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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Last Week of 2006

Yawn. I wish I could say that I'm off the whole week, but it's back to the roof for me today. For some reason, if you're self-employed, it means you don't make $$$ if you don't work! Gah.

My Christmas was the rainiest ever. It rained so much, all my cars look clean for New Year. ;-) At least there wasn't 20 feet of snow to dig out of. Or being stuck in the airport for the holidays. That has got to suck.

I spent the early part of the day reading Jacquelyn Frank's Jacob, a new-to-me author. Good story, very similar to Christine Feehan's Carpathians, although the beings involved are Demons and Druids. It's similar in tone and theme, as well as the soulmate-binding thing (and I know some readers love that) and the feisty heroine who brings light into the hero's world, but done with a neat twist. I also liked that the heroine is stronger than the must-be-bonded Carpathian heroine; in fact, she can be seen as stronger than the Demons once she finishes her conversion!

Actually, I'm misleading you a bit with the conversion bit--she doesn't convert into a demon. Anyway, I recommend this book to those who like paranormals that aren't too urban fantasy or Anita Blake-ish violent.

One of my big presents to Denver is stuck somewhere between Ohio and Colorado. So there is a poor man thinking I've forgotten about him, and hopefully, sulking. And I'm not going to call to explain why he's getting Nothing...NOTHING from me this year. I like sulky men. They make me laugh.

I did get a beautiful necklace, the kind with diamonds. That makes me feel guilty. I tell myself this is a good guilt because it looks good on me ;-).

Dinner at my friends and being forced to watch my annual movie...this year, it's Pirates of the Carribean Part Two. I did watch PotC Part One a while back but hadn't kept the plot in my head, so I was pretty confused about the characters and everything that went on. It was zany enough and who wouldn't like Johnny Depp strutting around in boots, but is it just me but is the whole plot about the Kraken that is disguised as a Giant Octopus and Captain Jack's soul? I couldn't figure it out, LOL.

For a few minutes I was scratching my head over the Voodoo Priestess, trying to figure out where in the world were they, and how far were they from the East Indian Company, which I thought was in India and South East Asia....but then duh, it's Pirates of the Carribean! Of course there would be voodoo priestesses and...and...Carribean Cannibals! Like I said, action-packed enough to sit through for my annual torture. Anything for a piece of my friend's truly delicious pumpkin pie. ;-P

I hope your Christmas was less wet and action-packed too! ;-) LAUR, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A REPORT ABOUT YOUR NEW TOY. RATING? WAS IT FIVE OUI-OUI-OUI?

You should see my new necklace. I'm so showing it off at work today....

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laurence said...

LOL it actually is kinda funny, and then it gets quite... interesting...
Think I can show it off too? *G*

Anonymous said...

I want to see the bling! EM me a pic, LOL. Sorry about the rain, it was grey here, reminded me of Seattle. I didn't like Pirates pt 2, it didn't have the joy ad funness of the first one. Felt more forced.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the bling! EM me a pic, LOL. Sorry about the rain, it was grey here, reminded me of Seattle. I didn't like Pirates pt 2, it didn't have the joy ad funness of the first one. Felt more forced.

SQ said...

Sniffle. I neither got pony nor seal (of the navy variety) for Christmas. Santa must've wised up. Darn.

Oh well. Try again next year. And PoC, I love le Depp but I'm not sitting through another Kiera Knightly movie. She owes me $10.50 and 2 hours of my life back.

Gennita Low said...

Funny, then it got interesting? IN WHAT WAY? Please, a report in detail please. And pictures too. why not? You can be my guest blogger.

I'll get you a pic of the bling, oh queen of photo-taking. Pirates II went way overboard with everything, so I agree with you that it was a bit forced.

What? You don't think Keira Knightly is, like, the most ethereal creature that ever walked the earth this side of Jane Austen? Huh, huh?


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