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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Banned Book Week

Hey Anonymous, who pulled her own tooth, you won Cindy Gerard's ARC. Please contact me through email, 'kay? She needs your name and address to send you the ARC to her next book, you lucky, lucky thing.


Do you know this week is Banned Books Week? The link shows you all the activities for the week. Here is the list of Top Ten Most Challenged Books 1991-2007. Do you remember reading any of those in class? Or any big fracas involving your kids' courses?

Some of the same books appear over and over each year--of Mice and Men, Catcher in the Rye, the Bluest Eye. Not being a product of the school system here, can you tell me why these books are often the most challenged here in this country? I can understand the parents' concerns and protestations about the Bible, Heather Has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate, even Madonna's Sex, though.

There are many romance novels that I've read through the years that had made me cringe, but I'd never consider banning them. What is the most controversial (perhaps politically incorrect) romance novel that you've read lately?

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Mo said...

I looked at the list of books and some of the books shock me. But then I am wondering for what age group. For example, Maya Angelou should probably be in high schools but not middle schools, same with Salinger and Steinbeck. The concepts in most of those books are high school level but not middle school. I read Salinger in HS as part of class. Frankly, Catcher in the Rye is a terrible book, impossible to understand on any level, IMO.

Harry Potter I knew about; it's all the witchcraft. Wrinkle in Time blew my mind. It is one of the few YA books, I still consistently read. I never liked the other 2 in the series. But A Wrinkle in Time is phenomenal.

Huck Finn is always on this list - always. Personally, I can't figure out why. I never even liked it. I'm also surprised the Judy Blume has landed on the list with what, 3 different books. Please, all her books are about coming of age in awkward teen year. I have never read any of the ones on the list so maybe those are newer ones that I had grown past by the time they came out and deal with homosexuality or something.

Didn't Bridge to Terabithia win a Caldecott or something? I always associated it with a death or going away for some reason but I've never read it.

The Golden Compass is easy to figure out. It's the first book of a series that was written specifically to blast the Chronicles of Narnia (this was said by the author, that it was written as a refutation of Narnia). When it was made into a movie, a lot of the anti-church (Catholic, primarily) elements were dumbed down. But it still stands as a stark criticism of Catholicism. I have never read it, mostly read what the author said about it though when the movie came out. I do want to read the entire series though. Disclaimer: I love the Chronicles of Narnia and though I am not Christian, the series has informed me on a spiritual level.

The Handmaid's Tale and The Color Purple should be read at the high school level because they deal with subjects that middle schoolers might have trouble assimilating.

And Goosebumps?! What a joke. They are designed for kids who are technically younger than YA so you have to be kidding me. So, some kids might get scared. That's the point to the books, just recommend others to read as a parent.

LadyZannah said...

Oh man I once picked up this book called Alpha, thinking "werewolves, cool". There is so much guy on guy action, I was like "eeewwwww" and gave it away. Cannot really tell you what the actual plot was, did not really finish it either.
I love Maya Angelou but that should be saved maybe for Juniors and Seniors in HS. Harry Potter, I don't see the big deal. Madonna should not be anywhere NEAR a school. The Bridge to Terabithia is not as kid friendly as people think. The Bible should not be on that list at all, but then again I attended Catholic school from Kindergarten to HS, the Bible got it's own class all to itself.
My 10 year old read Huckleberry Fin and I don't see any problems. Then again I kinda make him read classics. Tolkien and Verne are as much part of our bookcases as Harry Potter and the Magic Tree House series.
I just think there is waaay too much complaining in this nation. People hate to take responsability so they complain about others instead. Parents should be more involved in what kids read and encourage them to read a variety of genres, as long as they are age appropriate. I don't have my kids read The Hobbit but we read it together instead. I rather spend money on books than on video games and my kids enjoy trips to B&N as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

Back when I was in elementary school (here its pre-k to 8th) I remember a book I had to read called Speak. It was controversial cuz it had rape in it. The school sent a letter to the parents asking for their permission and stuff. My mom didn't know much English then so I told her that it was controversial but I didn't know it had rape in it till I read it so my mom doesn't know. I don't think she mind now but she might've not said yea you could read it back when I was in 7th-8th grade.

I use to watch Goosebumps when I was little but it gave me lots of nightmares. I never read the books cuz I think they're too gruesome. Little kids have such high tolerance for icky stuff! They find it so cool -_-

I think parents should allow their kids to read a whole variety of books. My 7 year old cousin loves to read and she wishes that the books I have contains pictures so she can read along too. Even if they had pictures I think she'll need to be wayyyy older before she can touch those. My aunt would have a heart attack hehe.


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