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Monday, June 19, 2006

Uber Sixty-Four

I found out yesterday that Paul McCartney turned 64. Remember the song he sang during the Beatles' era: "When I'm 64"? Umm...okay, he's now that age.

Arrghhh. Scary.

Sixty-four was such an old fuddy-duddy age when I was humming along with them a looooong time ago. But that was so YESTERDAY and "suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be..." Sob.

I still haven't thought much about being sixty-four. Hopefully I won't be weeding the garden, like the song. Or going bald. I'll probably go for plastic surgery then. Get rid of some wrinkles. Yeah, yeah, me be vain. Heck, I'll go for all-body-plastic surgery, just so I could crawl on a roof and still look good. LOL.

Before I'm sixty-four, though, I would like to visit Egypt so I can climb the pyramids. It's one of those things I want to do. Egypt calls me every so often, and I never seem to find the time to respond. What about you? What country calls to you before you're sixty-four? ;-)

I hope to be writing still when I'm sixty-four. Maybe even an uber-spy in his fifties! For some reason, an old Steve Martin ditty came to mind (Athena, you do know who Steve Martin is, don't you? NO RELATION TO DEAN MARTIN, LOL). Anyway, Steve Martin, during his comedy act days, used to howl out: "Grandpawwwwwwwwwwwww boughtarubber." And the crowd of youngsters (me included) would break out into knee-slapping laughter. Sigh. The thought of grandpaw at sixty-four and a rubber was...just ugly.

But that was so many hundreds of Viagras ago. Grandpaw has broken many packets of rubber since! ;-)

Question: For your romance, and this is only for romance (not mainstream women's fiction), what is the oldest age for the hero that you can tolerate a sex scene and not sing, "Grandpawwwwwwwwwwwwww boughtarubber"? Because, much as I loved Suzanne Brockmann's The Admiral's Bride, that was the ditty that went though my head as I went through the sexy parts. And yeah, definite romance-killer when you're cracking up.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Steve Martin in the newest Pink Panther movie? LOL. I believe early 40s for the men and mid 30's for the women. I read a few months ago Stuck in Shangri-La and the first scene had an REALLY old man and his mistriss housekeeper about to do the nasty. It got too graphic and i nearly threw up my Hershey Bar. It was talking about carving out places in the women's slippers to make room for her corns. In the sex scene to make matters worse they had mirrors on the ceilings and the man died. He had a smile on his face that the women tried to pinch off. Before 64? hum. I'd like to travel to Italy, Egypt, Paris, and Greece, Athens. Yeah i know gotta see the heritage. ~Athena

Kathleen Dante said...

Places I want to see before I'm 64: the Great Barrier Reef, the Parthenon, Stonehenge. I think I'd also like to revisit the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

The oldest age a romantic hero can be and still have a sex scene: mid-50s? But only if he's as well-preserved as PB. ;>

Sweet Lysa said...

I want to go to Egypt with ya! It's always been on my list of places along with Scotland, Greece, and Japan (especially the countryside and Shinto temples and water gardens.)

As for uber spy in the late ages... I would have to say maybe early forties is the oldest I can tolerate. Now, I loves Sean Connery, but I don't think that I can (or even want to) imagine him in any meow scenes. ^_^

Anonymous said...

If this is posted twice, forgive me. It's the first time I've posted! My comment is although I'm fairly new to Ms. Low's books, I've devoured them all, looking forward to Hell's adventures. I'll be 45 this year, and we "old gals" probably need a good romance more than you youngsters do! If you've been with the same guy for a number of years, you need to use your imagination a bit more . . . I just picture Stash, Hawk, etc., older, and go with that. There is no age limit for sexy content, although the age difference in the Admiral's Bride was a bit of stretch. Keep up the good work, although staying current with your websites can be almost addicting...

Gennita Low said...

Okay, Athena, I'm cutting you off from romances that feature anything having to do with corns on the feet. Eww.

And yes, Steve Martin is in the Pink Panther remake. Please tell me you HAVE seen the original? Sigh.


Kath, Stonehenge is really meh in real life ;-). Just kidding. And yeah, the hero has to be as well-preserved as PB! And also must love someone around his age/generation, and not a Catherine Zeta Jones age! Hah!


Sweet Lyse, I'll take you to Egypt with me!!! You know you'll love it.

And, yah, I think Sean is too old for me to think of nekkid, but his voice is still marvelously sexy. I'm saying this out of respect for Sean C., not that I think he's too old for sex. It's just not right to think of Sir Sean doing the nasty. heh.


Hi Anonymous, thank you for stopping by and joining the chat! I hope you'll continue because it's more fun that way.

As for 45 being OLD...NOT SO! I'm pretty close to 45, you know, LOL. It's just an interesting question to throw out because romance readers are so diverse, with so many different genres. Maybe it's the May-December romances that I should ask about, not the age of the hero?


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