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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Based On The Poll

So far, Bourne is kicking Craig's Bond's ass! I mean, by a mile!

So, please explain to me, why you think so. I'm curious. Why would Bourne win in the Bitch Fight with Craig's Bond? Remember, I'm pointing to the new Bond, not

Mr. Lazenby's frilly vested or Mr. Roger Moore's smirky retarded Bond.

I can see Geeky Jason Bourne killing with a pencil but heck, you got to give kudos to Craig's Bond and his Tuxedo of Death. I mean, it stayed clean and unrumpled even after jumping out of an airplane, come on.
So take your gloves off and let's hear your trash talk.

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Jordan Summers said...

I'd still take Bond or Bourne any day. ;)

Gennita said...

Wait, Jordan, you're taking both? Tsk.

Stephanie said...

Oh, definitely Craig's Bond will pound Jason Bourne into the ground! Who are these people voting for Bourne as winner anyway?

Bond has the gadgets and the brains. Craig's Bond will also slash the bad guy's throat and CALMLY watch him bleed to death (re: Quantum of Solace). Jason B? Nah. Geekboy will run, run, run.

LadyZannah said...

I voted for him cuz he's hawt. Don't care much about the movies.

Mo said...

LOL - so I had to vote... for Bond, James Bond. Pretty boy Matt Damon wouldn't stand a chance against Craig - and Jason Bourne (I've read the Bourne books) is so not James Bond. He's a man on the run, not a vengeful spy on a rampage - at least, not in the same way. I happen to love the Bourne books, btw. In fact, I was so upset when Ludlum died. But no, any Bond could take Bourne, IMO.

Gennita said...

LOL, yes, there is that running away pesky element in the Bourne profile.


Lady Z,
Who did you vote for?


Agreed. Although, again, in Bourne's defense, he's very, very good at what he does ;-).

LadyZannah said...

Matt of course

vanessa jaye said...

Craig's Bond has a thugish/killer quality to him, but Bourne is a killing machine. Bond would definitely give him a run for his money, but Bourne would win the end.

kim said...

seeing their pics next to each other they look like they might become chums. never happen in a million years but itd be cool to see them together each one showing up the other, maybe actually see them smile and have some fun. i still like jason better, but then i always seem to pick the ones that wont stick around... suits me then i dont have to deal with a committer ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha, Bond would slice Bourne's throat and throw his body in a dumpster.

Vanessa said...

I voted for Bourne just because i think he's faster and a little more hands on. He doesn't need to use gadgets. I think Bond is hotter!!!! but in a hands on fight i think he would loose.

Gennita said...

After seeing both new Bond movies, I think Craig's Bond will win. Yes, Bourne was magnificently trained, but Bond is totally ruthless. Bourne will actually hesitate, I think, whereas Bond will just go for that jugular and regret later. Over a martini.

So pft to y'all voting for Bourne. ;-P

vanessa jaye said...

Naw. Gotta differ with you there, Genn. Bourne will not hesitate. It's like something clicks on (or off) in his brain and he's pure instinct/reaction. But I do think he'd rather avoid confrontation if at all possible. While (the new) Bond seems a bit more reckless by-any-means-necessary in that regard.

I love Craig's Bond, but let's face it he's the Bond version of Bourne. ;-) When Bourne came out, everyone was saying he was the Bond for the new generation.

Having said that, I prefer Bond.

Tressa said...

I haven't seen Quantum of Solace yet (SOB), but I have to agree with Vanessa Jaye. Bourne doesn't think, he doesn't hesitate, he just reacts.


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