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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still Wallpapering

It's Thursday. Really, that turkey stuff is still traveling through my system. On the other hand, the wallpaper is looking great! If only I can find one of a sexay guy holding a sexay vege. ;-) Then I can send it to SQ for Christmas.

You know, it struck me yesterday that I now have diverse enough readers of this blog to ask the ultimate question: what is your occupation? It's always good to see the varied backgrounds of romance readers, so please take a few secs. and comment in today's post. Let me know what you do in real life and in dream life (we all know that really, we are top secret vampire slayer ex-CIA agents who meets with a dangerous and handsome alpha client, heh). I really wanna know.

Besides, I'm wallpapering! Come on, entertain me. ::sob::

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Fanciful Fern said...

To earn my daily bread, I work in corporate communications. This is my most recent incarnation after years as a deputy editor for a women's mag. When I daydream, I own a small but pretty bookshop with shady trees, wide pavements and leafy potted plants out front. And next door is a lovely cafe that's run by a hunky pastry chef. Yumm...

LadyZannah said...

Business Owner, work from home. This my website:
I must have been an artist in a previous life because I love to draw and paint when the muses call to me. I go into pastry chef mode when I want to satisfy my sweet tooth (or my honey's sweet tooth), which means I have to burn a lot of calories to keep from expanding like those biscuits cans. Oh and I AM taller than His Jedness. ROFL, I get a kick out of that one for some reason.

Monique said...

Mmm... I'd take the pastry chef except I too would expand (as if I'm not already!) IRL (meaning, when I'm not off in fantasy land or re-reading FF), I'm a curling internet junkie who is a software specialist in IT for an engineering firm. Oh, and I am owned by a cat. :)

Leilani said...

I have a full-time and 2 part-time jobs. So I'm an Administrative Assistant to a division chief. My part-time jobs are bookseller at Borders and then housekeeper at another hospital.

For my dream job, I want to own a bookstore. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a full time student at UNC with government aspirations and right now prepping for finals is killing me slowly.


Anonymous said...

I'm, dare I admit it, a lawyer - mostly divorce and other family law stuff. Kids and cats keep me hopping at home. (I've actually re-roofed a house in the past!) Like to cook and love to read - it's my great escape. "Smut books", my husband calls them! Still he's not complaining; it's kept the spice in our sex life! My fantasy job is traveling and writing. Interesting to read about the rest of y'all out there...

marisa said...

Well, in fantasy life, I want to be Gennita's wallpaper assistant!!!!! Unfortunately, I'm a boring housewife.

Leiha said...

I am an assistant, which I love. I thought I had my dream job til I read Fanciful Fern's dream job LOL.

athena said...

ok I'm sorry but I thought Jed was about 6' was I wrong? And I work at a Waldenbooks and in my fantasies? I'm a National Geographic photographer.

kim said...

Defense Contractor; work for one of the big monsters on-site at a COCOM in the logistics field.

stephjoy said...

I am actually getting ready to switch jobs from a manager of 50+ contract reimbursement analysts to being one myself...for more money!!! As a single mom, this is going to be a wonderful change! Yeah for me.

sq said...

To pay off bills, I'm a digital ad coordinator. Yeah, I'm not totally sure what that entails. I'm learning as I go.

I'm also a freelance copy editor. I spent 5 years as an editor for b2b magazines and fashion textbooks, and my background is in journalism.

My dream job is something in government (b/c they get ALL the holidays off) that will allow me to help people, right wrongs, and travel in style.

I originally wanted to be a CIA agent, but I can't lie and I REALLY don't like being shot at. Oh well.

nightshield2003 said...

HR Systems Analyst for a global empire. :) Dream/Fantasy job? Hmmm. Wanna be Eve & Roarke's kid. LOL.


Merry said...

Real job - University librarian.

Fantasy job - hmmm, don't know. I always wanted to own a bookshop, but then I wouldn't necessarily want people to buy the books! (I'd have to get in lots of copies of each to make sure I got a copy as well! then maybe, I'd let some go.) It would have a large cafe attached, with comfy chairs and curtains in the window. There would be a cat on the windowledge in the bookshop, or on the counter (a live one, I hasten to add, not a stuffed one!) It would be in an old, huge house so the cosy feeling of home would always be there. (Now all I have to do is win squillions of pounds and I can live my dream!) :chortle:

Anonymous said...

Office Manager at a software consulting firm. My dream job (I get closer to everyday) is opening a bookstore and/or movie house

- Tara

Gennita said...

You girls have coooool jobs! All good GEM covers, in fact ;-).

All I do is pound nails on a roof. I get to meet a whole different world, but sometimes I think I miss out on what corporate world is like, even though I was sorta kinda part of it for two years.

SQ, you CAN work for the CIA and not get shot at...they have boring translation positions for internal affairs. Not much traveling outside the States. :-)

Fanciful Fern said...

It was fun reading about all of you. Thanks for sharing.

Tressa said...

Real job, paralegal. Daily phrase, ". . . and what is your misery today?" Dream job is no job at all. I want to travel the world with my husband in a 75 foot yacht, and have the money to do it in style.

Anonymous said...

I'm a medical biller. (BLAAAAHH)
My dream job stay at home Mom with a pool guy who shows up once a week. While I am reading one of my HOT Romance books. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

meljean brook said...

I type a lot. :-D

I was going to say more, but I want to get back to the main page and watch that hilarious LOTR truth/dare slide show from the beginning.

Elaine said...

I own a business dealing in investment research information for Asian equities markets.

I'm on my dream assignment right now - which is a whole year off doing nothing but reading my smut books, not having to wake up and get dressed for the office, no power lunches, no boring cocktails, no meetings, no deadlines.

Last weekend, my son brought a couple of friends home to help with my apartment makeover and they stayed overnight. The next morning, these guys made me a champagne brunch! They cooked a wonderful country-style dish of fried eggs, tomatoes, spicy sausages, portobellos and herbs in a skillet and bottle of Magnum. I like this dream no-job so much I'm thinking of making it permanent.

Gennita said...

Paralegal, medical billist, investment advisor...and Meljean, you and I just type and type! ;-)

It's good to see everyone's dreaming of bookstore, free time for romance books, and food as part of the fantasy dream job. I like that. And oh, the pool boy? Totally!

Chez said...

Full time mum and part time talent agent. Currently trying to figure out web design and non-burn baking, but they are obviously going to be long term learning curves.

allegro said...

Floating Assistant housemistress to 51 13/14 year old girls and 58 14/15 year old girls. Only 11 days left till the end of term!

My dream is to own a chalet in the swiss mountains and have a stunning ski instructor on tap. *sigh*


Io said...

I'm a consultant in India. My dream job is have my very own tiny restaurant, like Amber!

Gennita said...

Chez, are you really a talent agent? What kind? I mean, is there a specific talent you rep?

Allegro, a headmistress...reading romance!!!! Yay! And yes to the personal ski instructor ;-).

Io, which part of India? Too cool....

I feel so good knowing that there are so many readers from everywhere on my blog--India, Australia, Canada, France, Brazil, Malaysia!!! It's very heartwarming.


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