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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uber Tired Roofer

I'm not quite done rewriting a section of the next chapter for Big Bad Wolf yet, so no posting this morning. Maybe tonight? It's an action sequence and it being my first, I felt the need to make it better. Since it was written for SIM, the suspense and language were somewhat toned down.

For those curious as to how long BBW is, there are only a few more chapters before the ending. Then Killian dies. The end. ;-)

The last few days consisted of hard roofing. For one thing, this is a very steep roof with a mansett (imagine roof shingles straight up and down, as if on the side of the wall). So I'm up of this tall ladder, twenty feet in the air, digging out old shingles with a hard-to-grip shovel (my hands are small) and then using my hammer to pull out the staples. Unlike being ON a roof, this on-the-ladder/sideways workout is slow and painful for my old back as I go up and down, up and down all day long, moving a few feet at a time.

So when I finally get home, I'm basically bent over and hobbling because the muscles have stiffened up while I drove. My neighbors' kids would watch me as I move very slowly down the driveway to check my mail and shuffle back up through the garage into my house. I know what they're thinking. ;-)

"That strange lady's home. Wonder how she ever makes it up a ladder? She can barely walk!"

"Why is she growling and moaning? Mom says she's a witch. Better stay away...."

Anyway, by the time I sit in front of the puter to stare at the words, I have very little energy left to think about ACTION SCENE, you know? It's more like, just shoot and kill them all already.... Then I check on the stock market's shenanigans for the day, and I go..."I must work harder. Must. Work. Harder." ;-/

Then I drink my hot tea and fall asleep. So much for the mantra....

Hope to post that chapter tonight, 'kay?

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Meg said...

Poor thing, my muscles hurt just thinking of you. Maybe Jed can give you a backrub- cause it'd hurt while he was doing it.

Mo said...

Aaaawwww Jenn, wishing you a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine.

I'm so excited about the next chapter. So on pins and needles. :)

When the stock market starts slipping and it looks to be long term (I did this about a year ago now) you take your 401(k) and invest it in a bond fund. You can't do it now because of the hit you'd take though.

How's Miracle doing?

Elaine said...

Are you telling me V-Hers may not even come out this December??? The world financial markets are collapsing and your publishers want to deal the death blow to our planet?

I WILL write to MIRA though our petitions before obviously did not do any good.

Btw, I decided to give J D Robb's In Death series another try. Couldn't take Eve back in the 90s when Naked in Death was released. I lasted only till the 2nd book. Last week was epiphaneous when, with a single click of the button, I bought the entire series. I now LOVE Eve and am getting withdrawal symptoms whenever Roarke's off-planet, leaving her to battle her issues and bad guys by herself. I'm only on Book 3 - Immortal in Death, twenty-something more to go. Yippee.

You need a Roarke right now, Jenn. If for no other reason than to own that frickin publisher so we can get V-Hers released.


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