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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where Oh Where Are The Bad Puppies????

The Alpha Male stole my truck (automatic) and disappeared. Where, oh, where is he? Rather, where IS MY TRUCK? I want my damn truck back.

When I got home, I saw this:

Fi Fie Fo Fum.... Where oh where is Bad Puppy? He's nowhere in sight.

Where did all the Bad Boys go?!

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Question: Have you ever recommended a book that you're SO EXCITED about to your close friend and she read it and hated it?

I did that with C.L. Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lands, thinking she'd love it because she really loved Lord of the Rings as well as the first few Carpathians. Turns out she thinks the heroine is dumb as a rock. I also forgot her pet peeve--heroines who deny their powers (I just didn't see it that way....).

Oh, well. She bought the second book too and I felt bad I made her spend good money on books she didn't enjoy. See? You can't account for similar tastes, even among your best friends!

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, I got an email today containing a newspaper article about a guy who brought his motorcycle into the house to clean it - took it all apart, etc. Then the smart guy starts it up in the house, accidentally hits the gas & flies through the glass french doors. His wife calls 911, they take him to the hospital, patch him up, send him home. When they get home, the wife takes the big bowl of carburetor oil he'd left in the kitchen & dumps it down the toilet. The guy goes to use the bathroom, lights up a cigarette while sitting there, then throws it in the toilet which promptly explodes & throws him out the bathroom door. His wife finds him on the floor with his pants blown away & burns on his buttocks. She calls 911, the same guys come as before. While carrying him out on the stretcher, they ask what happened. When the wife tells them, they laugh so hard , they drop the stretcher & break the guy's collarbone. Tell your alpha male it could have been worse. :D


LadyZannah said...

Steff that is all sorts of wrong, poor guy. It's really funny tho.
Anywho Jenn my dog hides the carnage in the backyard, she's very sneaky and sometimes it takes weeks before I notice a something missing.
As for books, I have recommended books to people thinking they would enjoy it but they never actually read them so I have no clue. I had someone give me a book swearing that I would love it and I never got past the first chapter because it was Stephen King and I just don't like his stuff. I felt bad about the fact the book was a gift so it sits on my book case anyway. That is why I do not give books as gifts, I give gift cards to B&N instead.

Leslie said...

What? Bad puppy chewed another book? Man, he must like to read!

Joyce said...

I read the first CL Wilson book and loved it.

kim said...

i have been recommended a book, and it was horrible. bad thing was the recommender knew the author personally... was interesting when i ripped apart the writing style but it was just so oh woe as me gloomy it didnt move at all... oh well. I hope the bad human puppy didnt finally lose it with the bad canine puppy and decide to pull one of those "the cat came back" episodes...

kim said...

The Cat Came Back

vanessa jaye said...

LOL, Steff! lol.

What did bad puppy chew up, Gennita?

LadyZannah said...

That was really funny Kim

Elaine said...

Steff, Jenn's trying very hard not to let everyone know the guy in the article is HER alpha male so you really ought not to repeat what she doesn't want us to know.

But seriously...if that report is true, poor, poor wife.

Gennita said...

Poor guy. I'll definitely tell him this story! LOL.

Lady Zannah,
My other dogs aren't so clever. They fold a towel over their I can't tell from the suspicious lump that something is wrong? Children....

He does like books too much! Gah.

I'm glad you enjoyed the book because I thought it was a very promising start to the series.

Noooooooo! My bad puppy will pee on something of his for revenge! Heh.

The Bad Puppy is very possessive. The first book he chewed was a Linda Howard McKenzie I was rereading. Then he nearly TOOK ON KELL SABIN, whom I rescued. This time, he mangled J.D. Robb's Roark's first book, first edition. He is one brave puppy.

Anyway, I started not putting my rereads on the bedside table (where he'd been managing to steal these books) and so he went to the bathroom, saw that I was looking at romance cover pics in a Romantic Times magazine. He waited till I went to work and promptly destroyed all the pages with bare torsos.

You tell this Bad Puppy isn't possessive....


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