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Friday, February 22, 2008

I Need Aspertame

My apologies for the rant yesterday. I try to keep the more personal aspects out of the blog but sometimes, when I'm frustrated enough, my head explodes and Roofer Bitch appears. Anyway, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable with such a joyless piece as some bankers' (coughWELLSFARGOcough) dirty little scam.

Nothing to do with the writing and too much to do with the roofer yesterday ;-P.

I saw a perfect little icon for my mood, something that brought a smile back for a few secs.

Exactly. Perfect for my mood! Too bad I can't just go out and slay some evil bankers and offer their testicles to the gods of war.

(I think I must still be pissed off)

Let's talk about books and general catch-up instead. I'm waiting for Patricia Brigg's IRON KISSED in my mail. My friends are raving about it and so, in spite of my fur-and-fang love weariness, I'm looking forward to reading it. It's fur-and-fey in this series, by the way.

Writing-wise, I'm trying to get into His Jedness' psyche. How comfortable is he when he finds out that sometimes his thoughts are "captured" by Helen? So far, he hadn't really shown any kind of emotion other than being intrigued at something new. But then, so far he thinks he's in control except during the remote-viewing sequence, and even then, he assumes a measure of control over Helen because of her sexual response to him. I'm trying to reach a scene, a point in the story, where he is not sure he's liking the idea of another person getting one or two of his secretive thoughts, you know? But man, the road to that scene is not easy because Jed's fighting me all the way. We shall see which of us wins.

Computer techy-wise, I'm still wrestling with my old problem with certain webs that show up as "Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Webpage." Same thing through Firefox, so I know it has to do with the server and not my puter. At first, it was just a couple, like Romancing The Blog and my dear friend, Lauren Dane's blog. I can access them through an anonymous proxy. Well, since last week, add our "Yellbox" that I put on Blogger's sidebar. You guys can see it on your computer, but to me, it's just a "IE cannot display" picture. I'm getting worried because I don't want more of my favorite/most visited websites to suddenly become inaccessible to me, except through anonymous proxy!

Believe me, I've read up all the msn techy sites and tried everything, including re-registering the dlls, and no, this problem is still here. I've unplugged the modem. I've run the scan. I've wasted hours. So any suggestions from those of you in the tech business would be much appreciated.

It's not the biggest problem in my life, but it's downright irritating to have to circumvent the problem by anonymous proxy.

Wow, I can't seem to stop venting! LOL. I'd better stop and go eat aspertame. Lots of it.

Help me from focusing on my dreary life. Tell me:

1) What are you reading next?

2) What is your current Most Irritating Frustration? Dump on me. I deserve it.

3) If your computer/server isn't working, do you snarl like me too?

;-) Happy, happy Friday to y'all.

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Leslie said...

Aw Jenn,
I'm having a bad week too. Mine is an evil boss. I'm waiting for Cherry Adair's book to arrive in the mail and I'm looking forward to just veging this weekend with it. Frustrations become bubbles in the tub!

I hope lots of people look into this Wells Fargo scam. I googled too and saw that they did a bait-n-switch with mortgages too and was caught last year. They had to settle. So there's hope!

Wendy said...

I'm not having such a good week either, studying for my exams next week and the possibility of going brain dead sounds awesome right about now.

I'm trying to sneak in a bit of reading of an ARC of Lady & The Vamp, too. I read Iron Kissed and it's fabulous, I hope you enjoy it too! :)

About the computer troubles - trying using Seamonkey (off Mozilla) it's been working great for me.

Leilani said...

Hey Jenn!

So sorry to hear about your Wells Fargo. Maybe you can send Jed to take care of them! ;)

I am nearly done with Nalini Singh's "Mine to Possess". Down to the last few pages. I love her Psy/Changeling books.

Next up is Meljean Brook's Demon Night. (Can't wait for Michael's story). Late last year after finding Demon Moon, I found all her books and short stories and read them all in order. Such great stories!!

After that it's a toss up between Kenyon's new book and the new Feehan book coming out next week, Predatory Game. Haven't ready any of her stories before, but my daughter loves them.

Amie Stuart said...

1. I'm reading Moon Called and LOVING IT!!! Yes I'm behind but I usually am.

2. The step-wife. Do I DARE even start? OMGgrumblegrumble is it really so much trouble to take two children to their basketball games, even if it means you have to drive 45 minutes, for their LAST b'ball game? I know it eats an entire Saturday but think of all the evenings i've sat at practice...Oh wait you never think about anyone but yourself, do you?

I mean really it's not like you have them full time _)((*&W#)*#$%*&@#$% You only have them four......FOUR freaking days a month and while I realize they're not YOUR children, you knew what you were getting into when you married my ex. I'm really sorry they're not small and cute anymore and that they learned to have and express their own opinions.

/end rant

I think my head just exploded.

Amie Stuart said...

Oooooooo sorry Genn!

vince said...

Jenn, as a techy person (it's what I do for a living) the problem you're having could be caused by any number of things. It is wierd, however, that access is fine through anonymous proxy. You problem need to find a reliable tech and have them look at it. These things are hard to troubleshoot at a distance. Wish I could be more help. However, if you ever have an EASY problem...


Now, to change your focus:

1) Niona Bangs "One Bite Stand".

2) Just generic idiots. There's more of them out there than there really ought to be. Other than that I've been having a pretty good week.

3) I threaten to thow it out the window into the middle of the street. Especially if it's mine.

Amie, sorry for the 'spoldy head thing. Been in a similar situation in the past, and it sucks big time. See #2 above.

vince said...

Uh, that would be you probably need to find a reliable tech...

The evil computer made me mistype.

Anonymous said...

They did that to my sister too. She accepted an offer by phone for lower rates when calling Europe. Then when she got the bill, the rates were higher than promised. When she called them they said they never had said-lower rates, they were always the same. Naturally, it kinda went something like your call with a lot of "unfortunates" and "who told you that"s. oh goodness...


1. Cherry Adair - White heat
2. angry about the fact that when the monthly rolls around again in a few days, I'll be as nauseous as a preggo-lady.
3. i don't snarl, i just call my dad. :D
4. likewise! :)

Anonymous said...

correction: I should say, happened to my sister as well. lol

UNC Girl said...

1) the first chapter in your ebook...hopefully? -looks innocent-

2) my lack of self control concerning food!

3) I cuss it out, growl, and moan.

I like your rants and your roofer 'bitch' side. It makes me feel more normal. :)

Ruth said...

Sorry that you've had a bad week. Here is my list.

1. Frenchman's Creek. Such a romantic book! a bit of comfort reading.

2. 50 13/14 year old girls, grrrr! some of them winge and moan and don't realise how lucky they are that their parents can afford to pay £20,000 (39,332.14 USD) a year to send them to Queen Margaret's!!!

3. Speaking nicely to it then shouting and if all else fails a baseball bat!! lol lol

Elaine said...

I love it when you bitch and whine. I don't feel so alone then.

Ahhh, it's been so long since I heard you talk about Jed. I miss the guy. Maybe I should read V-His next?

1) Currently reading Zev Chafets' A Match Made In Heaven - "One Man's Exploration of the Weird and Wonderful Judeo-Evangelical Alliance" and Karen Kelley's Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind. The former has me chuckling at every other paragraph; the latter, laughing out loud.

2) Major frustration. Battling our condo's security guards who think they're prison wardens.

3) Call my son (not hubby coz all he'll say is "Tell your son." coz he's a software man, not hardware. Like I care. I have a problem with my computer parts, not my 'female' parts.

LadyZannah said...

Iron Kissed was pretty cool, I even shed a few tears but you gotta read it to find out why. Found out they will run a Mercy Thompson graphic novel, that is cool- I grew up with comic books, still like them a bit. I am currently educating my little alpha-males-in-training in Super Hero 101, we are currently discussing Captain America up next Spider-Man.
1.- Next book I'll be reading is Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh, just released and is on the way! Yeay! Hurry up UPS
2.- I'm ticked about the management side of business, beign a business owner is a b%$#* sometimes but it's cool to call the shots.
3.- I am lucky with my server, they are tre-cool, designed by the Big Five (Microsoft, IBM, Fry Multimedia, Intel & Compaq) I barely lift a finger there. Email me if any of you wanna check it out. (
Friday would have been good except I'm stuck babysitting for a friend instead of molesting the alpha male. *pouts*

Gennita said...

See? Don't you feel better now after dumping on me? ;-)

Yes, Meljean is on my list too! And the cover is so yummy to look at.

Don't look at Carrot Top's pic then. Your head my explode again.

Sorry about all that's going on in your life. That's frustrating too.

Yeah, this is such a strange problem. I know I'm going to have to get a technician to look at it, but I keep thinking, do I want to spend a couple of hundred dollars to get to four sites? When I could just use anonymous proxies? I also keep wondering whether if/when I buy a new computer, this problem will go away.

Argh. I want to use a sledgehammer on mine sometimes. Can't. I don't have the $$$ to replace it ;-P.

Okay, got the hint on the first chapter! *g*

Okay, Ruth, I think 50 schoolgirls is about = my current headache! Yikes. You must have a lot of patience.

Anyway, kiddos, life continues. I already received the "polite" email from Wells Fargo telling me how "unfortunate" it was that I wasn't satisfied with their services. Arghhh.

It's worth a complaint or two, but I don't see them admitting to baiting and switching. I just hope those Wells Fargo CEOs, esp. Mr. Falkenberg, choke on their golf clubs, that's all.

Yes, I'm still bitter. Just a little.

Amie said...

Vince...can we send them all to mars? LOL

Monique said...

Ah, methinks His Jedness needs some Nikki time (maybe even Nikki and baby time). You know, she always opens doors he would rather leave closed.


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