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Saturday, December 29, 2007

End Of The Year Mirror

I haven't been having a "holiday" season. It's work, work, work all these past weeks, trying to finish the last building for the project. Once this is done, everything will slow down quite a bit since the construction business isn't doing well these days. But I'm looking forward to some reading and writing time!

So my year is ending with quite a big bang, not in a celebrative way, but with lots of noise anyway. And hey, I shouldn't complain when it's 82 degrees down here, right?

How are you celebrating the end of the year and new year? What are you looking forward to in 2008?

It's been a tough year mentally for me and I'm wishing for more inspiration in my writing life. It's hard to explain it, but the loss of my old friend, my 18 year-old dog, Brando, really took a toll on my psyche. I'm okay, yet I don't feel whole. I'm happy, yet I'm still mourning. It's a strange strangled mess. My girlfriend told me that I'm depressed, what with Brando and also the delay to my book, and should seek therapy. Being me, I made jokes about what a psychiatrist would prescribe to a patient who had a writing block because her beloved dog died....

Eeek, this blog entry is turning out all blue and serious! Must be the wine talking again ;-).

Actually, I meant to ask the usual things:

Favorite book of the year?
Mine is definitely Lilith Saintcrow's The Devil's Right Hand, the third of the Danny Valentine series. The fourth book came out a couple of months ago, and although good, the heroine's thoughts and actions frustrated me. Also, I didn't like that yet another two links to Valentine's past were needlessly killed off. This action-packed series (ending in one more book) is very addictive and I can't wait to find out how it ends. Saintcrow's worldbuilding is amazing.

Excellent new find(s) of the year?
C.L. Wilson
Nalini Singh
Keri Arthur
Marianne Mancusi
Elizabeth Hoyt
Meljean Brook (and her covers are gorgeous, like Marjorie Liu's)

Disappointment(s) of the year?
You know, those shitkicker-wearing and label-donning brothahs who didn't bring it on like they promized in prevhious bookz. Ahem.

And Isobel Lambert...sigh...what happened to the icy, smart Madame Lambert? Gah. (But I still love the hero to bits)

Linda Howard's plane crash/survival in the mountains suspense story--wahhh...her hardcovers are losing all the romance. Sob. Sniff. You don't know how hard it is for me to finally have to admit this truth out loud to myself. ***weeps***

Your turn. Come on. You can tell moi.

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meljean brook said...

Your new finds look like mine (except I have the Mancusi on my TBR pile).

And I picked up the last Saintcrow book at Powell's yesterday! I'm so excited to read the end ... but sad, too. :0(

Gennita said...


You have the last Saintcrow?!!! Argghhh. I'm no longer blue. I'm now green. Can you tell me if it has a happy ending for Dante and Japh? You have to tell me! (and oh, I forgot to add you in my New Finds list, heh).

Anonymous said...

You gotz me wit da Brothahs, Jenn! sleeping togethah nakkid in bed and no action?! Bah!


Amie Stuart said...

Happy New Year Gennita!!!
Hugs on the loss of your dog--it's been a challenging (half) year at mi casa as well so I totally empathise.

I hear you on Linda Howard....she used to be an autobuy for me *sigh* I miss her. Lisa Garnder doesn't have a ton of romance in her books but it doesn't bother me so much--she's still an autobuy and Gone was fabulous.

Please give me some CL Wilson titles--I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket (and I was totally scoping on her at amazon the other night)! LOL

I tried Rachel Caine's YA series and lurved it (its kinda dark so be warned LOL). I still have one more book to go but my CP says it's got a hangy ending so I might wait for book 4 before I finish it.

Vicki Pettersson was my other big find this year and I totally love her work!

LadyZannah said...

Favorite book was actually a set of 4 books by Kathy Love. The ones about the Young brothers and their sister the werewolf. Favorite new find was definetly V-His, I really like Helen.
Next year looks rather full of obstacles for me already but I won't bore you with details.
I know how you feel about Brando, I lost both my cats this year and I still find their toys and things around the house. First time I lose a pet, didn't know I would miss them so.
I just hope you have a great New Year!

LadyZannah said...

Forgot to mention a good family read, my little alpha-males-in-training loved it: the Lion Boy trilogy by Zizou Corder. It was most entertaining to read with my little alphas. A futuristic, action/adventure story about a boy who can speak Cat and his friends (a chameleon, a genetically engineered saber-toothed tiger, a pride of circus lions and a mangy cat named Sergei). You can find it in the young adult section.
Biggest dissapointment was probably Harry Potter's final book, she killed the owl...why????

Gennita said...

I feel you, girl! :)

Hi Amie,
Happy New Year to you! LH's paperbacks still have pretty good romances, so I'm not giving her up. It's just that her last few hard covers...sigh.

CL Wilson's first book is Lord of the Fading Lands; it's a four book series. Hope you like it!

Lady Zannah,
Thanks for the recommendations. Kathy Love is a friend and her books are fun and different.

I miss Brando very much. Magic (his wife) too. It's just depressing to know his puppies are now almost 12 years old and they won't give me any Brandittes. They are lesbian mutant poms, sigh.

But Bad Puppy and Lilah, my other two young poms keep me young too!


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