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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Post #2: Making A List

No, not that Santa list ;-).

Since my agent is sending out Grace Happens, I'm curious now about romantic suspense titles that were published/that you read in 2008. I want to make a list and then do some research.

If you could add to it, I'd be grateful. I'll update the post with the titles you posted.

Off the top of my head, I have:

Anne Stuart's Fire and Ice
Linda Howard's Death Angel
Lora Leigh's Killer Secrets
Cindy Gerard's Show No Mercy

all of which I have on my shelf ;-). What do you have for me? I think it'd be interesting to see what everyone else is reading in my genre.


Katherine Dante's Dreamwalker
Nora Robert's Tribute
Suzanne Brockmann's Into The Fire
Karen Rose's Scream For Me
Marliss Melton's Don't Let Go
Roxanne St. Clair's Bullet Catcher series (3 books)
Debra Webb's Faceless
Samantha Grave's Sight Unseen
JoAnn Ross' Crossfire
Shannon Butcher's No Escape
Allison Brennan's Playing Dead
Laura Griffin's Thread of Fear
Brenda Novak's Stop Me
Tara Janzen's Loose and Easy
Christina Skye's To Catch A Thief
J.D. Robb's In Death series (two books a year; also futuristic)
Cherry Adair's Night Trilogy (series)
Beverly Barton's Cold Hearted
Nora Robert's High Noon

For those not familiar with the genre definition, by romantic suspense, the story must have strong romantic elements between a couple, with a happy ending. Unless, of course, it's a series, in which case they are working towards a happy ending. For example, much as I enjoy Vince Flynn's super operative, Mitch, his books aren't RS.

Trying to remember: Did Nora Roberts write a romantic suspense this year? I have the paranormal trilogy....

EDITED TO ASK: Do many of you still consider Kay Hooper, Catherine Coulter and Sandra Brown's books as romantic suspense? Because, imho, Kay Hooper writes suspense now, not RS.

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Kathleen Dante said...

Have you tried Dreamwalker by this other Asian chick? ;-) It could be considered romantic suspense ... or is there a heat limitation to RS?

The RS titles I read most recently are Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings and Trial by Fire by Jo Davis.

Isabel said...

Hey Genn.
This summer Robert's released Tribute.
This year I've read Cindy Gerard, Roxanne St. Clair, Marlis Melton, Karen Rose and Suzanne Brockmann's new releases in RS.

LadyZannah said...

Does Sherrilyn Kenyon fit that category? because One Silent Night was pretty good. Cindy Gerard's Take No Prisioners was ok as well.

Gennita said...

Heh, heat is no limitation ;-).

I'll add NR's title. Can you give me the titles to the others?

Lady Zannah,
Are those 2008 novels? Kenyon writes the Bad series, doesn't she?

Gennita said...

Hey Lady Z,

One Silent Night is a Dark Hunter novel, so it's paranormal since it has daemons and gods ;-).

Isabel said...

Of Course.
Karen Rose: Scream for Me
Marliss Melton:Don't Let Go and Too Far Gone (this is a november release, so don't read it yet)
Roxanne St. Clair: First You Run, Then You Hide, Now You Die (a trilogy that it's part of her Bullet Catcher series).

Jane said...

"Faceless" by Debra Webb
"Sight Unseen" by Samantha Graves
"Crossfire" by JoAnn Ross
"No Escape" by Shannon K. Butcher
"Playing Dead" by Allison Brennan
"Thread of Fear" by Laura Griffin
"Stop Me" by Brenda Novak
"Loose and Easy" by Tara Janzen

Gennita said...

Jand and Isabel,

Nice list, ladies! Did you read all these books? I have a few new authors to try out now.


Saly said...

Ohh!!Let me think.

I read two books of the new Cherry Adair Night Trilogy{T-FLAC}[she a new author for me & the books were yummy though it had Paranormal elements so I don't really know if it qualifies]. But she's one great author!

Cindy Gerard's Black Op[2 books till now]. I liked them.

I also read Lucy Monroe's Mercenary Trilogy, though I finshed them but wasn't too happy with them.

I have the new Marliss Melton on my to-be-read list but haven't got to reading it yet.

Also the new JD Robb Ritual In Death & Salvation in Death are there on my list.

Have read Pamela Clare's first I team book Extreme Exposure.

I think Christina Skye's To Catch a Thief was also released this year?I think so though I haven't read that too.

I did read the LH but didn't like it.

I also read Jasmine Cresswell's Missing though I won't give it a high rating.

I guess I read more but will have to re-wind my memory[I just read too many books]

JP said...

La Nora did release In Death books this year. I read (and loved) the paperback release of Strangers in Death, as well as her mainstream paperback release of High Noon.

Gennita said...

Question: So most readers consider Nora's futuristic In Death series romantic suspense, yes?

JP, I forgot about High Noon! Thanks.

Kathleen Dante said...

Question: So most readers consider Nora's futuristic In Death series romantic suspense, yes?

Oh, yeah. I did read Strangers in Death. It was GOOOOOD! And yeah, I'd consider the in Death series romantic suspense (just set in the near future).

mec said...

Books/authors not mentioned yet

Kay Hooper -Blood Dreams(Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series)

Catherine Coulter - Tailspin
(FBI series)

Beverly Barton - Cold Hearted

Gennita said...

Okay, I added Barton, and I'm edited the post with a new question:

Do many of you still consider Coulter and Hooper as writing romance? Or just suspense?

saloni said...

I just remembered that Cait London released her Psychic Triplets trilogy this year. I think it does qualify as Suspense.[Personally I didn't like them much]

I dunno how could I forget Beverly Barton..she's releasing her last Protector novel Dying for you in December.

Sharon Sala also released the last[atleast I think it is the last] Cat Dupree book The Bad Penny in November.

Also Bare Witness & Bare Witness by Katherine Garbera.[books in Libert Investigation series, the next book comes out next year]

Dead Stopy by Jamie Denton.(2008)
Don't Turn Around by Hunter Morgan.(2008)

Jordan Dane[a new author] released three titles this year.
No One Left to Tell (2008)
No One Heard Her Scream (2008)
No One Lives Forever (2008)

Flynn Brothers Trilogy by Heather Graham[though I'm not sure if it belongs in Paranormal or not].

That's all I could come up with[yet];)

Gennita said...

Thanks for helping out with my list. I'll update it and make it with a new post, so readers can take note, maybe make a few comments about whether they enjoyed it or not, whether they considered it romantic suspense or just suspense, etc.

Thanks again!


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