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Friday, November 07, 2008

Don't Do This Near Roofs

Do not use blowtorch to clean roof eaves.

Really. Not a good idea. This dude looked at the cobwebs up there and thought, "Hey, a blowtorch would work!" And then...yeah, fire. I kid you not.

Sometimes, when the tar is really, really hardened, and we have to get the shingles off without destroying them, we use a heat gun. It looks like a little hairdryer. Not a blowtorch.

Still, one must be extra careful. One of my workers, in the heat of summer, once thought he could melt the tar faster by putting the gun right against the tar and heating it non-stop for five minutes. Yeah, you guessed it. Sparks flew.

Sometimes we do things without thinking, out of habit for quick results. I used to pull my toast stuck in my old toaster with my fork. Yes, I know. I really did it. Stuck my fork into the thing and wiggled around. NUMEROUS TIMES. It took ONE TIME to remember why I shouldn't touch metal to live-wired machinery still connected to electricity. Guess which time. :-)

That's why writing is good for me. I can't hurry the process, can't "get" the toast quickly. If I engage in "lazy writing," I get burned too, although the probability of it being fatal is a lot less.

Have you ever done anything dangerous without thinking/out of habit?

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Mo said...

I have once and only once. In high school for a while my bus stop was located near a cut out turn. I rarely paid any attention to getting off the bus since the lights and stop sign are there to prevent cars from passing. So, one day a guy decides to pass the bus on the cut out side - not take the cut out, just pass the bus since there was room on that side. I nearly got hit. I assure you that I never walk in the road unmindlfully.

Pamela B said...

>Have you ever done anything dangerous without thinking/out of habit?


See Exhibit 1: most of her ex-boyfriends.

Hi there!

Gennita said...

Umm, Pamela B, hmm, do tell us more about Exhibit 1 ;-).

kim said...

yea i call it dating ;)

Gennita said...

Well, yeah! That would make me think twice forever too! But you must be a very careful person if you've only done ONE thing :-).


Okay, so what is the danger you're referring to? ;-)

kim said...

lets just say that the seals in your books are nothing like the real thing hmm?

Gennita said...

Oho, Kim, stupid guy used a blowtorch, didn't he? Pft. I knew a SEAL once who was just like that ;-P. I think they just like to blow things up, gf.

Anonymous said...

I suppose dating a SEAL without thinking is dangerous, right? HAHA.

My not-thinking-not-too-bright moment was when I hitch-hiked several times when my old car broke down. It was during the time Jeffrey Dahmer was still around and yes, I lived in that area. Yes, you don't have to tell me I was one stupid girl.

kim said...

or very boring ;) hm dangerous without thinking... i over-think things, i did prevent others from doing stupid things without thinking when during our last day of study abroad we went to the summer palace and it closed early and they wanted to climb the wall to get back in and i said hmmm our trip might get much longer if we do that... oh i did drink a bunch of shots once without thinking... only time i was ever sick drinking. i guess you could add in my little fender benders. god i am so boring. lol

LadyZannah said...

OK why did it have to be West GA? And why not just take a broom to the cobwebs?

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
Because using a blowtorch would so much more cooler!


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