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Saturday, September 08, 2007

If You Chat They Will Come


Chat tonight with moi at at 9pm. Please do join me if you can and yes, I'll be answering any silly questions, especially about sexy vegetables and kilts ;-).

Here's yet another review of VIRTUALLY HIS at Loves Romance And More. The review was fair and I love how the reviewer summed up the different aspects of the plot. I also appreciated that she GOT the fact that this is the FIRST part of a series, that the relationship between Hell and her monitor is just at the beginning stages. She called it "the opening act." PERFECT! Thank you for the very balanced review...but can I umm...ask for a teeny bitty correction? The title of my book is VIRTUALLY HIS, not Virtually Yours ;-).

EDITED TO ADD: The link to this site suddenly doesn't work any more (was working fine last night). So here is the CACHED PAGE instead. Click here to read the review for now.

That's the tough part about starting a series with a repeating title. Like the In Death series--I can't remember the titles/plot besides the first one, Naked In Death. Everything else is sort of a mixed of title and plot. However, the positive is, the brand recognition is immediate--you see an IN DEATH book, you know it's part of the series. And it makes me pick up the book to read the blurb to make sure I haven't bought this particular one yet.


Reading-wise, I just finished Madeline Hunter's Lessons of Desire (yes, I have the ARC, bwahaha), the second book in her Rothwell series. Phaedra, the heroine, was different because she was brought up by a very suffragette-like mother, who'd taught her that free love is better than being tied to a man like a possession. Lord Elliot, the hero, found the combination of independence and open sensuality very intriguing. Through circumstances brought on by their parents' past, these two found their lives changed forever.

I enjoyed the second half of the book more, when the heroine began to find out more about her dead mother's past and the secret lover. The passion between the main couple, however, was very muted compared to past Hunter books that I've loved, like By Arrangement or Lord of a Thousand Nights, both of which I've recently reread because the tension in them was teh hawtness.

I was a tad disappointed with how this story about a remarkably strong woman ended. Don't want to spoil it, so you'll have to read and discuss it with me ;-).

What are you reading right now? Disappointed or satisfied?

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Leilani said...

Last night I finished Nalini Singh's "Caressed by Ice". Loved it! LOVE this series. Can't wait to see if Hawke gets a story of his own.

Currently reading Kathy Love's "Fangs for the Memories". Bought it because the cover caught my eye. Initially the hero's
amnesia bothered me for some reason, but I'm glad I kept reading. It's turning out to be better than I thought. I'll have to look for the sequels.

Counting down the days until Vishous's book comes out. :)

sq said...

Susan Andersen's Coming Undone is pretty good. Follow up to Hot and Bothered. Maybe it's because of all the hype or because I've waited so long for it, I built it up in my head. Overall, it was kind of a let down.

It's not bad. But it doesn't have the same crisp flow as her earlier books. I still recommend it, but I prefer Skintight (her previously published book) over it.

sq said...

Sorry I missed the chat last night. Let me know if writerspace has transcript of it all.

Sarah said...

So good to chat chick. As for reading, Count to ten, it was meh/ok. My head is full of work at the moment so I maybe did not do it justice. Pressure is on at work and I swear this is the last time I offer to do props, ICT and costumes!!!!!!

Gennita said...


Yeah, I have to get Nalini's newest too.


I'm afraid there's no transcript but hey, you wouldn't have wanted to read all about the nekkid vege talk anyway, heehee. Just kidding. I'm sorry you missed it but I'm thinking of another one in the future because it was so much fun.


Props and costumes? Yikes.

I was so happy to see you at chat! Thanks for showing up, even though you were in NZ. That means so much to me.


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