool to see it in this issue because it's given out free to the attendees here, so I might pick up a few new readers.

5) There is a rooster in the convention. I have no idea why. I've seen pics of it hanging out in other people's arms. So. Strange.

6) I heard the Ellora's Cavemen weren't allow to strip down to their usual bikini bottoms this year. They had to wear boxers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I find that incredibly funny for some reason. I'm going to have to find a photo of that to show to you guys.

7) Bumped into Jason Santiago, Mr. Romance 2006 and Rodney, Mr. Romance 2007 and we had a good time just yakking. It's always interesting to hear what the guys have been up to, especially with their romance cover gig. I like seeing my friends on covers, so I try to catch the book titles they're featured on. Rodney is fun because he would re-enact a pose wherever he might be--by the pool, next to the bushes, in a miniature golf course, etc., and it always cracks me up how he would go from all jokey and haha-clowning to a rutting, enamored stud in need of his woman in a flash while holding the pool stick or golf club.

8) Overheard in a party-->
Author Barry Eisler to RT Virgin Robert Gregory Browne: Whatever happens in RT stays in RT
Robert: **gulp.
Cherie (my Australian buddy baby): No, no, it's "Whatever happens in RT stays in RT and on the Internet." Here have some chocolate penises.

Okay, I have to get dressed and do the authorly thing now. I'm also meeting the editor who just READ VIRTUALLY HERS. When we bumped into each other last night at 1am, she said: "I'm not going to tell you what I think till our meeting tomorrow. Will that keep you up all night?" Editors. Evil and twisted. I like her already ;-).

Wish me luck on the meeting and the camera. I have to get a pic of their rooster.


Later, dudes.

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kim said...

eromg omg omg!!! oh fingers totally crossed!!! :-D she had to have liked it!

Kathleen Dante said...

MG, does that Evil Editor comment sound promising to you? It sure does to me!


Sarah said...

A rooster? Dude, that is too weird.


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