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Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Can't They Get Along?

Is it just me or does your mind scream ANITA BLAKE every time you see the pups in the cam cuddling "like a pile of puppies?" ***grin***

I spent much of yesterday retraining Bad Puppy. I don't know what it is about Alpha Males, and Bad Puppy is definitely one, but they act like everything should be theirs to mark/mess with even after months/years of training. Take Alpha Male who has recently returned from his month long baseball tournament/fun. I can't seem to convince the guy that the stuff he pulls with his gang in hotel rooms is not going to work here in my house. And that used glasses and dishes are supposed to go back to the kitchen because there is NO MAID SERVICE.

Also, while he was gone, Bad Puppy has reverted back to his love of sleeping ON the pillow next to me (which I don't mind because it's cute to wake up and have a sleeping little dog cuddling in my neck), so he isn't too pleased to have his place usurped by That Other One again, so...of course he does the usual--he lifts his leg and marks the pillow. Then Alpha Male lies down on it, yells and curses, and chases Bad Alpha Puppy all around the house.

Now, because of this pattern of antics, I have lots of new pillows stocked in the closet, but man, you'd think, after doing this a dozen or so times, one of them would be trained by now?! I live in hope ;-).

This kind of territorial behavior is often shown in our romance books, of course. An alpha male tends to like taking over the heroine's world and it takes a strong female protagonist to NOT let that happen. Done right, it's often amusing to read, especially if the alpha hero starts getting steam coming out his ears. But in real life, sometimes, the feeling of pounding one's head against the wall repeatedly is prevalent. Because the Alpha Male just does not LISTEN well, from man to puppy. But they love you to death, though ;-). So the payoff is pretty good.

Maybe I'll invite them to my Thanksgiving party after all, ha!

So, are you planning a big feast at home, or do you drive to a friend's/relative's house like me? I'm not a very traditional person, so I tend to spend my holidays in weird ways.

I truly understand how hard it is if you're alone too. It isn't easy working up the holiday spirit. If you don't have family nearby (like me) or generous friends to take you in, please consider going to a diner near your home. They're usually open for the locals and their turkey dinner special is reasonably priced because the clientele showing up usually consists of retirees with fixed income who don't cook any more or singles. Through my twenty-some odd years without my family, I've done that and have enjoyed the experience. Sometimes, just taking the time to dress and go out is good for the soul. Of course, nothing beats sleeping in all day ;-).

Anyway, I hope you make this Thanksgiving a bit more special because we deserve it after such a turbulent year. Drive safely if you're going on a trip. Call an old friend if you're staying at home. And watch the turkey if you're cooking one because one year, many moons ago, my mutant poms stole and mangled mine.

Lastly, if you're trying the turducken, let me know.

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Mo said...

So that's why Alpha Male hasn't been in the news lately. LOL - gotta love it. Go Bad Puppy! Go Alpha Male!! Drive Jenn crazy. ;) We will be going to my brother's house. First Thanksgiving in a while where the whole family (what's left of it) will be together. The women will make me go shopping on Friday and hubby will make gumbo from the left over turkey. Yum! Darn, now I miss my Dad.

Gennita said...

Yes, they drive me crazy. That's why I try to keep one Alpha Male at a time ;-). Guess who wins, heh heh.

(((hugs))) on your missing your dad. I know it's hard for you, Mo. But know he's in your heart and there in spirit too.

And send me some gumbo!

D said...

Those puppies! They're getting bigger and naughtier everyday. I spent half an hour on your site watching them tear those pads to pieces and their poor human mummy and daddy cleaning up after them. Too many pups!

Sara said...

I had a Alpha Man Cat. He love me but hate Alpha hubby. He was all about me and was mean to my children as well no one could get near me or he would bite, so I had to get him a new home. I miss my cat but I had to make the choice. He pee on the kids stuff as well as hubby thing.

Gennita said...


Yes, those Alphas are all about ownership. I'm sorry you have to give up the cat but obviously he was very, very possessive ;-). Sometimes, if they didn't neuter them at a young age, they remain like that.


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