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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Post #2: Parting With Keepers

I took some books to the UBS today and the booklady told me my copy of Sandra Hill's The Love Potion is very hard to find. She's not Internet savvy but she suggested that I try to sell it through EBay or equivalent. She said that it is Book One of a series and everyone has the other three but not this one. Does anyone out there know whether this is true? Because it would be nice to sell get some cash to get ready for San Francisco.

I'm also considering my...sniff...signed copy of Linda Howard's McKenzie's Mountain, original edition. Wahhhh, I really don't want to part with it. Wonder how much it's worth now?

I also think I'll try to sell a signed copy the used-to-be hard-to-find The Lady's Man by Brockmann, the original edition. I made a bid for it during an auction to help an Australian couple's sick baby years and years ago and it's in mint condition, signed to me by the great Brockmann herself. I know it's not worth what I paid for it but if it's still valuable, maybe I can help build the Gennita's San Francisco Trip Fund.

Anyhow, if you know anything about The Love Potion, please let me know.

The only books I refuse to part with are my original Anne Stuarts from the 70s and 80s, my Stephanie James, my Justine Dare futuristics, and my first five first edition JD Robbs, all signed. I love those books so much. I love McKenzie's Mountain too, but I have another one that isn't first ed.

Which books on your shelves do you think are worth some bucks, and with which you refuse to part, $$$ or no $$$?

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Jordan Summers said...

I have the Love Potion or at least I did. Can't remember if it went with the last culling. I have no idea if any of the books on my shelves are worth anything. Never looked into it.

I do have keepers (ie my Dara Joy, Stephanie Laurens, and Christine Feehan collections). I also have a few Kathleen Woodiwiss books that I wouldn't part with and Steve Niles. I also keep the majority of the signed books that I get. :)

kim said...

i sold books back in college so i could eat, they were textbooks but i still regret it. now i loan books to people and they dont give them back half the time, at least before i got some money!

i think you might have competition for that book

Monique said...

The Love Potion as in Sylvie & Lucien? Huh, the start of a series? Well, according to her site, unless they are counting it as part of the Cajun Contemporary series (all 3 of the other books have the word Cajun in the title) I have no idea what they mean. I have actually read the book - republished version. Sorry to say, definitely not on my keeper list.

My only keepers are my full collection of Patricia Veryan books (ok, minus the one that was only ever done in hard back and only published in the UK), Iris Johansen's Sedikhan series, Christine Feehan's Carpathian series, and well... you. I am looking to buy I think 3 Linda Howard books though and they would be considered keepers as well.

mec said...

I parted with so many books(41 boxes) during my recent move - and according to my family, I still have too many. It was an extremely painful expereince - the only comfort is that they either went to my local library or charity.

I was told that I could have made some money from selling them, but I just didn't have the time.

Some of my keepers in addition to yours are J. D. Robb, Stephanie Laurens, Kay Hooper, Linda Howard and Georgette Heyer.

Gennita said...

Oh, I have SHELVES of keepers, Jordan, which is why I love playing with my books because then, I just sit there and read this and that passage all day ;). My very short list on the post are the books I simply refused to part with even for money, unless it's for a dire emergency of some kind.

The early Feehan books are worth something, I'm told.

Thanks for thank link. I'll go ck it out. If it's really worth very little, then I don't know what my UBS friend was talking about.

Do you know whether this couple appear in the later books or is referred to in some way? thanks for putting my books on your keeper shelf! I'm honored. Wow!

41 boxes! The mind boggles. That* would be painful and yes, I think you probably gave away many valuable books! I'm thinking of hard-to-find ones like the Curtis' When Lightning Strikes or The Windmill, or the infamous Monson ones, or the old Charlotte Lambs, or the first paranormals/futuristics like the Justine Dares! Yoikes!!!

Leilani said...

I would never part with any of my autographed books. And I have some great keepers I'd never get rid of either. As for books worth some cash, I have a couple original Brockmanns, Identity: Unknown, Get Lucky, and Taylor's Temptation. I also have a copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Collectible Booklet that is worth a few bucks. :)

Casee said...

I usually really keep an eye on what the OOP books are going for on Amazon. Before Brockmann started re-releasing her older titles, they would go for a pretty penny. I know that Get Lucky still goes for quite a bit.

Other than that, older Sherrilyn Kenyons or hardcovers seem to be in demand. Also, Diamond Bay by Linda Howard. Check Diana Palmer, too.

Those are just a few that I try when I decide to sell.

I have a copy of The Mackenzie's, the trade paperback of Mackenzie's Misson and Mackenzie's Mountain. Autographed, too. That's one that I'll never part with.

Monique said...

Well Jenn, upon further research you most definitely have the beginning of the Cajun series. Luc is the first brother. Two of the Cajun titled ones are the other 2 brothers and apparently the other one is a sister or something.

Sara said...

These are the list of author I buy and that I keep: Diana Palmer, Johanna Lindsey, Susan Elizabeth Phillps, Gennita Low, Christine Feehan, Victoria Alexanderudith McNaught, Teresa Medeiros, Sherrilyn Kenyon,
Jillian Hunter. I have almost all the books by them. I would not sell any of them. I have about 500 paperback books after I sold about 50 books and it broke my heart so I can only buy not sale them


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