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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Sound Of Silence

I read that Asus has decided to discontinue their 8.9 inch eee netbook, keeping only the 10 inch one. So they're on sale now for $270, which is $80 cheaper than the sale price during Christmas. I'm soooo tempted. You don't get a 4 GB mini netbook with wireless at that price everyday, you know. And with Windows XP too! Personally I prefer the larger keyboard one but at $270, I know I can learn to adjust. Anyway, thinking about it....

Not that I can do much shopping these days, what with my dawn to dusk hours on the road and roof. By the time I get back home, I'm lucky if I could grab a few hours of food and relaxation (and writing!) before crawling to bed. Sometimes I'm too tired to cook so I fall asleep without supper and wake up growling like a bear in the morning.

Needless to say, I'm trying to find as many minutes in the day to try to get my writing done. I thought I could do it on the ride to and from work, but man, the driver likes his music at concert-level volume. This dude doesn't like silence at all. I've never seen anyone so in need of noise/sound. He talks/chatters at the traffic when there's a lull in conversation and of course, there's the ever-present music that continues from the radio on the roof during the entire day. To drown the voices, in his head, he told me. Yeah, it's drowning mine too, buddy.

When I get home, ahhhhhhh! Blessed silence. I just don't understand the fear of being quiet. I like the voices in my head. I'm very comfortable with thinking and not talking for hours. This man would turn up the music the moment he sees me take out a book--not to annoy me, because he's an okay guy--but because he knows that there will be quiet coming and I could tell he's just not comfortable with silence at all.

Have you ever been out listening to noise/music all day and realize how tired your mind was when you're finally alone, away from it? Are you comfortable with being by yourself, with nothing but your own thoughts? Or must you have some kind of background hum?

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Lisa W. said...

Jenn, I do this everyday while commuting to work and coming back home. I have about a 30 minute drive to and from work so I get one blessed hour a day of utter silence. It's my "decompression" time. I love my music but I've found I really don't miss it all and just sit and drive peacefully home. When I get home after that, it's a different story! LOL!

Ita said...

One word: EARPLUGS!!

My computer is in 5 feet from the TV which my husband watches all the time. The noise drives me nuts (I'm not a TV watcher). So I use earplugs.

J. said...

I think it depends on my mood. Sometimes I can love noise, like a busy coffee house or mall. Most of the time though, after a long tiring day I love silence. I can actually hear myself think and my thoughts don't get jumbled or cut off. Sometimes when I read, I like to have music on but there are certain days where I just like it to be super quiet with me and my book.

LadyZannah said...

meditation is awesome after listening to all sorts of sounds/noise during the day.

Mo said...

LOL - I am way too comfortable with the voices in my head. ;) I've never needed silence for the voices in my head. They are my escape from the noise and I can do it anywhere. But, I do like quiet time. I've had to make adjustments since hubby came along and now when he is not there, it is too quiet sometimes. But, it's not like we need to talk when he is there, either.

Gennita said...

Driving home from the work compound, I refuse to turn on the radio these days because I've been drowned by music all day long. It's soothing to hear nothing in my truck!

It's actually difficult to do that. I've been working on getting the men comfortable with having a woman among them. To pull out the earplugs right now would make me feel like I'm giving them the finger ;-/. If I know them better, yeah, definitely I would do that.

Kathleen Dante said...

I break out the music if the sounds are too distracting: noisy neighbors, someone's radio is blasting a "talk" show or slow music that puts the muse to sleep. Fast music helps me get into the Zone. =)


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