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Friday, February 20, 2009

Dollhouse: Uber Icky?

So any of you watching Joss Whedon's newest baby, Dollhouse, on Fox? I worship at the Whedon altar. The pilot last week left me a bit uncomfortable, using imprintment (hey, familiar concept!) on blank minds to create whatever the customer wants. The first situation suggests that the "active" from the Dollhouse, Echo (Eliza Dushku), has been paid to be a pleasure fun- and fast-loving weekend companion. Umm...yeah, I was thinking high class prostitute.

Tonight's episode was action-packed but it still reminded me of the same thing--girl bought by a client to be imprinted to please him, even though it isn't about pleasure, more of a hunt-or-be-hunted game. Wonder what the Great Josh has in mind to make the characters more sympathetic to me.

I'm sticking to this show for a few more episodes. The premise, like I said, isn't very appealing and might be a hot button issue for many women, but this is Joss Whedon, the creator of kick-ass females who are ultimately special as they find their place in the world. So I'm going to trust him a bit longer.

If you caught the pilot and this week's episode, your thoughts?

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meljean brook said...

I also worship, and I am also having problems with the setup feeling icky. I am also not convinced that Dushku can carry the show with so many personalities. I like her as an actress, but she doesn't work as well for me as a lead.

But maybe I'll be wrong and I'll be surprised. I hope I am.

I wonder if my disappointment is sharper just because it IS Whedon (and my expectations were higher).

Gennita said...

Dushku is only interesting when she is angry and angsty, like Faith. Not sure whether I like her chirpy and starry-eyed, especially when they make her say gushing things about EVERY client they made her sleep with (disgusting thought). But the concept of her slow awakening is intriguing and promising, especially if she turns deadly and avengeous, like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. That would be awesome, to be hunted by actives and she has all these composite personalities in her to help her fight back.

Ummm yeah, I've been playing with this world in my mind ;-). Bad Jenn.

meljean brook said...

I like that avenging and pulling on her personalities idea, but if that is the case, I think he started in the wrong place ... and the pilot should have been the 'awakening' so that flashbacks to these types of scenarios would give us the reason to root for her.

But to go through the scenario for several weeks to get there? Very risky.

Jordan Summers said...

Like Meljean, I'm not sure Dushku can pull this off in the acting department.

Gennita, I love your idea for the show, but again, if that's the direction he goes, then Meljean is right again about the show starting in the wrong place.

Makes me wonder if he started the show how he wanted and the studio heads came back and had him change it. There have been many reports about him having to redo the first several episodes repeatedly. :/

Gennita said...

Meljean and Jordan,
Want to overload on the literary and thematic significance of Whedon's Dollhouse? ;-) Read this blog entry:

Dollhouse Review

Joy said...

I enjoyed the show so far, but your right, the premise is a bit "icky," like you said. But Whedon's worlds are always unique and I'll watch more. I read an article where he said the story doesn't get going till the sixth episode because of Fox cutting and rewriting.

Mo said...

OMG! I loved Uma Thurman in Kill Bill; ok, so I loved Bill in Kill Bill too. LOL

I have not been watching this, mostly because the stuff I read about it turned me off right away.


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