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Friday, September 28, 2007

YES YES I Am So An Uber Pimp!


Welcome, welcome to Madame Gennita's Sekret Boudoir. You will LURV my specimens of manhood and smegma. Please, don't crowd around. Come in and enjoy. And the manacles are there for you to lead them to wherever you want, cherie!

Yum, no?

So, which one do you fancy? Madame has the key to unlock their chains!

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Bella said...

Guh. I pick...OMG..this is so hard! I mean, they are so hard.... Oh my.

Shay...aka Shaenaenaediva1 said...

LOL! You go girl. I tried to post to Jordan's blog. Couldn't do it. So here goes:

That is hateful what the reviewer said. There is no way on God's green earth I would link to that, or respond to it. To do so, gives that "reviewer" cough cough, power. As a therapist, I know that there are many, MANY disturbed people on line. The thing is, blogging is anonymous. Anyone can "adopt" a persona and say what the hell they want to say. For an author? We're NOT anonymous. We are online, for a reason. Promotion. Otherwise, most of us wouldn't even be on line. Honestly, I wouldn't. I respectfully say that I have a hard time with many online reviewers. They believe they are doing the world of romance good, with their oft snarky or down right ugly reviews. They are not. No matter what they say, no matter how they twist it and say...but but, I am doing a SERVICE to the genre, they are NOT. Sure, you've got your opinion. But just like @ssholes, everybody's got one. When your opinion is nasty or when you disect EVERY FRIGGIN' thing about a book, from its cover, to a character name, down to ridiculous things like "I didn't like the hero/heroine's name. It reminded me of a boy in high school who dumped me" You are ridiculous. I'm sorry. It's true.

I've read a few blogs, and am constantly amazed and embarrassed when I see the amount of foolishness that goes on. And not from the bloggers only. AUTHORS who contribute to that, those who get down and dirty in the mire with the others, truly embarrass me more than anyone else. Authors whom I had such high regard for, I now see on line, writing things that I would have never in a million years thought would fly out of their mouths. Some of them bestselling authors who've been writing since the stone age. Authors who I thought were dignified women. Wallowing in the murk. How sad is that?

Keep your head up and IGNORE that mess, Genita!

Shay, aka shaenaenaediva1 said...

I forgot to add, Genita, you should just pimp slap her, hard. Sometimes you try and be intelligent and dignified, when all you need is a strong backhand. With plenty of diamonds on your fingers so she feels the power of your pimp~

kim said...

i just had a funny (imo) thought, maybe "ann" is that librarian that was hating on you last winter with the goofy email address ;) probably not but it would still be funny to think of him having a whole site devoted to tearin up romance novels.

Aimee said...

*swoon* Can I have them all Madame?

Deborah said...

WHY must we choose only one????

As for the review and the reviewer, I must agree with the others who said this person basically likes to dislike, and they are trying to create havoc with their reviews. I agree, you don't have to like the story line of a book, but to attack the writer from sheer ignorance is abominable.

They did not get the point of the book, which is a combination of a great story and a real life aberration, they simply made judgments on the storyline without considering the reasoning behind the story and the understanding, compassion, and awareness you were introducing to the reader. So many people are unaware of the exploitation of women and children going on around the world. They think it's "too far away and too foreign" for them to think about, but it affects each and every one of us and shows us that it could be happening right under our noses on American soil. I mean really, how many people ever thought the US would be attacked? If that can happen, anything can.

Romantic novels are not just about the sex and sometimes, it not just about the relationship. You, by writing these stories and introducing us to “unlikely characters” (i.e. Asian heroines), are upping the stakes in the texture of romantic novels. I never know what ride you will be taking me on, whereas for many others, I basically know what to expect – not formulaic, but a sameness of story line with twists. You are providing readers the opportunity to be in intelligence, to be spies, to be characters with shady pasts but with big hearts or a huge consciousness. You are introducing real, raw, and wonderfully adventure sexuality and stretching our sensual imaginations. That, my dear – all of that, is what makes you the successful writer you are with fans like us to back you up. I’m sure there was many “lurkers” who came out enforce to support you on this blog topic.

Thanks for sharing the good and the bad and showing us your human side and allowing us to share it with you.


Gennita said...

Bella, I have the same problem. :grin:

Thanks for visiting! I agree with you that most authors blog for publicity and promotion, but I think, sometimes, a few forget that their words are being read by both friends and stranger.

It is never good to get in a public fight, physically or on the Internet, especially if you are a public persona. Because the news and gossip will be focused on you, not the other party ;-/. Of course, I also don't mean that everyone should just lie down and let themselves be run over by a truck either.

I hope you will drop by again. My blog is usually very casual, with rarely anything happening, honest! ;-) I talk about books I read, problems with my writing, and my adventures on the roof. That's it!

In one of the emails that librarian person (Ednace) sent to me, he/she told me that I would be a nothing by 2010. I'm going to work really hard to prove him wrong ;-). Since I do have his address, courtesy of that Internet Search expert who emailed me Ednace's library page, I'll send a copy of my 2010 book to that library. Bwah!

Aw Deb,
Thank you so much for writing that. Thank you for being an awesome reader!

DeAnna said...

Hey Gennita,
That reviewer at the tyranny of reading, or whatever that blog is called, has added a line on to her review, saying "Not that I know any pimps."

So you are worse than something she doesn't even know.

Gennita said...

Very strange edit. I don't know what to say, LOL.


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