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Thursday, April 30, 2009

RT Book Fair Pics

That was one super busy signing for me. So many booksellers and readers came up to me asking for Virtually Hers and Jed! I was really touched by all the encouragement as well as excitement that the Virtual series has found a new home. You know, after what happened last year, a little bit of my writing spirit died, but this convention has given me back my groove. Part of the reason was knowing that so many of you came looking for me to ask about my books.

Thank you to those of you who drop by my table to get Big Bad Wolf and all the other books. Thank you especially for asking about Virtually Hers and Virtually One because THAT makes me know that Jed and Hell's books are wanted. Thank you for letting me share my good news with you.

Here are some pics from the signing. I have more coming from friends, so hopefully I can pose them another time.

Mr. Romance Contestant and a future Mr. Romance. I thought they looked cute.

RT Virgin Robert Gregory Browne signed his "least scariest" book for me.

Added another Barry Eisler book to my collection.

Very excited I got to meet the great Piers Anthony

Didn't get to hang out with my very good buddy Liz Maverick but I managed to zoom in during her signing. Love her books. BUY.

On a baby. Soooo cute.

Mark Henry wants to eat some brains

Ilona Andrews. When taking pics with her, watch for sneaky rabbit ears on you.

J.A. Konrath. He of the many faces. Very funny man.

And here's me. BBW was a popular book! The next most popular one--Facing Fear. I think there was only one copy of that left. The best part was having readers who attended the romantic suspense panel I moderated came by to pick up my books because they enjoyed my discussion. Yay me!


Met many, many more authors and a good time was had by all. The noise level of that place was incredible. My bookseller friend brought some of her customers along and boy, were they in heaven. Such excitement at seeing so many authors and books ;-).

I scored two boxes of books at RT. Will I have time to read them? Only if I clone myself several times. What are you girls reading now? Maybe I can look in my pile of new books and put them on top for my next read.

Next: Vampire Ball, Musical Chairs like you've never seen, and Mr. Romance contest pics.

That's it for now. I must to bed (been writing) because in 3's time for the hellacious commute to and from work.

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Mo said...

Oooh, Liz Maverick. I might have to look her up if she comes to DC this July, well her and Lauren Dane at the very least. ;)

J. said...

I just finished Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood. I really liked it! Can't wait to see more pics from the convention!

Leiha said...

That's wonderful that so many people went up to you! I can't wait to get my hands on your books either. Hopefully this will show the publishers what they are missing.

Su-hura said...

I'm so glad the convention got you back into the groove!! I think it's fabulous that the Virtual series has a new home!

You look great in your pics! I'm soooo jealous that you got to meet Piers Anthony. He was one of the first fantasy authors I read in my early teens. *sigh*

Lisa W. said...

I'm so happy you're happy and the world is right for you Jenn! I'm also happy that Jed and Hell's story can now be told and they have a new home.
Now get to work! I must have Jed. **Hugs** ;-D

Gennita said...

Yes, you have to meet Liz!


I enjoyed Nalini's new book too. She'll be at the RWA conference, I think, and I want her to autograph my copy!


Leiha and Su,
My wild crazy Asian sammich girls, you TOTALLY MISSED a great party ;). I know you would have had a great time jumping on Spartans.


Yes. Must write this weekend. Must.


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