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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There Is Information, and There Is TMI

We were yakking about information yesterday--how we promote ourselves through informing others about us, our books, our likes and dislikes. The Internet is a wondrous place for facts--promotion or otherwise.

I'm still undecided about the value of having a My Space (or My Face, or My Place) to me as an author besides it being a social-gathering place. Admittedly, My Space appears to be more "hip" and your name gets advertized among many others as people looking for "friends." There are already people sending me invites to "friend" them at that My Space page I'd set up, but they are gentlemen looking for mates ;-). I checked out their pages and yeah, interesting dudes, but no, I'm not looking for someone to date through my Gennita Low page. So that's the downside of having a My Space page.

I'll perhaps jazz it up a little more during one of my free weekends (ha-ha-ha) and see whether I get any reader response. Don't get me wrong -- there are a few authors who love their My Space page so much they've abandoned their own chat forums in favor of just chatting through that site. To me, as a first time visitor, it's just a lot of "Hi, just wanting to say Hi" stuff, but I'm sure there are those who dropped by to look for book information.

Some of these pages are fantastic fun. Please do leave your My Space Urls here, if you have a page, so I can take a peek. I think, if it's not done already, this subject would be a great discussion topic for an author workshop at a writers convention. I just want to know all the relevant details that have nothing to do with "making friends" or "networking," like reader traffic stats, book-related questions, new readers who became curious enough to check out one of your books, that type of detail.

And now, because I'm the queen of the " from the ridiculous to the sublime," I was googling about uncut penises for a friend who needed information for her medieval book. My friend is an American writer who has never seen or touch an uncut penis and since she's about to write a scene with a Nekkid British Lord, she wants to be correct in her, ahem, details.

So, good friend that I am, I googled for pics and articles that didn't sound too scientific, but with enough information about how the foreskin worked and what medieval or Regency males did to keep clean, etc.

Oh My God. Too. Much. Information.

Here is (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) Everything You Ever Need To Know About Smegma. Oh My God. Scroll down the page and read everything under the Smegma section. One comment needs to be cut (hah) and pasted here: "I used to think it was very unfair of life that, although I was very turned on by the equivalent smell of a female, I never found a woman who liked the smell of my (uncut) penis."

Oh. My. God. I will never read a Medieval story the same way again. It's normal back then to only bathe once or twice a year! Argghhhhhh. The stench.

Thanks, my writing buddy. You OWE ME a lot more than alcohol for this new piece of information.

And why am I passing the shudders on to you, my friends? Because I shouldn't be the only person to bleach my eyes and brainage today ;-).

Besides, now I have the perfect answer to those pesky readers who like to debate about condoms and the awfulness of romance authors who don't consistently demonstrate their social responsibility by having their characters use condoms during sex. You don't scold me about condoms and STDs, and I won't write about the smell of seven day-old smegma, deal?

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Dee said...

So now oral sex in historicals goes under the "eewwe" heading.

Lauren Dane said...
Most European men aren't circ'd, nor, these days, are most american boys. Hygeine is a beautiful thing, LOL.

Oh and with myspace - I have a big, "I AM NOT HERE TO HOOK UP" warning on my profile page, bolded even. I am careful about who I friend back as well and if anyone gets out of line I delete and block them.

Monique said...

OMG! T M I. And I still howled reading your blog post. My poor hubby was eyeing me like I had lost my mind. Oh, right, I did that years ago. LOL

Sarah said...

Redundant Prepuce, OH NOES! THAT image is going to take more than bleach!

kim said...

wow and ew. I remember watching an ER episode where the one doctor didn't want his son to be circumsized and was pissed when the mother went ahead and got it done anyway. You hear people arghue about how it reduces sensation, but if the consequence is a stinky penis I figure the guy doesnt have to worry about not having sensation since he wont get any anyway!

Carrie said...

I personal don't like my space only been there once. To me it feels to much like a "clic"(bad memories of highschool). So I stay away. TMI, yay thats going to be hard to keep out of my thoughts when I read the historicals from now on.

SKKD Lambing said...

As I like to say "poke out my mental eye". And my two cents about the whole My Space, I prefer looking at authors who have blogs. I've yet to try My Space because it seems like the fad and I'm so not hip. I've had a blog for two years almost three. And have updated to the new style where you don't have to speak computer language. I find it frustrating that you have to sign up for things to read about your favorite authors. Example. Yesterday it took me an hour to try and find information about Elizabeth Vaughan and her newest book. I finally broke down and signed up to her Yahoo group in attempt to gleam some information. Ugh! that didn't go smoothly.
Okay now I'll walk away!

vanessa jaye said...

See, Karen Scott caught me a few times with links I shoulda known waaay better than to click onto. I'm not even remotely interesting in checking out this one. Nope. Not going to do it. But now might be a good time to point out, they also didn't have toilet paper back (heh) then, did they?

Deborah said...

Woman, you slay me! I was hootin' and hollerin' while I read and "saw" the post. I first heard about the smegma phenom in high school back in the late 80s. I can't say I've thought about it since then, but thanks for sharing. Now, I can't the the 6'5 (that's height, if you're wondering) german guy who told me about it out of my head. No, no. Don't go there.


Deborah said...

Oh and as for My Space. I have an account, while I agree there can be a "click-ishness" to it, you can also meet some really interesting people from all over the world. I think it's a great tool for an author's fans to have a place another "place" to hang out and there the networking opportunity is great. I have had a few musicians on mine that have new fans because they checked their site, listened to the music, and got sucked in. I think the same can and does happen for authors. Karen Marie Moning's page is a great example.


sq said...

Oh...ew. That's just...ew.

Gennita said...

I'm not going to think about it!

You have a great looking page! And many friends! ;-)

And the European men I know, some of them don't like to bathe everyday. Let's not think about that....

LOL. The info I pass on to you!

Ugly isn't it? Poor guy is immortalized on that page forever.

I was talking to RB about this and he said, "How much more sensation is needed?" LOL.

I don't go to My Space either but then my friends tell me they get addicted to it. I'm sure I will too if I have too much fun "decorating" the page!

It's not easy to keep up with all the author news and other articles in one day. I think blogs are useful because it's current (most of them are, anyway) and so it's almost as good as a newsletter. However, there are readers who don't net a lot, just check their email, and that's when newsletters come in.

Awww, coward ;-). Imagine all the neat info and pictures you are missing!

And no toilet paper, no bathroom, arrghhh...I'm really grateful we live now instead of then!

You're welcome! :grin: Nothing like sharing the bleach.

I'll check out Karen Marie Moning's page and see how it looks. Thanks!

What, you prefer nekkid sexy veges, yes?


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