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Monday, March 30, 2009

Dollhouse Episodes 6 & 7

Hey, someone emailed and asked where my Friday Dollhouse post was. I didn't know anyone was interested in those mini thoughts ;-).

Let's see. I'm still watching because His Geniusness, Joss Whedon, has hooked me with Episode 6. He'd promised that that particular episode was untampered by any Wolfram and HartFox Execs, and the pacing definitely picked up with Echo and Paul Ballard finally connecting. Kewl Buffy-esque fight scene between them as Echo was programmed to be an assassin.

Loved, loved the scene where Melly of the Melons turned deadly. And Paul has his confirmation that the Dollhouse did exist (on a shallow note...Paul can be my nekkid neighbor any time, 'kay?).

This week was a complete turnabout from that serious Dollhouse vs Paul/documentary to a funny (but with serious implications) episode. It wasn't perfect but I enjoyed Adelle de Witt and Topher getting high together. That was pure Whedon humor, especially Topher's telling his superior, Adelle, "You haven't seen my drawer of inappropriate starches." OMG. I wanted that line for my own. And Adelle's, in her drunken Brit accent, "Indomitable! Oooh. I can eat that word."

The twist with the Dolls getting some of their memories back...that one had a bit of a plot hole problem for me. The explanation for their "dollness," the way I understood it, is that their mind/memories were wiped and they are essentially blank slates. Meaning, there are NO memories in there to get flashbacks of, so the drug shouldn't affect the memory compartment of their brains the way it was portrayed.

As for Echo--the show is hinting that she is still different from the others because she was having flashbacks without ever coming in contact with the drug. The sight of the uni on TV started her recollection. So I'm still thinking that there is something special about Echo.

Her flashbacks of her previous (real) life explained a lot about how she ended up at the Dollhouse, so Whedon is doing his job in making me root for her "self" to come back. I'm now wondering whether Alpha is her presumed-dead boyfriend? She was also on the run for two years before Adelle found her--what was she doing? Joss is still reeling me in ;-).

Next week looks kick-ass as the main characters wake up with their memories intact. I keep wondering how this series is going to keep going if by next week we're getting a mini rebellion. Or maybe it's just another mind-imprint by Dollhouse to test their dolls???? Ooooh! Or maybe we're going to get Joss' version of Prison Break, heh.

There you go. Happy now, Casee?

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Casee said...

Yes, I'm very happy. LOL

Loved, loved the scene where Melly of the Melons turned deadly.

Was I the only one that was surprised by this? I probably shouldn't have been, but I totally was.

I luuu-huuuved the fight scene between Paul and Echo. Episode 6 did it for me, too. Pulled me in. I'm not surprised.

I can't wait until Friday. Echo is going to kick some ass.

Who do you think sent Echo/Caroline's picture to Paul?

kim said...

if the majority of them wanted in to begin with, would they not perhaps choose to stay and continue the work for the big payoff in the end even if they got their memory back? you still have the paul searching plot, and he could always pull an alias and just expand things completely (first few seasons she was trying to figure out where she worked, then she did and it expanded to figure out bigger baddies) there is a much bigger structure to the dollhouse, other dollhouses (or at least the implication of such on the site wiki) that has yet to be explored. I bet eventually we have echo/caroline and paul working together unofficially. sorry meant to say thanks for the dollhouse update :-D

Gennita said...


I think that's Alpha. Alpha's identity is a bit more mysterious.

Gennita said...


No, it's nice to have you guys tell me your thoughts about Dollhouse. I like your theories, that Echo and Paul might work together if there is a future season. The way it's going, it seems like Dollhouse might be destroyed by Alpha by the end of this season! I guess Whedon is afraid it might be canceled by Fox, who isn't good with giving time to good potential. But then, they've nurtured the Sarah Connors Chronicles, which I love.

Casee said...

Well, duh. See what I mean about having to get hit over the head with the obvious? LOL


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