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Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Side Says, No! Other Side Says, Why Not?

This post is written for those looking for VIRTUALLY HERS in book stores.

The new poll above is done out of curiosity on my part because the first rejection for Virtually Hers has come in (given without having even read the ms). I was expecting it since it's very rare for a big publisher to pick up on a series' second book. No word on Grace Happens yet because it's December and near Christmas. Manuscripts, for some reason, don't get read around this time of year ;-P.

I just felt like doing a quick head count because I'm getting about ten emails a day asking for Virtually Hers from readers who don't come to this blog but are searching for this book. My Stat Counter is also noting that many visitors are coming here from Search Engines looking for Virtually Hers. VHers, as you know, was supposed to come out right now (December 2008) and that's why there are so many inquiries. So I thought I would get you and the new visitors (and add my emails) to do my poll to gauge interest.

To be honest, my expectations for Virtually Hers and Virtually One being picked up aren't very high right now. Many writer friends have advised me to just put those stories in the drawer and wait a few years. And even if I were fortunate enough to get a new New York contract for this series, it'd probably be another year (or more) before you see them in print, hence the "no, I can wait" choice in the poll.

I figure, while I'm trying to sell new stories (Grace's and the Viking urban fantasy) to New York, why let a crucial part of the GLOW world die in a drawer? If I do sell the other commando stories in the future, I'm sure people would come back and pick up Jed's and Hell's trilogy (or more) at Amazon, right? Especially if I get them out in a timely manner without years of waiting.... ;-)

This being the month VHers was supposed to be out, I just feel really guilty leaving so many readers hanging for the rest of the story, especially when I have Book 2 available and Book 3 waiting to be finished (couldn't before while waiting for editor approval). Their disappointed emails these past three weeks are weighing heavily on my puny writing shoulders.

Guilty, guilty, guilty. I just don't do it well.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

honestly I've been waiting so long for it; I really want to read it! If you get it out on Amazon soon, I'll definitely pay $11 for it! And the rest of your GLOW books as well =] It would be a great present if we can all see VHers out!

Lisa W. said...

Oh Jenn... You know what? I personally would pay more than the $11.00 to have one of your books. I love your writing and actually have a friend waiting for you to put our BBW so she can buy it! She read it in your blog and now wants the book as well as the others so there you go! I would DEFINATLY buy VHers and it would be the best Christmas present you could ever give me as one of your fans! Lisa

Sara said...


I will pay 11 or more for Vhers and Vone, but as much as your fans wants this book and the other don't hurt your self by our selfish wants.

Anonymous said...

Evening Jenn...I'm the 'friend' ur loyal reader, Lisa W, is talking about. I am new 2 ur bks but have been hearing MANY wonderful things about ur series from u no who *waves Lisa*. I have been enjoying reading BBW tremendously on ur blog...can't wait till it’s released...I’m an old fashion kind of a gal, luv 2 cuddle up on my sofa w/ a huge cup of coffee, a thick fluffy blanket & a gr8 bk.
I would definitely pay $11...believe me I have paid a hell of a lot more 4 a bk in hardcover from many of my fav authors.

Good Luck...Ada from MTL(Montreal)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. How would her fans hurt her? She said the publishers didn't want her book? Just curious?


Lisa W. said...

Sorry Linda. Not sure what you're talking aboub? I don't think I mentioned hurting anybody. Where do you see that?


Lisa W. said...

Hey Linda,
I think you have me mixed up with Sara and her comment. I think she means that she doesn't want Jenn to sell herself short on putting VHers on Amazon instead of waiting to sell it else where. Just clearing the air.


Sara said...

Lisa that what I mean. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

yovana88 said...

Aww Jenn, don't feel bad. It's not your fault those fools were tools. Like Lisa said, I would pay more than $11 for this book too!! So if it's possible then get on with it lady. ;)

mec said...

Not your fault, Jenn. What readers shiuld do is bombard Harlequin with letters about Vhers
and how dare they publish only book 1 of a trilogy. Not the way to build loyalty to a brand.

Yes, I am very disappointed that it's not out, but have faith that it will be published eventually.

Isabel said...

Definitely I would buy it. I'm alredy waiting for you to tell us when we can order BBW and I want VHers even more so yes I will pay $11 or more. But I understand Sara and your friends when they tell you to be really sure and I think your first consideration should be what do you want or what do you think is better for you.

ps. I'll check the blog to see the news but just in case I don't have time to leave a comment in the nexts weeks. Merry Christmas!!!

Gennita said...

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, girls, and also participating in the poll. It's been hard replying to those emails over and over, and of course, the more I do it, the more I wish I could give everyone the book. I'm going to look at the results of the poll while I'm waiting for more answers from New York. I'm also especially interested in hearing from those who don't post often as well as the new visitors who happen to come here while googling for VHers.

A quick note:

Hi Sara,
Yes, one has to be cautious when making this kind of decision --gauging reader interest, waiting for publishers' replies, learning the options...etc. I thought, with so many new visitors, this would be the perfect time to pose the $11 question because if I go this route, the book would be like BBW, trade sized and higher priced.

The poll has been busy for day one!

Gennita said...


Thanks and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays backatcha! The book should be on sale in a week or ten days. I'll have an official announcement soon. Thanks for buying it!

Anonymous said...

I would pay $11 or paperbook prices as well. Been waiting for so long...actually thought I would find it in E-book formatt...buying one of those now, so I don't miss out on any more books. Jenn, whatever it takes let us know...we all seem to love your stories!!

Gennita said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you. Like everyone else, I'm trying to be patient too! I'll keep everyone posted if/when my agent hear from the different publishers on her list. Also, let's see how the BBW little Amazon project works out because I have no idea how well they handle orders, etc.

green spitfire said...

I would pay 20 or 30 bucks if I could finally read the next installment. And since I've heard that the publishing world is really suffering at the moment, I would rather give you as much of that money anyways than the imploding publishers.

Anonymous said...

I definitely would also pay $11+ for VHers. I keep checking Amazon and your blog for its release date for weeks. I can't wait to get my hands on it. :) I hope it works out with the publishers soon.

Evangeline said...

I honestly don't see how releasing the book directly to readers will hurt Ms Low. If the book contract was dropped because MIRA assumes no one wants the books, wouldn't it behoove them, or any other NY publisher, to acquire her novels when they see: "hey, her books have been selling like hotcakes without us!"

If Ms Low has a significant base of readers ready, willing and able to purchase her novels directly from her, have instant access to the books, and know they are going to get a quality story--that Ms Low isn't some random author off the street trying to sell her wares--isn't that a great incentive to go indie?

It's really disheartening to see from romance readers and writers hold such a stigma against an author going independent when NY gets fickle. Particularly since um, Samhain, Ellora's Cave, and yes, Kensington Books, Sourcebooks(Casablanca) and Dorchester, are major independent publishers.

Judging by the way the industry is heading, and dropping numbers of places to distribute books (Borders is probably going under, and Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart have never had a huge selection of books), things are going to change drastically, and it would behoove both authors and readers to not be so unyielding to new avenues of publishing and distribution--particularly if an author has an audience, and that audience trusts them.

Gennita said...

Link back to post:


Anonymous said...

OK Jenn, I am ADDICTED!!!!! You can't leave me hangin here! I am an avid romance reader (can't get enough of the stuff) and have been on tenterhooks waiting.... just waiting as patiently as I am able for VHers... I can't wait any more (whine). Please put me out of my misery already.

green spitfire said...

I completely agree with Evangline. I have been particularly concerned each time I hear a new new article on the radio about Borders probably not making it and the publishers basically not taking any new material. It doesn't sound like the next 6 months are going to improve much.

Gennita said...

I'm not trying to leave you hanging :-(. This whole year's been all about delays and patience. After being released from my contract, I still couldn't do anything with VHers until I get an official letter from my publisher and that too takes time. So it was over a month before my agent and I can even really take VHers out again. And now, it's Christmas, and of course, the editors are clearing their desks for the new year, so the timing isn't right.

My poll is put out there to catch all the posters who are visiting my blog from googling for VHERS. I'm trying to look at all the options and also try to be fair to all the readers waiting for Book 2.


I'm not ignoring you. I need to find a good block of time to address the many excellent points you made.

I also want to listen to others' views first because I learn more that way ;-).

Gennita said...

Green spitfire (ha, funny name),

The outlook certainly looks grim, doesn't it? Publishers are still buying books, though, from what I read from Publishers Market.

But definitely, everything is narrowing down and no one wants to take risks. That's why I'm also trying to put out a few more projects that is more "standard" fare. Okay, so Viking Dude isn't standard fare, LOL.

I'm hoping editors still like Gennita Low ;-). Wish me luck?

Lisa W. said...

I really do wish you luck with Viking dude Jenn! I know your talent will be noticed though so I'm not too worried. ;-) Now I will say that I understand completely on your process of getting your reader's POV but as one of your fans, I would adore to have VHers in my hands to read! So in other words, if you decided to to take the risk and put it our there, I'm definatly in for buying it from you. I would be intrested in hearing why others who choose to wait for it's release through a publisher though. To me, why give the big guns the money when I can pay Ms.Jenn directly and faten HER pocket rather than theirs. They've made me mad anyway with how MIRA handled the whole ordeal. To me in Jenn's situation the big time publisher was more concerned about numbers and not the readers and her following.

Elaine said...

I buy tradebacks so no reason why I wouldn't buy BBW at tradeback price. However, I do have to see how much it would cost to have it shipped to Singapore before I hit the BUY button - and that's if I can buy it online. Depending on who your distributor is, my local online store (which has more romance titles than the city stores) may/may not have it.

Gennita said...

It's going to be available at, whose overseas shipping isn't cheap but definitely cheaper than Lulu, which is like $50???? or something crazy like that. HOWEVER, I'm going to suggest that all those living closeby to Australia to buy it from the Australian bookstore owners that I'll be listing when the book is available. I'll be sending them some copies first so they can see for themselves and once they give the okay, I'll send them the books myself because then shipping wouldn't cost an elf's ransom. But overseas readers like you will have to wait a little longer since I need to first send a few copies to Australia ONCE the book goes live at AMAZON, which it hasn't yet.

Thanks for your support, Elaine ;).

Anonymous said...

I accidentally voted both yes and no. The main point I want to make is that I will buy VHers as soon as and whenever it comes out. Let your publisher know that I "found" you at my library through VHis - so haven't bought it new. But then went out and bought every other book of yours I could find at chapters. Thanks - I'll buy anything you write

Nic said...

Hey Jenn,
I just wanted to say that I would definitley pay 11$ for the sequal because I totally love your books. Your publisher is absolutely stupid for doing this to you and I dont think they were doing a good job with your books anyways. My friends and I had never even heard of your books before I randomly found one on the shelves one day and Im definitley glad I did because your books are fantastic. Don't worry, I'm sure things will start looking up for you soon and you'll be able to find a publisher who will be able to see what a talented writer you are. I can't wait to read your next story and I wish you the best of luck.

Gennita said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for saying that. I appreciate your going out and looking for my other books too. That's why it's so important to keep my name out there while I look for a new publisher. The more interest I get, the more likely publishers will pick me up again. It's one of those Catch-22 things and that's also one more reason why I think, while waiting for publishers to read my other offerings, that I also put out Book 2 of my Virtual series, you know?

Gennita said...

And oh, anon, you can't vote twice on this poll, so your vote only registered once.

Gennita said...

Hi Nic,

Thank you! From your lips to editors' ears, my dear ;-). It's my Christmas wish to find a new home for Virtually Hers as well as all my other stories.

Have you read Big Bad Wolf when I had it out in chapters? If not, please keep an eye out for Grace, whose manuscript is being sent out by my agent. Wish me luck, timing, and an interested editor--because I need all three!

Elaine said...

Jenn, I only noticed yesterday that you had a poll out for V-Hers as well. When I last visited your blog, it was a poll for BBW, IIRC.

Anyway, I voted for Jed and you bet I'm going to buy V-Hers in tradeback.

I posted the URL of your blog for some GoodReads friends who had been asking what happened to Gennita Low as they, too, had been waiting for V-Hers before they read V-His (even though they already bought V-His).

I'm no longer commuting between Perth and S'pore but my local online store sells whatever Amazon carries so I hope they will have both V-Hers and BBW. But if they don't, I'll pay the shipping cost as you are way too good a writer to allow this to happen to. I'd like to say I'm not a vengeful person but I sure would like to see these publishers begging for your business one day.

Gennita said...

That's great! Thanks for helping me spread the word.

Like I said on this post, I put up the poll because so many readers have been writing me and googling for VHers this month. They can help me decide what to do with my Virtually series if New York publishers won't give them a chance.

It's interesting to see that those willing to wait has gone up to 6 percent. I wish they'd post here too, to give me their views.

Anonymous said...

Hello all! However you have to get it out. I've called your previous publisher all the way up to 2 weeks, they assured me the book was coming out this month! To call back the following week.
I really, really don't want to wait a year. However, if you bring it out with another publisher, mass market, better for you right? (boo!hiss!)
Selfishly, I would like you to bring it out right now.

lynn l. said...

yeesh, have been waiting so many years for Jed's story -- absoLUTEly would purchase in any format!

Mach2Mama said...


I have read every book you have ever written! I was hooked from the first...even got my Mom and Aunt sucked into your stories :-) I can't wait for Virtually Hers to be released but I promise I will be patient while the details are worked are so worth the wait! Will purchase in any format at any price!

Meanwhile I look forward to BBW arriving to hold me (us) over :-) Please let me know if there is anything I (we)can do to help support you :-)

All my best! Happy New Year!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just ordered BBW the other day & yes, I would order the virtual books when they become available, too.

Good luck & Happy New Year, Jenn


Gretchen said...

I'm fine either way though I did poll for the print it now. Honestly I really enjoy your books and I'm so sorry that your (former) publisher is so short sighted. Of course Walmart wouldn't carry the book. If they did they'd probably make the publisher redact all the steamy parts.

Silly people...Waiting patiently


Janet said...

I find it hard to believe anyone WOULDN'T pick up any book written by you! You are a fabulous writer, whose books I can never put down.

I don't understand the part about WalMart? They wouldn't pick it up and so the publisher wouldn't print it? i must be missing something? Of course I wouldn't shop at WalMart if it were the only store in town, so I am biased.

Anyway you want to print your stories, I will be there.

Thanks for the update. May 2009 bring you nothing but good tidings.


Christina said...

I am happy to buy it now. I am kinda mad that the publisher said it was supposed to be released and not. I have bought all your books new and kept VHIS to reread when I recieved VHERS. My only question is if VHERS is the 2nd book in the series how long before the 3rd book comes out? I would buy both of them back to back. I hope someone from your publisher is reading this b/c it could affect other books put out by them. Why would I want to buy book one in a series if they are not going to put out the other books. I love series books when you have to read each book in order to know what is going on.
My pint is yes I want VHERS now and the 3rd also.

Elaine said...

There was a query on the post I put up on Goodreads asking if BBW is an old story re-worked or a new one. the poster had read the review by mrs giggles after I posted the link on Goodreads.

I'll copy/paste the question here and if you could give me an "official" reply, I will post it on the Goodreads group for you. If you want to respond directly, that would be even better. You'll have to join then look for the BBW thread under the group 'Let's Talk About It'.

I tried answering as best as I could but I don't want to end up doing you a disfavor instead.

Gennita said...


It's hard to explain how much Walmart's book buying influences the renewal of certain authors' contracts. Because there are so few bookstores now (BN and Borders, with BAM closing shops everywhere), Walmart's orders affect an author's numbers, esp. if they used to carry them and then stopped. Imagine losing 40,000 sales suddenly. It doesn't matter that you, the author, aren't responsible for marketing decisions at Walmart or if your book wasn't pushed by your publisher's own marketing department. The end result is that your number sheet that the Big Bean Counters look at reflect a missing 40,000 number and they blame you.

And that's the nutshell of it.

Hope that makes sense. I'd need an hour's lecture to explain this, so a few paragraphs can be hard to give the big picture.

Gennita said...


IF I do go the POD route, I'd start on finishing Book 3 and will have it out within a year after Virtually Hers. Faster, if I don't have another book contract to fulfil.

But with the freedom given to me through POD, IF I DECIDE TO do it this way, I can do the entire Virtual Commando series this way, one book a year--going from the main couple and after their Happy-Ever-After, writing the other commandos and the tie-in intricacies of the Virtual Reality and Remote Viewing.

That would be my dream come true because I have so many plots cooked up on remote/cyber-spying.

Gennita said...


Thank you for being so helpful in helping me spread the word.

Please tell readers that Big Bad Wolf has never been published before, that this is not a reworked story from a published work. Please invite the readers to come to my blog, and sample the first five chapters made available for them.

Thank you, Elaine!

Anonymous said...

I dont post on blogs, ever so this is new. I post on a forum for readers and sometimes lurk on a couple of other author boards.

This is the second time I've been burned(in 2008) by a book being dropped by publishers at important stages of the story. (The other book series was Sara Reinke's Brethren series which ended on a painful cliffhanger at book 2. I will buy her next book whenever it is released because I loved them, but it hurt.)

I found out about Virtually His from Karen Scott's blog highlighting Walmart and its inconceivable influence on an authors' future. Being an Aussie, that stuff boggles the mind and I knew going in that a sequel was uncertain. I borrowed it, LOVED it, bought my own copy(as well as the rest of your backlist) and am giving VHis as a gift to reading pals. I should mention some booksellers are being told its out of print and its getting very hard to find here.

You dont want to know what they charge for books here down under. Think $16-$22 for paperbacks and have fun with what you imagine they want for TPB and hardbacks. With the currency getting hammered it's been a depressing time. That said, I'd buy VHers as soon as it was released, so my vote was yes. I am shaking my head at some trash that makes best sellers lists and have delurked to add my voice to the mix. Cant bitch about things if I did nothing about it can I?

These books are so amazing to me because of all the cyberpunk books I inhaled a while back that were written by men. They were fast paced, technoheavy, exciting but emotionally cold. Imagine picking up a read that had those elements (although at a slower pace) with oodles of sexual tension mixed in? Bliss. I enjoyed the writing and MEDICALLY NEED to read how thoroughly Hell kicks the monitor's ar*e.

Thanks for listening and I'll check in for your next book as soon as it's released. I have to agree with some other posters though, make sure you protect yourself when you release it. I'm willing to wait until you get looked after properly$$$ for your hard work.


Gennita said...

Thank you. Your words mean a lot to me and I'm so glad you enjoyed my books.

Books are indeed expensive overseas, aren't they? I know my books are going out of print but can still be bought as electronic versions.

I've contacted several Australian bookstores in Brisbane and Canberra about Big Bad Wolf's availability. If they're interested, I have no problem sending them any number of orders they want. I know I have many wonderful readers in Australia!

If you'd send me an email, I'll put you on my newsletter list so you can be updated about my coming books as well as when the next Virtually book is coming out.

Thank you so much for spreading word about my books. I so so appreciate that. I'm going to have to look at the Australian exchange rates to see whether it's cheaper for you to get the books from here!

Anonymous said...

Even if you decide not to paperback publish now, why don't you create an ebook / pdf of the manuscript and offer it on your website - you can keep all the money!... and I'd gladly pay $11 to download now - I loved all your books

Angie J said...

I'm with Anonymous on that line of thought...I hate having to wait for a book to arrive in the post!

Carisma said...

Honestly, I've been waiting so long on these books that it almost doesn't matter how much I have to pay. I'm so happy that the books are finally moving forward and I hope that the new year will continue to bring you new opportunities Gennita!

Gennita said...

Anonymous and Angie J.,

That's also another option. That's really an interesting proposal, actually, because that would be the ultimate self-publication, wouldn't it? If I decide to do it this way, I wouldn't charge $11, though.

Right now, I'm letting my agent do her job first. If the Virtual series can't find a publisher, I'll then look at all my options. Really, to reach the biggest readers, from my BBW experiment, it seems Amazon is the best way. Many are buying from Amazon.

I'm also exploring Kindle, reading the contract stuff and looking at how to format, etc. So that would be one way to have it available as an e-book.

I don't know WHY a part of me is resisting selling my books directly as a download. It makes sense, profit-wise, doesn't it? I think I've been brainwashed that this is somehow not good.

Maybe someone out there can explain my feelings of resistance to me ;-P. Anyway, hopefully in a month or so, I'll know.

Angie J said...

I'm rather a recent convert to ebooks myself (started buying them last year as opposed to the last 25 odd years of my life of buying paper backs)...however I find myself buying more and more of them - it's that instant gratification thing I think, it certainly saves on shelving space...and just think Jenn you'd be doing your bit for the environment...think of all those trees that your selfless act would save;)

Angie J said...

Actually Jenn I believe one of the first ebooks I read was "Virtually His" (borrowed from our on-line library) which was also my introduction to your books. I remember finishing the book and immediately going on line to find the next one with the hope of purchasing it on the spot...that was two years ago... Lucky for me I've at least been able to spend the waiting time catching up on all your other books, including BBW - thank you for that...not to mention checking in regularly at COMCEN for tidbits.

Anyways, you would definitely have a buyer for the ebook here.

Gennita said...

Angie J,
I'm not against e-books. That's not what I mean at all. After all, I'm researching about Kindle and want my book offered through it. E-books are great and convenient and I covet a Sony Reader soooo badly ;-).

What I meant was converting my books into PDF and selling them on my site myself. It's stupid, I know, but I keep thinking, there's an invisible line here that I'd cross if I do that. There has to be or why wouldn't current e-pubbed authors just sell their wonderful stories themselves and not through their e-publisher? Why not keep 100% instead of whatever percent they're paid?

It seems, as an already pubbed author myself, putting a book-file and selling it is a psychological discomfort, as if I "shouldn't." And the good questions I'm tacking with now are "why shouldn't I?" and "Why would selling it myself vs selling the e-rights to, let's say, Samhaim, be any different?" Besides the latter reaching many, many more readers, I mean.

Because that's my goal--reaching many, many more readers. Am I making sense? Cos it's Sat. and I'm not awake yet ;-). Thanks for posting your thoughts!

Angie J said...

Well if the music guys can do it why not the writers...
Seriously though, any way you do it, I'll be buying it.
Just to let you know I buy the majority of my ebooks through fictionwise, the prices vary anywhere from 49 cents to $30 (usually brand new published books). Good luck and happy pondering.

MaryC said...

Recently received BBW - as great as it was to read online, there's something about holding the book in one's hands. If you decide to go this root with VHers, VOne and any other book (such as T's and A's
story), I'd place an order as soon books become available.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mary C. There is definitely something about holding the book in your hands while you read. I would much prefer VHers to be paper back like your previous releases. I have saved all of your books and would like to add to my collection...can't do this if it is electronic :-( I am willing to pay whatever price to get it like I did BBW, etc..

Betty said...

I've been waiting so long for this book that although I normally buy the hard cover or paperback books, I'd be willing to get it in whatever format I can regardless of the price!

Gennita said...

Angie, Anon, Betty,

I'm going to experiment BBW with Kindle, see how it works as well as make sure their contract is to my liking. If it works out fine, and if my agent can't find a publisher for Virtually Hers, then definitely, I'll publish this series POD like BBW AND release it through Kindle.

Like I told Angie, I'll think about releasing it as a PDF book straight my blog with no middleman. Let's cross our fingers that the news from my agent will be good in the next four weeks or so!

K said...

I would definitely pay $11+ for Vhers. Heck, I'd give you my left kidney for it--if need be. ;) If the book was offered through Kindle, the down-side would be that it would be limited to only those who own one. There would be many (like me) who desperately want to read it but can't buy it since we can't afford a Kindle. I REALLY hope that it does not come down to Kindle being the only option.

I love all your books Jenn. I've never posted here before but I do stop by sometimes--I especially love checking out Comcen blog hoping for any crumbs regarding His Jedness that I can get. lol


Gennita said...


Heh--is that K for Kidney? ;-) Kidding, right?

The book won't just be on Kindle, K; it'll be in printed version, like BBW, AND Kindle.

Thanks for being so understanding about the delay, Kim. As soon as I know what's happening to Virtually Hers, I'll be updating COMCEN blog more. It's difficult to continue a storyline that's frozen by the books not being out there. Sigh.

K said...

Ah, Thanks for clearing that up. I see now where you already stated that previously. Sorry 'bout that.
And yes, I was kidding about the kidney. hehe :)

Best of luck

Maryam said...

I feel like we've waited forever, so the sooner I can buy Virtually Hers wthe better. And most definitely I'd pay the $11. I'll but it wherever is the best option for you, be it through amazon, through download, etc. I wanted it yesterday... like I want all your books.

Rachel Whittingham said...

I don't normally comment on blogs but every once in a while I look at your website, Gennita, to see when VHers will be coming out. I am just shocked that any publisher could consider NOT publishing the book. I love your books and recommend them to my friends. Your "Facing Fear" is on my short list as one of the best action-romance-thriller books of all time. I literally could not put it down and it stuck with me long after I'd finished reading it. I loved VHis too and I hope that you can find a way to get the series published in full. Thanks!

Gennita said...

Wow, Rachel, thank you for taking time to post your thoughts. I wish my former publisher would have given the series a chance too.

I have more emails about Facing Fear than any other of my books and I'm always humbled by the many who have loved Rick's and Nikki's story.

That's why I'm trying so hard to get Virtually Hers out, because I feel that Jed's journey is similar to that of Rick's. In a different way, of course. But writing his story pushes my sense of balance and challenges my fear, just as Facing Fear did. ;-P

Gennita said...

Thank you for being so patient! I'm waiting for some news here too--good or bad--so I can share with everyone here.

Elaine said...

A belated Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, Jenn. Hope to get an update on V-Hers. I haven't bought BBW in print yet as I'm waiting for V-Hers then buy together to save on shipping.

Gennita said...

Elaine (and other international readers),

If you have PayPal, I can ship to you cheaper than Amazon. I've gotten orders from Britain and Australian readers.

In fact, Elaine, you're familiar with Rosemary's Romance Books in Australia, right? You can order BBW from her there.

Kym (from Australia) said...

OMG, enough of all this crap! Genn just tell them to hurry up and pull their fingers out.........we ur loyal readers (I've been urs from the begining), are starting to pull our hair out! LOL
I've been harassing Amazon for VHers.........I've only just followed this link. If Mira weren't willing to publish ALL of ur trilogy, they shouldn't have misled the public otherwise!!! I'm looking at the advert now in the back of VHis stating it would be available the first week of August 2007. We've been waiting well over a year and I personally think that's disgusting.
I want to send out a call to all GLow fans.......lets bombard and tell them how slack we think they r. Who could trust their advertising now?

And Genn, sry, but I'm selfish enough, that if u don't get the book published, u have to upload if for us anyway........u can't leave us all hanging :( We'll all send u the money direct and u can send us all chapters.....I'm so addicted that I'm blinded by it!
U just keep the novels coming Genn and we'll keep buying them.
Take care

Anonymous said...

I want it!!!
I want it!!!
I want it!!!

Please don't leave me hanging, please.

I'll pay whatever I have to, to get it...


Gennita said...

Kym and Anon,
Right now, two editors are looking at VHis and then my VHers manuscript, so keep your fingers crossed, hmm?

Elaine said...

Jenn, I don't go to Australia much anymore so I'd first have to get the book from Rosemary's, who's on the East Coast, to Perth on the West Coast then wait for someone flying to S'pore to bring across.

Anyway, I read your last post about 2 editors reading the V-His & V-Hers manuscripts! How would this play out if they were to love it? V-His is already out so would it be re-published?

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

angel33 said...

I love your books and read just about everything. I would pay $11 and I have been reading all of the older books and anxiously awaiting VHERS. I have never blogged here or anywhere else. I found this site while searching for info on VHERS. IF it would help for the fans to write and appeal to the publisher... please let us know. Thanks for the wonderful stories and escape into another world.

Rebekah P. said...

I voted No, I can wait for another year. Even though I wanted to say I want it now.

Amazon is to costly for shipping to Canada on top of the book price. I usualy get most of my by Ebay (it was lower shipping until lately).

I do agree with anonymouse with having it as a download from you website, untlil I could have it on hand.

But... I also agree with MaryC and Anonymous that I love to have the book in my hands while reading, and not on computer.

No matter what form it comes out in I still want Vhers and Vone, You left Vhis hanging so we continue and I hate leaving series no matter the size finished.

So Good luck and the faster the better.

Gennita said...


I realize how expensive Amazon's overseas shipping charges are, so I offer a Paypal service for international readers who wish to buy the book. They can order my books through me.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking your site faithfully for any updates on VHers which I can't wait to get my hands on it. :) Do you have any current updates of how close you might be at getting VHers and Vone published? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

Gennita said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for being so patient. It's been a tough road for the Virtual series. I'm afraid a cancelled series has very little chance of being picked up. My agent has been working hard and I'm trying to be patient too. Hopefully I'll have some good news soon.

Gennita said...

As I've updated on another post, another publisher has passed on Virtually Hers and VOne. Thank you for being so patient about this matter. I know many of you want to read Jed's story and yes, I want you to, too! What writer doesn't want to share a written story, esp. one she'd worked so hard on? Sigh.

Annay Dawson said...

Have you thought about self-publishing with It may be a way for all to be able to get the book and follow the series. Myself, I can't wait much longer!

Brittany said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! VHers coming out 10/6/09! I randomly looked you up again Jenn, to check your progress with the idiotic publishers and was soooo excited to see that it's out so soon! I'm going to gobble it up the day it comes out! Is there a way we can pre-order the book from Samhain?

I'm so excited to continue Jed & Hell's story because it's one of the hottest stories I've ever read! I hope you're planning on writing some books about the other agents! You rock!

Diana said...

Loved Virtually Hers as always with your books!

Now I need to know if the other excepts are going to ebooks or actual books to look for...

Gennita said...

Diana, I'm not sure which excerpts you're talking about. The ones at the back of VHers?

Gennita said...


If things go well, I'd like to see the other operatives get their stories too!

Diana said...

I love your books but I've mentioned that before so I was surprised when you said that the drated publisher didn't even read it before deciding not to publish it! I bought the first "Virtually His" waiting anxiously for this book out. I bought the e-book version and printed it so I could read it at work, since I could stay on the computer all day.
I look for all of your books!

Gennita said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate every reader who remembers my books and buy the ones. I'm really blessed with such great supporting readers! I hope to get VOne excerpt out soon.

Janet said...

The book is coming out this month, no? I actually printed it out several months ago, and then saw on Amazon that it was coming out. I would think it helps you more if we buy the book then if we download it. I am very excited.

Janet Dickson

Gennita said...

Hi Janet,

Yes, VHERS is finally out in print for those who don't read e-books! It's available at Amazon, BN, my publisher's site (MBAM), and any bookstore that orders from Ingram, the distributor.

I'm excited!!!! It's like rolling that rock up the damn Sisyphus hill and for the first time, I got the rock not to roll back downhill! Thank you for being patient and thank you for buying my books, in any* format.


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