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Monday, September 17, 2007

Uber Trend

The Pretty is back tonight ;-). Prison Break is an absolutely unbelievable TV show, but the intensity of the main characters (mainly The Pretty) makes this my guilty pleasure.

I hope the bad, bad men won't hurt my Pretty too much tonight.

I actually saw the Emmies last night. Hugh Laurie was mouthwateringly gaw-geous. Patrick Dempsey was Mclovely. The round stage was somebody's stupid idea. I bet many of those who sat for three hours last night looking at the backs of their peers were mumbling WTF A Lot.

I've never seen many of the shows that won--The Entourage, 30s Rock, Friday Night Lights, The Office, Two and A-Half Men, among many others. There's just so many hours in a night! The Entourage looks tempting, though.

Anyway, the TV season is upon us, my friends. I'm looking forward to watching some new shows, two of which are Pushing Up Daisies and New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam is like "Angel" except he's not a vampire. Heh. All right, let's see how that immortality curse works out, eh?

There's so many supernatural/paranormal TV shows, from Lost to Heroes to New Amsterdam, now that it's like looking at our romance bookshelves in the stores--all paranormal left and right. We even get our favorite paranormal writers' works as TV shows now--last season's The Dresden Files as example. I think Charlaine Harris's books is going to be a TV show too. Kewl, huh? I wonder which came first--the books generating the interest in viewers or the TV shows generating the interest in readers?

P/S There's still time to post under the Smegma Begone post from a few days ago to get a chance to win Jaci Burton's Surviving Demon Island, a...hey...paranormal book! ;-)

And guess what I'm reading right now...Lilith Saintcrow's The Devil's Right Hand. Unputdownable. And yeah, a paranormal (urban fantasy).

What if...I made all the COS commandos vampires? Huh? No? Sex Demons? I mean, they are already handsome devils ;-).

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Casee said...

I really liked Prison Break until the 2nd half of last season. I'm hoping that it's better this season.

I agree w/ you about the stage at the Emmy's. Stupid idea.

Friday Night Lights is sooooo good. I luuuuuurve Kyle Chandler. Yum.

Monique said...

Mmmmmm..... Hugh Laurie. OMG! I love Hugh Laurie. Love the guys on Prison Break, but I've never watched it... just great eye candy. LOL

leslie said...

Da Pretty was SOOooooooo Pretty tonight. My heart went thump thump thump at the danger he was in! Monique, for the full effect of Da Pretty, you must watch Prison Break!!!!!

sq said...

I don't get Prison Break. I mean, once they got OUT of the prison, wasn't the story basically over?

And nothing on TV can tempt me away from the joy of watching the YANKEES WIN! Not even a new episode of The Hills where Jason and LC go to dinner and bump into Heidi and Spencer.

Did I mention, the YANKEES WIN! YAY!

Mo said...

I know what you mean about Prison Break. It's totally stupid but the eye candy! The intensity! I'm so totally hook to Da Pretty, as you call him. What an apt name! I wish they would take off his shirt so we can see his beautiful tattoo bod.

Gennita said...

Yes, Prison Break is all about tension and unbelievability ;-). But I can't stop watching it!

I have loved Kyle Chandler ever since he was part of the ensemble for that World War Two TV series from a few years back. He played the younger brother and stole the show. And yes, he is my model for #8 because of those sexy sweet looks. #8 looks like an angel but isn't one ;-).

You have to watch Prison Break just to check out Da Pretty and his Unbuttoned Always-Sweaty Brother ;-D. And I can't wait for Hugh/House to be back on.

The storyline is even more unbelievable this season but it'll be fun watching Da Pretty using his brains to break out.

You're just wasting your time on the Yankees. Yawn.

And the story to PB was over, until the Other Brother got caught and put in an overseas prison! Maybe next prison will be outer-space colony planet?

I read somewhere that it takes something like five hours to paint the tattoos on his body, so I guess that's why they cover his body up A LOT, LOL. And it's hilarious as hell, since everyone around him in half-nekkid and sweating from the heat. Not Da Pretty. He's just kewl as hell, wearing his hoodie. Haha!


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