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Saturday, August 02, 2008

RWA: Then A Tree Fell Down In Front Of Me

I'm not able to post any more photos (resizing them takes time and time seems to be a problem during this conference) but here's the update of the Harlequin party. I'll post the fun pictures when I'm home, okay?

First, the Harlequin party is about the most looked forward to event of RWA. The publisher knows how to throw a party. This year, it's held at the Four Seasons, in a banquet/party hall that was beautifully decorated with lush orchids and trees. There was a massive dance floor and before you know it, it was filled with dancing authors jumping up and down to the beat of "It's Raining Men."

The food was just out of this world--dimsum tidbits. I couldn't get enough of the barbeque dumplings because you know, I'm sort of addicted to good Chinese food. Dancing took up a lot of energy, you know.

Everyone loves this party because it's on Friday, the last night before the Gala, and everyone sort of unwind and let loose the inner dance demon. I've never seen such beautiful ladies, in sequins and ballgowns and dancing frills. Many showed off impossibly sharp-spiked highheels; I have no idea how they stayed on them all night.

You know you had a good party going when the stories that come out the next day include a tree toppling over some enthusiastic dancers and a conga line that snaked in four different directions. Needless to say, this morning, everyone who's limping a little back at conference has attended this big party.

The wonderful party animals Kayla Perrin and Ann Voss Peterson kidnapped me after the party was over and we stayed with Heather Graham and her group at a nearby bar where the party DJ decided to regale us with some great piano and singing. Nothing like a group of RWA ladies and gentlemen screaming out Hotel California at the top of their voices at the posh Four Seasons in the middle of the night, I tell you.

This morning, one of my roommates pulled out the ironing board to get ready for her meeting. I swear, I thought the creaky sounds of the contraption was my back and legs protesting. That's how sore I am now. This roofer had a thorough workout on heels last night indeed.

I have to get ready for the gala tonight, where we find out who won the best books for different categories. Cindy Gerard promised to buy me dinner so I can't be late ;-). Tomorrow, yes, it's FACE THE EVIL ATLANTA HUB time again. I won't be back in my own bed till 11pm EST and I know I'm going to be numb from exhaustion.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend. Lots of good books at the conference--I can't wait to show you the loot! Are you going to be jealous. I have other news but let's wait till I get back.

While I'm at the airport, I'll be checking the blog to pass away the long hours. Entertain me with what you have been up to the past week. Any interesting read?

And oh, wish me luck for the Atlanta Hub. I pray for no delay (hahahahahahahaha, right). It would be nice to get home before midnight, you know? Okay, your turn!

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Monique said...

So this weekend marks a first for me in more than 1 way. The exciting part is I am going to my first Coldplay concert tomorrow night. Looking forward to that *a lot*. Second, for the first time ever I am going to buy one book in a series of books and not buy any of the others. I am what is known as a completist collector and this is unheard of, I tell you. I am going to go ahead and buy Lover Eternal.

Monique said...

Oh, and that does not mean I am not desperate to hear your news.

kim said...

other news? virtually his won't be out until Dec 2012? ;) just kidding... sort of ;-D

kim said...

oops meant virtually hers, see thats what i get for teasing lol

LadyZannah said...

you speak as though ATL is such a bad airport....shame on you, delays are only a couple of hours and at least they don't smoke inside like at the Amsterdam airport. Dinner with Cindy Gerard, tell her the Garrett brothers are HAWT.
Anywho, have a great time and a safe trip home.

WK said...

ander1Ohh sounds like you had fun. This weekend? I was without my kiddies. My mom had them since Thursday. So I read, and read and read, and played online and just relaxed. Hubby went to his races, I stayed home and just relaxed. It's been a LONG time since I did that. I needed to be cleaning and geting things out of storage and all, but I just read and did NOTHING.LOL

Exciting huh?


Gennita said...

I'm at an airport somewhere right now, girls. And Kim, sigh, 2012 is a good target time....argh.


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