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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Intermundia

This morning, I wanted to blog about the wonderful book I read last night, Lilith Saintcrow's To Hell and Back, which had many elements that made it a A- reading to me, except for the incredible blockheadedness of the heroine that made me gnash my teeth half a dozen times through the book. Not enough to call her TSTL (too stupid to live) but she was LUCKY TO BE ALIVE at the end of the series, what with the things she did in this last book! Yeah, maybe I have a new term: LTBA!

Anyway, I wanted to write about it...but I'm running late because a certain Alpha Male had a flat tire and he couldn't BEND HIS LEG, so he couldn't change his tire to get the truck to the tire place. Uh-huh. I had to turn into a kick-ass heroine and go out to play save the Alpha Male. Again.

You see how many things I have to do just because he ruptured his knee? Everyone keeps telling him how sorry they are it happened to him, but what about me, I ask. What about me? No sorry for Jenn, nope.

Hopefully, post later! Tell me more about your first great read of 2008.

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Brenda said...

Ha! As usual, you're playing the part of the hero and A.M. is the damsel in distress that you must keep saving. I love it. You should start calling him Daphne from Scooby Doo. Remember how she always needs saving? hehehe
Great reads. Well, I'm re-reading Immortal Highlander until some of the 2008's come out. I'm looking forward to the Stephanie Plum book which should be at my home when I get off of work today. WooHoo!
What? No Bad Puppy stories today?

Sarah said...

Strangely enough, I am on a manga binge at the moment. Been watching ova. The things one finds when one is on holiday with too much time on hands. Why I have never watched them before...! They're great, some all very tragic and things end not so well. But am coping!

Athena said...

OMG! I LOVED that book. I read it in one sitting. I read some reviews and a lot of pple didn't like the ending. I didn't agree. I thought it nice. Although, I admit that I wish there were more in the series. But I'm looking forward to Night Shift.

Fanciful Fern said...

Maybe you should get his n hers T shirts made that read "Feel bad for him?" and "Then feel worse for me!"

My first great read for 08 is a fab book from 07. I only got my copy of Janet Evanovich's Twelve Sharp in Dec last year and kept it for the New Year weekend.

LadyZannah said...

No excellent books yet this year. I am reading the Anita Blake series but they are not like THAT good. I eagerly await several books this year:V-hers most of all, Lora Leigh's Killer Secrets and Sherillyn Kenyon's Acheron most definetly.

Leilani said...

No great reads yet. Still reading "Accidental Vampire" by Lynsay Sands. I love her heroes and her stories just can't seem to get to the end of this one for some reason.

Next up the new Stephanie Plum. I just LOVE Ranger. I always end up feeling bad for him at the end of the book though. Unrequited love. Or lust. ;)

Elaine said...

I read a light contemporary romance, Kept Woman, by Susan Donovan and absolutely loved it. Not my usual fare, as you'd know. I've only read one SD so many years ago I'd forgotten what she's like. I'd have read Kept Woman in one sitting if I'd had the time but it was nice to have started and ended on such an enjoyable book as I entered 2008.

Books I'm looking forward to this year? Lora Leigh's Killer Secrets and Karen Rose's Scream For Me, Cindy Gerard's Show No Mercy and, of course, Virtually Hers. I'm back in Perth packing up to return to S'pore for good and made sure my as-yet-unread copy of V-His will be on the plane. Since I started 2008 with a fun, relaxing read, I'd like to end it with Jed, back-to-back.

Gennita said...

I know! I have a month more of this and then he has physical therapy. We're a bit worried because his leg isn't bending properly.

I have read the Plum book (or at least, the Ranger parts)! Bad Pup has been behaving...sorta.

Manga, huh? I grew up with Japanese cartoons so am used to them and am not particularly "into" them right now, even though I find hentai extremely disturbing. Hentai is porn manga, btw. LOL. But not as disturbing as Gerry's talking about a Dirty Sanchez. Remember that? heh. I remember your reaction.

I love this series too. The ending wasn't very satisfying to me because I think Ms. Saintcrow should add a bit more about Valentine's feelings for Japhrimel in the epilogue. I mean, the relationship is the most integral part of her life and she doesn't even mention more than the fact that he comforts her during those awful, awful nights? What about her issues with him? What about whether they are growing to understand each other better?

But I love this series. Can talk about it for days.

Fanciful Fern,
Love that Tshirt suggestion! Think he'll wear it? ;-)

Lady Zannah,
Yes, I'm looking forward to Acheron too!

Good to see you finally with a big haul of good books. And you sure are traveling a lot!


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