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Thursday, December 13, 2007


With so much to do this December, what with unexpected ACCIDENTS, I'm left with no time to blog or shop at all. Actually, I do have several hours in the evenings, but for some reason, all I want to do is sit down and stare into space like a zombie. Last night, my girlfriend IMed me and asked me whether I was shopping Christmas presents for loved ones, and my reply was: "I'm too tired to love anyone these days."

Sad, isn't it? Too tired to love? Of course, Bad Puppy and the rest of the Mutant Gang don't believe that or they wouldn't jump on top of me and play "let's lick her till she hides her face" whenever I sit with them out in the yard. It's been eleven years and these dogs still think that's funny. Yes, Bad Puppy has learned the game well, even attempting to play it while I'm happily fast asleep at 3am. He sure didn't like my response....

I don't really shop as much as order online anymore, although I do enjoy walking through shopping madness for a few hours once every season, just to take in the abundance of Christmas wrappings and red and white decorations. I don't think I'll be doing it this year, though, because my feet hurt too much at night.

But I still remember back in Ohio, when I lived with the first boyfriend, I'd be sneaking around shopping for Christmas gifts. I used to go to the mall, goodness me. The unique gifts during my shopping years were the Rubik's Cube, in all its different manifestations, the Cabbage Patch Doll, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Transformers, something called the mini-Sony Walkman (what, no more boomboxes???!), some weird Air Jordan shoes that became the reason why tennis shoes are so damn expensive, and the must-have cordless phone (can you imagine, phones were stuck to the walls before then), among other things.

Can you imagine the special gifts/toys you bought back in your, ahem, growing up days, that have become memorabilia? Warning, though, thinking that far back can make one feel rather dated ;-).

But if you still have a Cabbage Patch Kid in your attic somewhere, it can be worth up to $500! Holy Cowabunga! I need to go look into dusty boxes....oh wait. Can't. Too tired to shop. Too tired to love. Too tired to look for memorabilia.

And now, I can't stop that stupid Flashdance song and MTV video running in my head. I thought I would infect you too.

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LadyZannah said...

You need Godiva truffles and a back rub. I might even allow you to summon Heath baby to help you out. If it makes you feel any better I am growing kinda tired of the whole shopping thing/mall madness. I shop mostly online nowadays, too bad the UPS guy ain't cute.
And now I got that darn video out of my head, gee Jenn thanks. :P

Mary C. said...

Chocolate - lots of chocolate! I basically Christmas shop on-line but was forced to visit the mall this year. Don't do well with the crowds which have grown larger due to the number of European tourists who are shopping here because of the increased value of the Euro.
Sitting at home watching the intensifying snow fall here in Boston, waiting for it to stop so I can go out and shovel the stuff.
Will need a massage and lots of chocolate when I'm done.

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
What I need is a full day off, something that won't happen because of current going-ons.

And I'm going to dig up a certain video just to torture you....

Ouch on the shoveling. That's what I don't miss, even though the Florida heat in late August can be a test to many.

Chocolate for you!


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